Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stoicness, Epicness, Muddiness, and other -nesses

Well, I was at camp last week, which therefore explains my lack of presence on the blogosphere! God really spoke to my heart through the preaching. Camp was awesome!!! Here are some things I learned:

Taking a stoic picture is really, really hard!
Our cabin picture. We were Sacremento!!! Matt, the tall guy, told us to be stoic :|
Those bunny ears tho :,D
I am third from the left :D
Running up a huge hill in high altitude makes you think you are gonna die!

Scattegories is a REALLY fun game!

So is Rummicub!

Spaghetti is a fun game, but really, really awkward with people you've only known for 24 hours!

Playing in the mud is fun!

Getting rinsed off by a fire hose with cold water is not!

Cleaning a muddy shower is hard!!

The song "Kill the Whales!"

Decorating your cabin with ASU shirts is a great way to get the highest cabin clean up score of the week!

Get in the middle of the tube in Steal the Bacon!

Beasley is a great last name!! (Guy on the top of the picture)

 It's fun to call people Navajo and Abe instead of Tyler and Steve! (The bottom right guys :)
All the staff
Again stolen from Instagram
To add In The Bathroom to the end of fortune cookies

It's fun to yell "Ayyyyyy!" with your brother cabin!

Orange soda and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream don't mix!

Getting hit in the nose with a big ball really, really hurts!
Big Ball Basketball

Throwing flour bombs is fun!!

So is hitting people with noodles!

French accents make food taste better!

The camp verse record is 135. A record which I plan to break next year!!!

If you get a prisoner and the flag in Capture the Flag, take the prisoner to jail, or the flag doesn't count :(

Epic music makes everything more fun!

9 Square in the Air is still the best ball game evahhh

Yeah, I learned all these things and more!! But, I must stop sometime. So I conclude with the most epic picture of camp:
The EPIC selfie!!


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