Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Awkward and Awesome: September

Well, I created a Boximize box on my phone for the Awkwards and Awesomes of the first part of September, and I though I would remember the rest.....

Humidity - Dear East Coast people, PLEASE TAKE YOUR HUMIDITY BACK!!! I can deal with 115 degree weather (Fahrenheit (that is a hard word to spell)), but I can't take this humidity!! I run in it and then get all sticky and have to get in a humid shower!!!  At least it's over! :D

Being emotionally affected by the last ever episode of the Cosby Show. Clair and Cliff dance off the stage and wave good-bye to everybody, and I felt like I should cry, but I couldn't!!! Annnd, my TV isn't showing them any more!!!(I think I have a post idea!!!!)
Chemistry problems

Loud feet in a quiet neighborhood at 6 A.M.

People smoking as you run by them, causing you to gasp for air -__-

Putting wet hair in a ponytail and/or putting dry hair in a ponytail with sweaty hands

Sweat tickling you as it drips down your back. (Yeah, this is awkward to tell too....)

A sore ankle that makes you stop running :(


No school because of the rain!!!! (Yes, I live in Phoenix :D ) Here is the story (cuz I'll tell it as long as I live :D)

- Ashley is woken up at exactly 4 A.M. on the morning of September 8 with the loudest clap of thunder she has ever heard in her life. It's been raining since midnight.

- Ashley wakes up at 6 A.M. to go running, but becomes guiltily happy when she realizes it is still raining, and therefore she cannot run.

- Ashley wakes up at 6:30 A.M. to get ready for school. It's still raining. Ashley asks her dad, who happens to be the school administrator (no, I'm not homeschooled), if there is still school today. He laughs at her and says of course.

- At 7:15ish, Ashley walks down the stairs and overhears the following phone conversation:
  Dad: Oh, so they're closing?
  Dad: Okay, so we'll let parents know then.

- At 7:20, it is announced that there will be NO SCHOOL! Ashley and Co are the most excited they've been in a loooooong time.
Basically we danced around the house!!

Well, it turns out, there was a 75 year flood, and a pump broke on the Interstate so cars were floating. Thankfully, there was only 1 casualty. We had an awesome rest of the day, and ended up "swimming' in a "lake" in a hollow by our house. IT WAS AWESOME!!!


No science project!!!

Passing out tracts with friends

Youth conference with friends

Watching dust storms with friends

Friends in general (Yeah, friends are good)

A milkshake youth group party!!! As many as you want until the ice cream runs out!!!

Winning third place in the Arizona Youth Challenge and getting LOTS of soda (Mountain Dew Baja Blast in cans!!! HEAVEN!!!)

I've probably used this before, and I'll use it again :D
Catch Phrase, except its reallllly stressful

Early morning runs (most mornings)

Cool Runnings - would be a GREAT movie if they left out some words :(

Sub-8 minute runs!!

The Newsies soundtrack!!

Successfully re-syncing my phone without losing anything important!

Well, that's my September life in a nutshell! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

What to Be or What Not to Be When Grow Up

My dad always says "When I grow up, I want to be..." He fills it in with something like, "a truck driver," or "cool." Isn't it funny how that when you are a kid, your whole life is planned out, and then, when you get older and get closer to having to make big decisions, you don't know what to do!? I have been praying about what God wants me to do with my life, and here are some possibilities of things I would love to be when I grow up:

1. Journalist

I recently have been looking into journalism as a career. This interest started when I began a blog, and I realized that I LOVE TO WRITE! (Just not fiction I detest writing fiction!! I am so not creative!!) I know many bloggers feel the same way about it too, that's why they blog! I then realized that I can get a job writing nonfiction for a newspaper/website/social media. I got really excited during the events in Ferguson. When I got on Twitter and looked up Ferguson, many journalists were risking their health and safety to cover the event. Even more inspiring was James Foley, the journalist beheaded by ISIS. Here was a man who had been continually risking his life to get the truth out!

