Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Tumbling, Connecting, Herding Butterflies, and Things of that Sort

Soooo, I was really into gymnastics when I was younger. I went to lessons sporadically when I was in fourth-sixth grade. But I guess I really wasn't made for gymnastics because I'm not really flexible or graceful! I still love to watch it though!
BUT, I am powerful. So, I tumble a wee bit, kinda intermediate stuff. I have a good roundoff and am learning a roundoff back handspring. I love the sensation of running, hurling yourself into the air, twisting/flipping, and landing with a satisfying THUD. I love running and jumping hard onto a springboard that launches you over a pile of mats. (Yes, I know, vaulting isn't tumbling, but I still love it.) I love being powerful.

I have almost gone through a window before (possibly a few times).

I tumble because I love to. I may not be the best, nor will I ever be, but I can accomplish personal goals like the roundoff back handspring. I want to be strong enough to do things that not many other people can do. I love the adrenaline that comes from throwing myself into the air on a (sorta) whim. I love telling people, "I almost broke a bone/died." (Yes, I do tell people that :D ) Though that seems like a gross exaggeration, it is (mostly) true. (I have landed on my head so much, it doesn't even hurt any more, not that it happens often now ;) Tumbling is dangerous. It takes guts. It takes courage. It takes commitment. Don't throw the skill unless you are going to put everything into it, else, "stuff" could happen. (By stuff, I mean broken bones and other injuries, possibly to your life)

Tumbling is a process. You have to break skills down in to parts to learn them. First learn Skill 1, then Skill 2. Then connect them. (The connection is the hardest part. I mean, seriously, if you know two skills, shouldn't you be able to connect them?)

Tumbling builds your confidence. You have to trust God that He made your body strong enough to throw this skill. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself doing it. You have to be tough mentally. Sure, you're afraid. You will be until you have done this 100 times. Fear is a part of life. BUT, "God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind." (I like the power part ;)

Tumbling is like herding butterflies. Straight legs, reach back, pointed toes, chest up, tight body, open armpits, rotate faster, straight arms, straight wrists, snap your feet under, look up, don't look like a frog (yes, I have been told that) You learn to do all these things until it becomes muscle memory. Then you just do it again and again and again until it you can do it in your sleep backwards.

Tumbling is hard work, but boy is it rewarding to watch yourself get stronger. And when you finally connect your skills, the feeling of accomplishment can not be matched. (And it's kinda fun to show off at the park :D )


  1. Heyyyy Sorry I completly forgot to put your name as tagged on the bucket list tag!! You can do it too! :D

    1. That's ok! You said "all your blog followers", and I follow you , so I figured you meant me too ;)


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