Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hullo Summer

Why hello there Summer!!! You've finally come!!! I can't wait to swim, earn money, and go to camp!! I've been waiting so long for you! It's time to reveal how I plan to use you:

1. I plan to make time everyday to spend talking with God. I already do this, but sometimes I don't make time for a good fellowship.

2. I plan to run a few times a week and work out more consistently.

3. I plan to start getting back into algebra on Khan Academy because, as much as it pains me, you will end and I will be staring at an Algebra 2 book for nine months.

4. I plan to practice voicings and scales on the piano, as boring as they are. I also plan to learn new fun songs and to sight read.

5. I plan to continue learning Russian, my first second-language, and get ready for Spanish 1 next year with Duolingo.

6. I plan to learn how not to be a total dunce in Photoshop. Get ready for wallpapers and photobombs.

7. I plan to continue to learn JavaScript on Codecademy and hopefully finish the Code Year.

8. I plan to post on A to Z at least once a week. 

9. I plan to read the AOGG series, A Tale of Two Cities,other books on my Classics Club list, and hopefully get introduced to Miss Elizabeth Gaskell.

10. I plan to HAVE FUN!!!!

Thanks for finally returning!!

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