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Classics Club: Anne of Green Gables

Ok, so I know my Classics Club isn't supposed to start until June, but technically it was supposed to start in the summer, and it's summer!!!  Anyhoo, I am reading the Anne series this summer. And AOGG is the first book. SURPRISE!!!

Before I start this review, 2 preliminary things. First my copy is an old version from Walmart. Walmart used to sell classic books at 2 for $1! If the owner of Walmart happens to be reading this, please do that again!!! ( now has some classic books for $2.) The whole Classics Club would adore you!! Secondly, an explanation on why I am not writing more on the plot and why this book slightly annoys me. To me, this first book is like a tourist attraction. Everybody reads it and there are so many film versions amd retellings of it that it is almost boring to read because you have heard it so many times. (Notice I said almost) But, it is a great book about a girl who changes those around her and herself. However, because I already knew the story so well, I kind of skimmed some parts. The rest of the series should be better because I have not seen quite as many retellings of them. Therefore, because everyone knows what this book is about, I'll just give my opinion on a few different points. Mainly characters

1. Anne
At the beginning of the story Anne talks too much. There I said it! I know, I know, she wouldn't be Anne unless she talked but she doesn't talk as much near the end and she still is Anne, just more enjoyable. That probably comes of her changing(see below). However, I just find the constant chatter a wee bit annoying.

Anne does change drastically, and I find this really satisfying. Her maturity near the end amazes me. I am sixteen, and I cannot imagine living by myself in a boarding house for a whole school year. She is teaching school at sixteen!!! Anne seems to gain this quiet strength throughout the novel. Also she drops great optimistic quotes.

2. Gilbert
Ok, so the reader can tell Anne obviously "likes" him, however that doesn't make the feud less enjoyable. I did think it was wrapped up way too quick though. Like all of a sudden, he tips his hat and voila! they're best buds!! I also enjoyed the rivalry because I have experienced some of those on a smaller scale and they are great motivators!! 

3. MnM
Matthew's death is touching, more so with his special connection to Anne. I found the parts amusing when he was afraid to talk to women. "Have you any-any-any- well now, say any garden rakes?"

This was made by Miss Amy Dashwood at Yet Another Period Drama Blog.

Marilla was kind of stubborn but thankfully she finally told Anne that she loved her. I feel bad for Anne, trying to please Marilla all this time and never knowing that she was loved by her. Oh and Marilla always trying to stick in a moral was funny. However when Anne was going to tea at the manse, she really hit on a good one. "You should think of Mrs. Allan and what would be nicest and most agreeable for her."

4. Miss Stacy/Mrs. Allan
Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Miss Stacy ever get portrayed in "first person." I mean she seemed like such an influential character, but I only remember people talking about her, never her talking. Which is a shame, for I would have liked to know her better. 

Also, Mrs. Allan seemed like someone I would want to be. She was so friendly and compassionate and gave Anne great advice.

5. Mrs. Lynde
I have a love/hate relationship with Mrs. Lynde. She is a big busybody who should really keep her mouth shut because words can do irreparable (apparently that's how you spell that) damage. And she talks almost as much as Anne!!! However, she does help Matthew and is sort of nice to Anne so I guess she's ok. By sort of, I mean she tries to help her but could change how she says things. It was funny when Anne remarked to Marilla that whenever Mrs. Lynde told her something was wicked, she always wanted to do that wicked thing. Then Marilla agreed!!

6. Diana
Diana is what I think of as a true friend. She's always there for Anne and supports her. She encourages her and they talk about deep things together. 

Also, parts of this book were funny. Like when Anne is explaining her school story, and the hero can't swim, but he forgets that and jumps in to save the girl, and they die clutch in each others' arms!!! Anne kind of reminds me of Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey.

I don't specifically remember this quote, but it's good 
whether Anne said it or nawwww. 
(That's for my VCA peeps ;) )

This book was pretty good considering what I told you preliminarily. I can't wait to get on with the rest of the series!!!

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  1. I first read this one a couple years ago, and I was intensely annoyed by Anne at the beginning. She talks too much! (Though I ended up loving the book.)

    I had never seen an adaption. About a year after I read it, my mom and I settled in to watch the film adaption with Megan Follows. I was watching the opening scene, where she is TALKING and talking and talking, and being histrionic and overly delighted about EVERYTHING, and suddenly I recognized myself. My mom had never read the book or seen the movie either. I spun to look at her, and said, "Oh, no, Mom! I'm Anne Shirley!" She burst out laughing as if she'd been holding it in and said, "Yes, it seems you are."

    Ha! I had no idea while reading it. I had to see it to appreciate the similarities. :P


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