Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Janeite Kindred Spirit Tag Party!

Weeelll, school is in full swing. Therefore, I haven't read much/done much out of school/had many ideas..... But Evie has tagged me with two tags, so here they are!

Jane Austen Tag

I haven't read Austen in a long time, so I may be a wee bit rusty.
~Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
Thanks Evie!!
~Tell how you were introduced to Jane Austen and share one fun fact about your Janeite life.
Umm, I got a NOOK a few years ago, and Pride and Prejudice came already loaded, and it was a famous classic so I read it. A fun fact.... I used to read Emma out loud to annoy my friends *sheepish grin*
~Answer the tagger's questions.
What is your favourite Jane Austen minor couple?
Jane and Bingley cuz I can't think of anyone else. Ohh Mary Bennet and nobody :P
Would you rather spend a weekend with Mr Wickham or Mr Willohbhy ?
Well, I don't know about much about Willoughby, and neither isn't an option, so we'll go Mr. Wickham. At least he seems nice at first!
You've been invited to a ball, what is your first reaction? 
Can we dance the Virginia Reel?!? (The only ballroom dance I know)
If you could choose a Jane Austen home to live in what would you choose? Netherfield? Pemberly? Pemberly
Darcy or Bingley?
Darcy duh
Brandon or Ferras?
I haven't read Sense and Sensibility yet, but because I respect Evie's opinion, Brandon.
Knightley or Captain Wentwoth?
Arghhhhhhh!!!! I hate Emma and Knightley as a couple, but I like him! And Captain Wentworth was awesome too! I'll go Knightley.
~Write seven questions of your own.
Why do you like Jane Austen?
What is your favorite book?
Have you ever studied her life?
What is your opinion of Fanny? (If you haven't read the book, feel free to give your opinion of the name ;)
Do you like Knightley and Emma together?
Who do you ship Mary Bennet with?
Which books haven't you read?
~Tag as few as one or as many as seven other Janeites and let them know you've tagged them.
Umm, I tag you!!! If you are reading this and feel like doing a tag :D

Anne of Green Gables Tag
From Eve's blog

This tag was supposed to be in a wrap up post of my Anne series summer reading, but that never happened did it? Here it is now! BTW I'll use these questions for the whole series :D
1. Who is your favorite character in Anne of Green Gables?
Anne in books 2-7. Cuz in book 1, I think she's realllllllly annnnnnoying!!
2. Are you more like Anne or Diana?
Ummmm, Anne in that I'm a leaderish type of person sometimes. Diana in that I am not creative, sentimental, or (hopefully not) too talkative.
3. What is your favorite quote from the book/movie?
Just one!!! Well, because Rilla was my favorite book, here is one of my favorite quotes from that:
“And two years ago this morning I woke wondering what delightful gift the new day would give me. These are the two years I thought would be filled with fun."
"Would you exchange them - now - for two years filled with fun "
"No " said Rilla slowly. "I wouldn't. It's strange - isn't it - They have been two terrible years - and yet I have a queer feeling of thankfulness for them - as if they had brought me something very precious in all their pain. I wouldn't want to go back and be the girl I was two years ago not even if I could. Not that I think I've made any wonderful progress - but I'm not quite the selfish frivolous little doll I was then. I suppose I had a soul then Miss Oliver - but I didn't know it. I know it now - and that is worth a great deal - worth all the suffering of the past few years.” 

4. What was the funniest moment in it?
Probably some scenes in Anne of Ingleside and Rainbow Valley when the kids say funny stuff :D
5. Would you rather have Diana's raven black hair or Anne's carrot red hair?
6. What do you think of Gilbert?
Movie version: horrid except for his hat
Book version: awesome, especially as the series move on
Green Gables Fables version on Twitter: HILARIOUS!!!
7. What are your thoughts on puff sleeves?
Hate em. I like flat stuff. A lot.
8. Have you ever been to Canada?
No, but I know some Canadians, and I want to visit Prince Edward Island.
9. How would you describe Anne?
At the beginning of the series:
A talkative, sentimental scatterbrain
At the end of the series:
Delightful! Mature, hard working, sacrificial, loving, a great role model!
10. Favorite word Anne uses in the book/movie?
Wincey! Say it out loud. NOW!!! (I can't think of a better one!! Sorry!)

Well, there's some tags :D Hopefully, I'll have a book tag and some meatier posts up soon!! 



    Sorry. I've calmed down.


    No, but seriously. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? Change thy mind.

    (Just ignore me. Everyone can have their own opinions, right?)

    But in the whole, I enjoyed reading this post. But you should dive into Jane Austen more! And change your mind about those two things, right? Pretty please?

    Like your new header, by the way! Dick van Dyke is on it, haha.

    ~ Naomi

  2. Naomi- Haha! I don't like Knigtley and Emma as a couple because Knightley is awesome, but Emma is kinda annoying and manipulative, and I don't really like her, though I love the book! But I do like Knightley!!

    And Anne in the first book.. Yeah, I know it's a really drastically unpopular opinion, but I think she talks waayyy too much and is way tooo dramatic!

    I might dive into Austen more now that you mention it ;) My mind has a mind of its own and sometimes it does change opinions quickly, but not on this I don't think :D

    Thanks! Dick van Dyke :D

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hhahaha Naomi beat me to this post!

    Yeah Jane and Bingley are sweet!

    Haha yesh good point

    Balls! I would be like I don't know how to Dance!! I'm the musican here!

    Yeah I would probably choose Netherfield..


    *HUGS* Brandon!

    Hahah I agree with Naomi here.. sorry!
    Thanks for doing both tags!! :)
    ~Evie out!

  4. Evie: I should have thought of that!! I would so play for a ball!!

    Haha I did Brandon just for you :D

    Thanks for tagging me!!

  5. I answered the questions! Thanks for posting. :)


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