2. Editor

I really, really, really like to edit. I like to take my rough drafts, which are usually very bad, and change them into awesomeness!!! (Or at least A+)

3. Sports Journalist

 I also like sports. A LOT. I could use my journalism skills to be a sports journalist, and one day, work for ESPN (which is basically my dream job!!).

4. Referee

I want to be a referee for sports events as a part time job. It is something I would enjoy, and would make money! I have been told that, because I am a girl, I would get promoted really fast!! I would like to ref basketball, gymnastics, and possibly soccer and (American) football.

5. Gymnastics Coach

You don't have to know how to do too much gymnastics to coach beginner levels, so this job is a possibility.

I can't wait to see what God has for me!!

What would you like to be when you grow up? Or, if you're already grown up, what is your dream job?

Friday, September 19, 2014


Yes, people I know I haven't written a real post in a loooong time, but one is coming. In the mean time, here is probably the most awesomest tag I've seen because its about books!!! Yay!! I found this on Anne's book blog and Naomi's blog, but I think it possibly started on Notebook Sisters (??) Here goes :D

1. Favourite childhood book? Wow, my childhood seems sooo far away now :P Probably American Girl books (until I was like 10 and could literally read them in half an hour :P), The Phantom Tollbooth, The 21 Balloons, the Mandy series (I have my opinions on those though!!), we had these early reader series that I really liked when I was really little. And Snow Treasure!! Every time I read a certain line about the Nazis parachuting in, I get chills! And Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! Peter Pan!! When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is a great book too! (Yeah, I remembered more as I kept answering questions :D )
2. What are you reading right now? Wives and Daughters, World War II, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and my book report book, which I think is going to be Amish fiction (let's just say I'm not jumping out of my seat :P)
3. What books do you have on request at the library?  A Disney Songbook, but there were 9 requests before me.....

4. Bad book habit? Reading constantly for 2-3 weeks, then not really reading at all for a month. And reading too many books at once. And stopping halfway through a book, not because I didn't like it, but because I don't have time/I found a better book.
5. What do you currently have checked out at the library? Wow, lots and lots because we went to the largest library in the district a few weeks ago! :D

6. Do you have an e-reader? I have a NOOK because I can read books on there that are rare in print for free :D But I prefer real books. And I have iBooks on my phone, but I hate reading on my phone.
7. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once? Several, but I can't read several by the same author because I get them mixed up! One spring break when I was in seventh grade, I read like 7 books at the same time, reading one chapter at a time from each.

8. Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog? Yes, I read more :D
9. Least favourite book you read this year so far? Probably Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal. But her second book is soooo much better! And I didn't really like The Cloister and the Hearth mostly because of the ending.
10. Favourite book you’ve read this year? Wow! A Tale of Two Cities tied with Rilla of Ingleside because they both really got to my emotions!
11. How often do you read out of your comfort zone? Not a lot, as in almost never.

12. What is your reading comfort zone? Classics, nonfiction, books people I have similar tastes to have recommended.
13. Can you read in the car? Yes, unless I'm hungry, then I get a headache and my stomach hurts.
14. Favourite place to read? My bed, or my beanbag chair, or the floor. Yeah, the floor's awesome :D
15. What is your policy on book lending? As long as I'm not reading it, take it! Unless it's really special to me, I won't bother you about it for a looong time :)
16. Do you ever dog-ear books? No. I just remember the page number, or where I was in the story!!
17. Do you ever write in the margins of your books? No!
18. Do you break /crack the spine of your book? Not usually on the hard back books, unless they are large, but on paperbacks, probably on accident :) (I hate hardbacks by the way!!)
19. What is your favourite language to read in? I have only read books in English, but I like to read in Dutch, Russian, and Spanish because it challenges me even if I can't understand it all the way! English will probably remain my favorite, because, as Naomi said, the language is limitless!!
20. What makes you love a book? If it affects me emotionally in a positive way, inspires me, has a relatable hero/heroine, or has lots of action and adventure. Annd some books I just connect with!

