Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Greetings and Salutations!!!

Greetings and salutations! My name is Ashley and I am of the age when one realizes how fortunate they are to have a governess to give them dry clothes. (In case you don't get that reference, I am sixteen going on seventeen :D )

The blog title is A to Z because originally I was going to write a post about a topic starting with a letter of the alphabet every week. Well that got boring. 

So I decided I'll write about books and other random stuff, and since you write with letters, the name can stay. 

There will probably be posts on things like musicals (Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, Dick van Dyke, and of course Julie Andrews), Macgyver, The Dick van Dyke Show, The Cosby show, music, Gaither Vocal Band, tumbling, random sports stuff, computer programming, languages, hashtags, funny Pinterest stuff, Jane Austen, classic book reviews for the Classics Club, and basically whatever else has caught my fancy.

So yeah here goes my random ramblings! Hope you enjoy the show!!

P.S. Maybe you've noticed that this blog has been up for a while without any posts. I was waiting for summer, so without further ado SUMMER!!


  1. Oooooh sounds fun! Welcome to the blogging world.
    I think I will follow your blog as we have a lot in common :)


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