Monday, June 2, 2014

The Bucket List of Languages

Privyet! Menya zovut Ashley! Translation: Hello! My name is Ashley! That was Russian by the way. (Of course, Russian isn't written with English letters. However, you couldn't pronounce it if I wrote it in Cyrillic.) Don't believe me? Привет, меня зовут Эшли. There, if you can read this (without Google Translate ahem, Rachel, ahem) please comment below so that we can have a nice Russian conversation!

I really want to be a polyglot, basically, someone who knows a bunch of languages. The strange thing is I don't want to travel that much. I guess I just want to be able to say whatever I want in whatever language I want and understand others who do speak it. I think it would be cool, like an inside joke with myself. Here is my list of languages that I really want to learn (in no particular order because I'm horrid at ranking things):

1. Russian (currently learning) - I wanted to learn Russian because my aunt and uncle are missionaries to Russia. It's a great language!!

2. Spanish (probably taking next year) - I live in Phoenix. Lots of people speak Spanish. 'Nuf said. ($$)

3. Arabic - this is a language that might benefit me in the future  ($$)

4. French - the (used-to-be) international language. I guess some languages you just have to learn.

5. Chinese - more people speak it than any other language ($$)

6. German - I basically just want to yell at people in German

8. Dutch - I've had a fancy for this language since I read Hans Brinker

9. Navajo - three words Navajo. Code. Talkers.

10. Hebrew - I'm a pastor's daughter and I hear a lot (a lot) about Hebrew ;)

11. Greek - I would love to read the New Testament in the original Greek

12. Polish - basically another Eastern European language that would be fun

13. Japanese - this is getting popular

14. Gaelic - this language has always intrigued me

15. Ethiopian - I've been reading Kisses from Katie (great book, BTW)

16. Swahili - the have-to-learn language of Africa, in my opinion

17. Tamil - since reading The Mysterious Benedict Society this language has interested me

18. Esperantu - this language was made by a guy in the 1800s to be everybody's second language (look it up, it's cool)

Obviously, I probably won't begin to learn, much less master most of these languages. But I can dream ;) Do you speak any other languages? Which ones do you want to learn?


  1. I can speak English, of course, and also Dutch, which is my mother-tongue. I can also speak French rather fluently and I'm learning German. I don't want to learn anymore, I've got enough. :P

    1. Wow!!!! That's awesome! I know a very,very small bit of German. It's fun because it sounds like you're mad all the time :D The random capitalization gets me though :/


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