21. What will inspire you to recommend a book? Books that I love to people who I know will love them.
22. Favourite genre? Classics.
23. Genre you rarely read but wish you did? Ummm I wish I read more nonfiction, though I do read it sometimes.
24. Favourite biography? Kisses from Katie. It's about Katie Davis who moved to Uganda, adopted 14 girls, and provides food and education for thousands of children through her ministry. It's a really inspiring book! And Corrie ten Boom's books are soooo good too.
25. Have you ever read a self-help book? I've read books categorized as self-help, but they weren't really self-help books, The Daring Book for girls being the key one.
26. Favourite cookbook? I don't cook. Well, I do cook bean burritos. :D I like to look through cook books and be like "Hey, if I had any aspirations to be a good cook, this would be fun to make!", and then I'm like "Pizza and burritos for the win!!!"

27. Most inspirational book you’ve read this year (fiction or non-fiction)? Rilla of Ingleside and Kisses from Katie.
28. Favourite reading snack? Whatever is left over in my lunch box from lunch or is easy to prepare (a.k.a graham crackers.)
29. Name a case in which hype ruined your reading experience. The Book Thief was really  hyped and the movie was soooo good, but the book was horrible! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. (The story was probably good, but I couldn't finish it because of content issues :(
30. How often do you agree with critics about a book? I don't really read critics, but some of my opinions are unpopular, for instance I don't like young Anne at all!!! (Stop throwing imaginary tomatoes. {cuz I hate tomatoes} The comment box is open!!!)
31. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews? It's ok, I don't think I've done it that much though. (Oh wait, I just bashed the Book Thief)
32. If you could read in a foreign language, which language would you chose? Arghhhh! I have so many languages!!! I can already read Russian, but I think I would like to get way better in that!
35. Favourite poet? I don't really like poetry that much, but I do like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow because his poems are sing-songy, which I think is the way a poem should be, but my teachers make me use expression :/ (Guys, poems are supposed to rhyme!! And have rhythm!! Therefore you should accent this rhythm when you recite!! And poets should write poems that can be recited sing-songy cuz they're easier to memorize!!!!)
36. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time? Between 5 and 10.
37. How often have you returned books to the library unread? Not a lot, because my mom renews all the books every single week :D
38. Favourite fictional character? Rilla of Ingleside, the older Anne Blythe, Milo from the Phantom Tollbooth, Sherlock Holmes, Jo March, Anne from Persuasion, Lizzy Bennet, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Pevensie children, Dr. Dolittle, and the list goes on :)
39. Favourite fictional villain? Madame Defarge in A Tale of Two Cities
41. The longest you’ve gone without reading? A month or two. 
42. Name a book that you could/would not finish. The Book Thief. And I can never get very far in the Three Musketeers, though I try very hard!!! (I will finish it someday!!)
43. What distracts you easily when you’re reading? The Internets. Homework. Tiredness. The fact that I should probably be doing something else.

44. Favorite film adaptation of a novel? The Book Thief, the Princess Bride, the Disney animated version of Robin Hood (I know it's not accurate, but I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!), umm apparently, I don't watch many movies based off books...
45. Most disappointing film adaptation? Anne of Green Gables. *dodges the entire blogosphere's rocks (except for Danielle ;)*, some of the American Girl historical movies (they're good in their own way, but not exactly true to the series)

46. The most money I’ve ever spent in the bookstore at one time? $20? I don't like to spend money :P
47. How often do you skim a book before reading it? Wayyy to often, which is bad for mystery reading!
48. What would cause you to stop reading a book halfway through? Inappropriateness, boring stuff, busyness of life,
49. Do you like to keep your books organized? My books are kinda organized by author and fiction/nonfiction. (And I'm almost at what-shelf-has-room-for-them)
50. Do you prefer to keep books or give them away once you’ve read them? Keep them for a while, or give them to my sister.
51. Are there any books you’ve been avoiding? Pilgrim's Progress because I started it and it was reallly boring. 
52. Name a book that made you angry. I read the Princess Academy a looong time ago, and I think it made me angry, I don't remember why.
53. A book you didn’t expect to like but did?

