Sunday, June 29, 2014

Classics Club: Anne of the Island

My cover. Anne's hair is a
 horrible shade of red!
If you read my review of Anne of Avonlea, you probably got a very dismal impression of it. However, it was a good book!! But I had read it before, and it took me way too long to read. Anne of the Island is another story!! I had never read it before, and I finished it in a week!!

In Anne of the Island, Anne goes to college at Redmond. She gets proposed to many, many times!! *rolls eyes/laughs* And, she realizes her true feelings for Gilbert Blythe. (That shouldn't be a spoiler, cause it was coming for a loooong time!) Anyway, to clear the air, let me share the two negatives about this book.

1. Really, really fast-paced. The book barely covers Redmond!!! It's mostly about her friends and her living at Patty's Place and summer in Avonlea!! It feels a wee bit rushed!
2. The nature descriptions. I went into this in my Anne of Avonlea review, but really!! Gilbert is declaring his love for Anne, but every few sentences, a paragraph about the view is inserted!!! And, I was trying to rush through the end of the book because I was almost done, and it was late.
A charming cover

Moving on to the positives!

Anne! She has grown up so much, and is so much more lovable than in Anne of Green Gables!!! *dodges imaginary rocks* However, she still has a tendency to philosophize, some of which is optimistic and good. The other bit is a little overbearing. As I said before, kinda like Marmee in Little Women. *dodges more imaginary rocks*

Gilbert!! Yeah, I liked him a LOT more in this book. Here is a chart/tableish thing explaining my feelings about him.

Feelings about Gilbert:
Anne of Green Gables - Overrated (except for the part at the end when they talk at the gate!)
Anne of Avonlea - Good friends with Anne. Still meh.
Anne of the Island- Oh my word!!! Gilbert!!!!! Anne, marry him!!! You're a dunce!!!! For Pete's Sake!!!! Gilbert!!!!!

Yeah. I got a little bit carried away :D However, I can't picture him!!! I like how he looks in the above cover though! He is not very handsome in the movie, I think!! *dodges imaginary boulders*

Davy! I love Davy so much!! He asks the most wonderful questions!! "I want to know!!!"

There were a lot of proposals in this book!! Some of which were funny!! But I don't want to spoil them for you!! I think there were six?!? Comment below if I miscounted ;)

Finally, Anne and Gilbert as a couple. I think this is the best love story I have ever read! But it's not a love story!! Only one other literary couple has made me feel the way Anne and Gilbert do! Kit and Nat from the Witch of Blackbird Pond (highly recommend this book BTW)

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this book!!! You should read it, even if you don't like Anne in Anne of Green Gables
No, I don't like how he looks, but hey it's a cute picture!


  1. Anne of Green Gables is on my Classics Club list too! It has been about 2 decades since I've read it, though I do remember all those descriptions of the scenery. And I don't think I read the sequels.... I quite enjoyed this review. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you make me want to skip the next book on my list and go straight to Anne!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment!! I think the sequels are better than the original just because it's fun to see Anne mature. Hope you enjoy Green Gables!!


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