Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Classics Club: Rainbow Valley

If you know who's who on this cover,
you are a genius!!!
I liked this book more than Anne of Ingleside, even though this book doesn't focus on Anne or her kids that much. The book focuses on the Meredith children of the widower minister: Jerry, Faith, Una (what kind of name is that!!), and Carl. They were hilarious!!! And I kind of felt a connection to them, being a pastor's kid myself. (No, we have not done anything mentioned in the book. Wellll, we did march around the lobby on Sunday singing "O Benjamin Harrison", but mostly everybody was gone :P)

I really appreciated Faith's spunk and courage to do what she thought was right. And Una's errand in the end is really touching! Also, I think the relationship between Rosemary and Mr./Rev./Pastor Meredith was so sweet! I think it is LMM's second best love story of the Anne series. (Anne and Gil would be #1. OBVIOUSLY!) (And, miracle of miracles, Anne didn't meddle with them AT ALL. Anne's meddling drives me crazy!)

Like Anne of Ingleside, this book is basically a string of short stories, but they are connected with the story of the widower minister. This book also had the escapades of kids, but somehow, they seemed more believable in Anne of Ingleside. Maybe it was that the Meredith kids' escapades were more outrageous and less common place than Anne's kids'. I did like this book though, and would gladly reread it!

P.S. Last week Evie and I had some own escapades of our own on Google+ Hangouts! Check out her post HERE.

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