Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Classics Club: Anne of Avonlea

This isn't my version. Mine was a Walmart one. See my post on Anne of Green Gables
Meh. At this point in the series I have a love/hate relationship with Lucy Maud Montgomery. It's probably because I've read this book a few times also. And, I kinda got bored of it near the end. That's not say that this was not a good book. It was. But, meh.

First, the things I disliked. LMM has lots of descriptions that some people like but personally I find boring. I like descriptions of people, animals, and houses, just not nature. And she seemed to get sentimental/moral a wee bit too much. Kinda like Louisa May Alcott when Marmee talks. But not as bad. (Ok, I've just offended lots of people, but the comment box is waiting ;)

Now the things I liked. I really appreciated Anne's stories about her pupils! I teach JR Church at my church and yes, kids say the weirdest things!!! I also like that Anne is maturing and not talking as much. Davy!!! I want to know!!! Yeah, Davy is awesome!

Ok this review was short and horribly written, but this book took me too long to read; therefore, I think I got tired of it :( But I do recommend it!!


  1. I love this book! Great Review also :)
    Sorry about the abundance of GIF usage in my posts btw.. :) I will work on it.

    1. Thanks! I was not thinking about you in particular when I said that!!! I like your GIFs!


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