Saturday, July 26, 2014


In case you didn't notice, I really like Keep Calm signs.

Oh yeah, sorry in advance if you don't like Narnia. (Ahem, a certain person whose name starts with N ;)

The other night, my siblings and I were watching Prince Caspian (no this is not a review). As Peter rushes into battle, he shouts "For Narnia!!" When he said this, I felt a surge of patriotism. Yeah, that's weird. I haven't even seen a Narnia book or movie since last summer when I read the whole series. Obviously, deep down inside I'm Narnian!! 

Here are some of my favorite Narnian things that I want to do (courtesy of Pinterest ;)

Oh yes!!!

I always wondered what the other worlds had!

I already do this occasionally

I need to design it as my dream house

They are so pretty and, according to the books, comfortable

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