Sunday, July 27, 2014

You Can Hear It Humming, See It Coming.....

I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! (Actually, as I write this, I haven't finished it yet, BUT I STILL LOVE IT!!) The music, the dancing, the characters, the story, all of it!!! To keep this review short and let me focus on the things I liked, here is the plot in sentence: Overprotective, eccentric, millionaire father has trouble letting his daughter grow up and get engaged. Yeah, that's basically it!

Kiri Liz introduced me to this movie with her review. I was like "Wait there's a Disney live action movie with Fred MacMurray that I haven't seen? And it's a musical?!? Where has this been all my life!!!!" I have been greatly anticipating watching this movie ever since!

Mr. Drexel Biddle is the eccentric millionaire who keeps alligators in the conservatory, runs a boxing and Bible school and firmly believes in the Bible in Uncle Sam (what's wrong with that?) He really wants to keep his family, specifically his daughter, together, and resents her getting married. But he's really quite nice!

(He's played by Fred MacMurray, the man affectionately referred to by my siblings and I as "that guy who plays in every Disney movie from the 60's" or for short, "that guy")

Cordy is his loving, boxing daughter who goes off to school and comes back engaged!!! (Ok, I was a bit confused at this point. Shouldn't the guy check with her parents first?!?) I really like her spunk! Also, the name Cordelia is growing on me because of her!

Lesley Ann Warren is love-ly in this movie!!

Angie or Ahnnn-je is Cordy's fiance whom she finally elopes with!! (The ending of this movie really confuses me, but Cordy was happy so....)  I really didn't like this guy that much except that he has a dream (Detroit!!!!)

Angie's mother is simply dreadful!!! There are those who would punch her if they had the chance!! She is controlling and selfish!!! And really makes me mad!!!!

 John Lawless is the butler and kind of the narrator of the story. I actually thought he was going to marry Cordy!!! (My family and I ship it!!! Except they don't use that word :D) John actually speaks to the viewers, which is something I appreciate, both in books and movies! He is a delightful singer and dancer and probably my favorite character!!

This movie has the greatest songs and dances!! They're (the songs) catchy, boisterous, and perfect for me!!! There are also sweet slow songs, but that was the time my family took the liberty to quickly clean up from dinner ;)

My favorite songs (and the ones that will be sung in our family for forever now) are "Fortuosity", "I'll Always Be Irish", "Detroit", and "Watch Your Footwork"

Ok, you probably guessed that I liked this movie. WELL YOU GUESSED WRONG!!!! BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!! (Pardon the shouting :D )

Well I'm off to Detroit....ahem Durango, Colorado for the week so...

Let's just pretend she's saying "Bye!"

Yes, that is a jail. The ending of this movie is a wee bit weird :)

You guys should really go watch this movie. NOW!

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