Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Be It Ever So Hot.... *ahem* Humble

Well, I just got back from Colorado on Friday! I had a great time! But being away from home always helps me realize just how much I love my home! The scenery in Colorado was beautiful(!!), but I'll take the desert any day (plus, I'm not much of a scenery person {which fact explains my love/hate relationship with Lucy Maud Montgomery :D}) I moved here when I was six (ten years ago today!!!) ; therefore, Arizona has been my home for 10 years!!! In honor of that anniversary, here are some reasons why I love Phoenix!

- The beautiful desert

- Mountains
White Tank Mountain Regional Park
15 minutes from my house

- Palm trees

- And cellphone towers barely disguised to look like palm trees

- High desert (not actually Phoenix, but in northern Arizona)
No, I don't think the grass is dead, it just look like it!

- Riverbeds (these are just funny :p)

This is the Agua Fria "River". I've never seen this much water in it!
(No, that is not a roller coaster; it is the nets for a driving range)

- Heat (call me crazy, but I love the heat!!! To cope with it, STAY INSIDE)

-Monsoons (just a storm season from July-August and December-January) which bring...

- Dust storms (not scary, unless you're driving; sometimes they're on national news though!!)

Again, these look scary, but they're really just dusty!

-Snow (again, not in Phoenix, but a two hours drive away!!)

We usually go here at least once during the winter!

- Warm wind (I love the wind! Just like Anne in Anne of Windy Poplars.)

- Grid streets of Phoenix

Makes it really easy to navigate!
- ASU stadiums (Go Sun Devils!!!)

The football stadium built into the mountain.
Tempe town lakes in the background.
It's so hot during August-October in here!!
- Downtown

- No traffic (Seriously, if it takes us 30 minutes to get somewhere, that's a long time!)

- Friendliest airport (It's called PHX Sky Harbor. A name that I love!!)

Best picture that I could find.
It's a beautiful airport!
- Swimming
Typical nicer Phoenix pool
- Golfing (if you like that sort of thing :p)

- Fishing/Boating
Lake Pleasant
I don't think I've ever been, but my friends have!

- Canals (You can run by these, and basically they're just really cool!)

Ten years ago today, my family arrived  here from Virginia! And this wonderful city became my new home!

What are some reasons you like where you live?

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