Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Awkward and Awesome: September

Well, I created a Boximize box on my phone for the Awkwards and Awesomes of the first part of September, and I though I would remember the rest.....

Humidity - Dear East Coast people, PLEASE TAKE YOUR HUMIDITY BACK!!! I can deal with 115 degree weather (Fahrenheit (that is a hard word to spell)), but I can't take this humidity!! I run in it and then get all sticky and have to get in a humid shower!!!  At least it's over! :D

Being emotionally affected by the last ever episode of the Cosby Show. Clair and Cliff dance off the stage and wave good-bye to everybody, and I felt like I should cry, but I couldn't!!! Annnd, my TV isn't showing them any more!!!(I think I have a post idea!!!!)
Chemistry problems

Loud feet in a quiet neighborhood at 6 A.M.

People smoking as you run by them, causing you to gasp for air -__-

Putting wet hair in a ponytail and/or putting dry hair in a ponytail with sweaty hands

Sweat tickling you as it drips down your back. (Yeah, this is awkward to tell too....)

A sore ankle that makes you stop running :(


No school because of the rain!!!! (Yes, I live in Phoenix :D ) Here is the story (cuz I'll tell it as long as I live :D)

- Ashley is woken up at exactly 4 A.M. on the morning of September 8 with the loudest clap of thunder she has ever heard in her life. It's been raining since midnight.

- Ashley wakes up at 6 A.M. to go running, but becomes guiltily happy when she realizes it is still raining, and therefore she cannot run.

- Ashley wakes up at 6:30 A.M. to get ready for school. It's still raining. Ashley asks her dad, who happens to be the school administrator (no, I'm not homeschooled), if there is still school today. He laughs at her and says of course.

- At 7:15ish, Ashley walks down the stairs and overhears the following phone conversation:
  Dad: Oh, so they're closing?
  Dad: Okay, so we'll let parents know then.

- At 7:20, it is announced that there will be NO SCHOOL! Ashley and Co are the most excited they've been in a loooooong time.
Basically we danced around the house!!

Well, it turns out, there was a 75 year flood, and a pump broke on the Interstate so cars were floating. Thankfully, there was only 1 casualty. We had an awesome rest of the day, and ended up "swimming' in a "lake" in a hollow by our house. IT WAS AWESOME!!!


No science project!!!

Passing out tracts with friends

Youth conference with friends

Watching dust storms with friends

Friends in general (Yeah, friends are good)

A milkshake youth group party!!! As many as you want until the ice cream runs out!!!

Winning third place in the Arizona Youth Challenge and getting LOTS of soda (Mountain Dew Baja Blast in cans!!! HEAVEN!!!)

I've probably used this before, and I'll use it again :D
Catch Phrase, except its reallllly stressful

Early morning runs (most mornings)

Cool Runnings - would be a GREAT movie if they left out some words :(

Sub-8 minute runs!!

The Newsies soundtrack!!

Successfully re-syncing my phone without losing anything important!

Well, that's my September life in a nutshell! 


  1. Great Post! I probably should do one too... do you know how to make polls on your blog
    ? :-)

  2. I really really loved reading this post! Hahaha I can relate to all of the "awkward" ones!:)
    I love your blog, keep posting!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

  3. Evie: Thanks! I think you get a gadget for your sidebar??

    J: Thanks!!


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