 I don't usually read books I don't expect to like *sheepish grin*
54. A book that you expected to like but didn’t? Shades of Milk and Honey. The Book Thief.
55. Favourite guilt-free pleasure reading? Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Books that are below my reading level but still favorites.
Do you agree with my thoughts on books? What are some of your favorite books?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Janeite Kindred Spirit Tag Party!

Weeelll, school is in full swing. Therefore, I haven't read much/done much out of school/had many ideas..... But Evie has tagged me with two tags, so here they are!

Jane Austen Tag

I haven't read Austen in a long time, so I may be a wee bit rusty.
~Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
Thanks Evie!!
~Tell how you were introduced to Jane Austen and share one fun fact about your Janeite life.
Umm, I got a NOOK a few years ago, and Pride and Prejudice came already loaded, and it was a famous classic so I read it. A fun fact.... I used to read Emma out loud to annoy my friends *sheepish grin*
~Answer the tagger's questions.
What is your favourite Jane Austen minor couple?
Jane and Bingley cuz I can't think of anyone else. Ohh Mary Bennet and nobody :P
Would you rather spend a weekend with Mr Wickham or Mr Willohbhy ?
Well, I don't know about much about Willoughby, and neither isn't an option, so we'll go Mr. Wickham. At least he seems nice at first!
You've been invited to a ball, what is your first reaction? 
Can we dance the Virginia Reel?!? (The only ballroom dance I know)
If you could choose a Jane Austen home to live in what would you choose? Netherfield? Pemberly? Pemberly
Darcy or Bingley?
Darcy duh
Brandon or Ferras?
I haven't read Sense and Sensibility yet, but because I respect Evie's opinion, Brandon.
Knightley or Captain Wentwoth?
Arghhhhhhh!!!! I hate Emma and Knightley as a couple, but I like him! And Captain Wentworth was awesome too! I'll go Knightley.
~Write seven questions of your own.
Why do you like Jane Austen?
What is your favorite book?
Have you ever studied her life?
What is your opinion of Fanny? (If you haven't read the book, feel free to give your opinion of the name ;)
Do you like Knightley and Emma together?
Who do you ship Mary Bennet with?
Which books haven't you read?
~Tag as few as one or as many as seven other Janeites and let them know you've tagged them.
Umm, I tag you!!! If you are reading this and feel like doing a tag :D

Anne of Green Gables Tag
From Eve's blog

This tag was supposed to be in a wrap up post of my Anne series summer reading, but that never happened did it? Here it is now! BTW I'll use these questions for the whole series :D
1. Who is your favorite character in Anne of Green Gables?
Anne in books 2-7. Cuz in book 1, I think she's realllllllly annnnnnoying!!
2. Are you more like Anne or Diana?
Ummmm, Anne in that I'm a leaderish type of person sometimes. Diana in that I am not creative, sentimental, or (hopefully not) too talkative.
3. What is your favorite quote from the book/movie?
Just one!!! Well, because Rilla was my favorite book, here is one of my favorite quotes from that:
“And two years ago this morning I woke wondering what delightful gift the new day would give me. These are the two years I thought would be filled with fun."
"Would you exchange them - now - for two years filled with fun "
"No " said Rilla slowly. "I wouldn't. It's strange - isn't it - They have been two terrible years - and yet I have a queer feeling of thankfulness for them - as if they had brought me something very precious in all their pain. I wouldn't want to go back and be the girl I was two years ago not even if I could. Not that I think I've made any wonderful progress - but I'm not quite the selfish frivolous little doll I was then. I suppose I had a soul then Miss Oliver - but I didn't know it. I know it now - and that is worth a great deal - worth all the suffering of the past few years.” 

