Friday, July 18, 2014

The Bucket List of Epicness (According to me!)

So Evie tagged all of her followers with this Bucket List Tag!!! Thanks Evie!!! Here is my sadly- uncompleted-but-still-epic bucket list!! 

Learn to make GIFs

Be really fit and strong

Run a 5K in 20 minutes or less!!

Run a 5 minute mile!!! (They're probably not reading this, but certain people, Jeremiah & Caleb, said I couldn't, and I probably can't, but maybe I can!!!)

Go to the Final Four!!!! (A big college basketball thing)

Own an Olympic trampoline

Finish learning JavaScript

Be a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship

Be THAT random person that gives out free tickets to sporting events

Finish my Classics Club list!

If you are a gymnastics nut like me, you will notice that this is a picture of the 2011 World Championships, not the Olympics. (I also want to go to the Gymnastics World Championships!) Team USA is on the gold medal podium!!!!!

2 stories! With a ladder!

And Kevin Durant, the Studio C cast, Kyla Ross, Greg Howlett,
Jordyn Wieber, MyKayla Skinner, Dick van Dyke, Kacy Katanzaro...

I didn't even know this was a thing, but now I will try it!
It can't be far from Phoenix!!!!

Do a roundoff backhandspring on the ground!!
(I've already done this, but then I lost the skill!!!!!!!
{Those were angry !!!!}


Scotland included!
Visit Russia! To practice my Russian!

No words....

So you have survived my epic-but-probably-will-never-be-finished bucket list!!! (I probably forgot a lot of things I want to do, so I may edit this post from time to time!)
I tag:
And anybody else who wants to!!!
(Lots of other bloggers have already been tagged ;)


  1. G'day Ash!
    Yes building a tree house would be cool!
    Broadway! :D
    Yes, Britain and Scotland *sighs happily*
    I better get ready......

  2. Of these, I have a home library (only 1 story, tho), I can unwrap a Starburst with my tongue, I've seen a Broadway play, and put Mentos in Coke. I'm making tentative plans to build a treehouse :-) Good list!

  3. Evie- The UK though!

    Hamlette- You can unwrap a Starburst with your toungue!!!!! Cool!! Hope you build your treehouse! Thanks for commenting :D

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