Friday, August 8, 2014

Classics Club: The Blue Castle

The best cover!
Because I just finished this book like 4 hours ago, I am still trying to digest it, but here are my thoughts so far: (Be warned, this will probably be a more serious review becuase this book made me think. A LOT!)

The Blue Castle is about Valancy Stirling (still undecided on whether I like that name), a 29 year old girl who has been bossed around her whole life by her family, who don't even love her! To cope, she has made up an imaginary castle called The Blue Castle. On her 29th birthday, she goes to the doctor (without her family's knowledge), and he tells her she has a year to live. She soon decides, that since she has never actually "lived" before, she will start now! She then goes and does a bunch of shocking things and it all turns out good!

This was a great LMM book, because she didn't really describe the nature like she does in the Anne series, but she describes more practically (?) I like it better anyway! Also, LMM really makes you like/hate the characters. I mean, did anyone else want to punch Valancy's mom in the face ALL THE TIME ?!?!

The cover I had
She doesn't even look
like Valancy would!
I like this book (4 out of 5 star on Goodreads), but it has really got me thinking about a moral question.

When Valancy is spouting off to her family, someone brings up the 5th commandment, which states "Honor thy father and thy mother." I thought this interesting. Was Valancy breaking this commandment by leaving and disobeying her mother? By being disrespectful to her family? I mean, she could have handled the situation better. For instance, she didn't need to spout off quite so much at dinner. She could have respectfully stood up for herself, and she didn't need to be afraid, but other things, she shouldn't have said. Also, she could have gone respectfully to her mom and said something like this: Mother, I appreciate everything you've done for me, but I need to go live my own life.  I believe that it would be a Christian thing to do to go nurse Cissy back to health!" Something like that. However, Valancy wasn't a Christian and didn't have God's joy and peace in her life! (Yes, I just figured this out!!! And I am excited!!!) If Valancy was a Christian, she would have responded in the proper way, and maybe would have made some different choices! The story still could have turned out the same way! But it would have been better!

I am sorry to bore you all with this moral rambling (:D) , but this book just really got me thinking! I will probably read this book again, but as another blogger said, "It colors my attitudes," so I will probably not read it often. This was my first non-Anne LMM book, and it was great!

P.S. Barney was wonderful!!!

P.S.S. Yessss! This is my third Classics Club book this week!!!!

What are some books that make you think? Also, if you have read this book, what do you think about Valancy and her decisions?

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  1. I love this book!!! So. MUCH. I read it like four times every year, not exaggerating. Thanks for a very interesting review!


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