4. What was the funniest moment in it?
Probably some scenes in Anne of Ingleside and Rainbow Valley when the kids say funny stuff :D
5. Would you rather have Diana's raven black hair or Anne's carrot red hair?
6. What do you think of Gilbert?
Movie version: horrid except for his hat
Book version: awesome, especially as the series move on
Green Gables Fables version on Twitter: HILARIOUS!!!
7. What are your thoughts on puff sleeves?
Hate em. I like flat stuff. A lot.
8. Have you ever been to Canada?
No, but I know some Canadians, and I want to visit Prince Edward Island.
9. How would you describe Anne?
At the beginning of the series:
A talkative, sentimental scatterbrain
At the end of the series:
Delightful! Mature, hard working, sacrificial, loving, a great role model!
10. Favorite word Anne uses in the book/movie?
Wincey! Say it out loud. NOW!!! (I can't think of a better one!! Sorry!)

Well, there's some tags :D Hopefully, I'll have a book tag and some meatier posts up soon!! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guest post from Evie!!!!

Well, I was invited by Evie to write a guest post (!!!) (HERE), and she was kind enough to write one for me!!! Yay!! Well here she is :D

Hello Everyone,
My name is Evie and I blog at “A Period Drama Fangirl”, I am very excited today because my friend (the owner of this blog) Ashley invited me to do a guest post. Of course I eagerly accepted, so thanks for having me Ashley! ☺

Today’s post will be on the viola as I personally think that the Viola is a very underrated instrument that deserves some love. So I am writing this post to hopefully raise awareness about this lovely instrument.

I have been playing the viola for 10 years (since I was 7)  and I think it has the most beautiful tonal quality. The Viola also  has the ability to have the melody (but that is rare) and  often provides the lower register notes to provide the much needed sound that is present in an orchestra.

Those are the four strings that are on a viola... so basically the most common question I am asked is "What exactly is a viola?"

Nope, it’s a completely different instrument!

You know this ^ diagram is sadly true, which makes me sad ☹

To answer your question, as much as I hate saying it. The viola is like a big violin.. what I mean by a big violin is that it is played like a violin but has the same strings of a cello. It is also larger in size.. and is often much more heavy. Another difference is that it is an octave (8 notes for non musical people ☺) lower than a violin and an octave higher than a cello. Now that’s pretty cool! Because it means we can sound a little like a violin but that causes violists to freak out when we see this

See the size difference... violin on left and viola on right..

That is a viola! see what I mean when I say it is bigger...

One of the downsides to being a viola player is the number of viola jokes that we receive. It seems that there are more viola jokes than any other instrument. This is a shame because without violas the worlds would be a sad place.. you really need some violas in your life!

Next point, no offense to any Violin players out there but I have been the victim of having 3rd Violins playing with me.. for me I really don't enjoy my part written out so that other instruments can play it. Sadly at many schools I have visited it has been the case as people do not know what a Viola is or they only have the option to play the violin.. nothing against violins! I know some amazing Violinst’s!

Violas are an awesome instrument when it comes to auditions.. since there are not many of us out there, it really is a good platform for getting into ensembles and groups.

There are some lovely viola concertos out there... you just need to look!

But one of my biggest problems is finding sheet music for the viola. I mean seriously... there is so much free sheet music for violins out there and you search some for violas and it's a much more condensed version...

If you play in an orchestra, you will be deafened
Unlike the violins, cellos and basses on either side, the violas bear the brunt of most of the brass section. Fortunately the woodwind section forms something of a spit-barrier. But the noise is still horrendous.

And then there is the matter of the violists getting the tune... you don’t want that… mass panic ensures!

Thanks again Ashley and remember to be very nice to your viola buddies! ☺
~Evie Brandon

 Thanks Evie for this interesting post! The viola sounds awesome!!! Be sure to go check out her blog :D