Saturday, June 28, 2014

Poison in a Muddy River, or How World War 1 Started

So today's the hundredth anniversary of World War I! Although World War II interests me more, I greatly enjoy the story of how World War I started. So, without further ado, how World War I started, according to my history teacher:

Disclaimer: I should probably look this up to see if it's for real, but I really enjoyed my teacher's version of this story! You can look it up and comment any discrepancies :)

The archduke and his wife. Great mustache :D
So most people know that a Serbian "youth" shot Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, but did you know that there were at least two guys?? (I think there were three, but I don't remember what the other one did.)The open car was going down a street when one guy threw a grenade at it!!! One problem, it bounced off the back of the car. But, the guy didn't know that!! So he drank poison to kill himself so that the officials couldn't. Then, he threw himself into the river to drown so that his body couldn't be recovered.

A few problems: First, he didn't drink enough poison! He only drank enough to get sick, not to die!! Second, the river was only a few feet deep and very muddy. So this "would-be assassin" ended up sitting in the middle of a shallow, muddy river being very, very sick!!! (I find this hilarious :D)

Anyhoo, the car turned to get away from the bomb and later that day, stopped at a sandwich shop. The second guy was sitting inside. He saw the car and went out and shot the Archduke and his pregnant wife. The rest, as they say, is history.

{I did look this up, just to check some major facts, and did you know that June 28 was the Archduke's wedding anniversary?!}

This story ends sadly, but I think the middle part is really interesting!

Are you interested in World War I?

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