Saturday, August 30, 2014

Awkward and Awesome: August

Well, people have been doing Awkward and Awesome, so I decided to get in on the act and tell you all what I've been up to
Can check that of the ol' bucket list :D
Here are the Awkwards and Awesomes of August.


Being sick for 5 out of ten days of school.

Having strep

Coughing in public, cuz you have to some times

Having pneumonia for the fourth time but feeling better than you have for the past two weeks! And then, all of a sudden, getting extremely tired.
Pretty much me!

Inside jokes with yourself. This could get filed under awesome, but it's still awkward.

Playing piano for Favorites night at church. People, you don't know pressure until you've heard someone pick an old song that everyone knows except you and you have to sightread it in front of people NOW. (Actually, I don't think I've done this in August with teen class parties and sickness, but it's still awkward!!)

Arsenic and Old Lace, the movie. It's creepy but funny too.
Really like this cover!

Having more awkward/awesome and one part of you telling yourself to write it down, while the other part's like, "C'mon girl! You'll remember it!" Well I didn't.


Disney song chord charts

Costume parties in teen class
Me as Princess Leia

Southern gospel offertories

GIFs (Maybe I did put this one in just to use a GIF?)

Watching Step In Time in Russian (or at all!)

Learning Spanish and Dutch

Rilla of Ingleside

Of course I call slushies good food!!
Conversations with people on Pinterest

The following movies:
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
Arsenic and Old Lace

Cary Grant

I'm the part in the gold part in the west with the maroon Sun Devil.

The Happiest Millionaire soundtrack.

The Dutch word for pork - varkensvlees

Fridays = Fortuosidays


What's been awkward and awesome in your life lately?


  1. Oh, lovely person. Every time I read your blog I become a happier person.

    Yes, yes, yes, to your movie list! My family always used to watch Mr. Smith goes to Washington on election night.

    Why does everyone like Rilla so much? I hated that book because Walter dies and he's my favorite. Why, L.M. Montgomery?

    But all is forgiven because of your Cos and Don gif.

  2. Kathryn: Awwww thanks!

    Mr. Smith is a great patriotic movie!! "Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books. Men should hold it up in front of them every day of their lives and say, "I'm free!"

    Rilla is one of the few books that really touched me emotionally, I guess you could say? (A Tale of Two Cities is another one) I was soooo sad when Walter went off to war and when he died, but LMM did a good job of getting you invested in the character and his relationship with Rilla so that you were sad when he died. I also really liked seeing Rilla grow as a character and become a strong woman.

    Hahaha! Thanks for reminding me of their names! Especially Cos :D For some reason I always think of them as Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor :(

    Thanks for your lovely comment :D


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