Friday, October 17, 2014

May I Watch You Dance?

I love musicals. Therefore, I love to watch singing and dancing!  Here are some of my favorite musical dances!!! In no particular order cuz I don't like choosing favorites ;)

1. Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry Mouse

       Ok, you probably knew he was coming sometime in this list, and here he is. Apparently this is from the movie Anchors Aweigh which I have not seen, but need to!

2. Barn dance from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

    This movie has lots of great songs, but this sequence may be the best. The tumbling and acrobatics are amazing! This is my favorite part of the movie!! (Sobbin' Women is my favorite song for those who weren't wondering, but now are)

3. Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

    This movie has EPIC dance sequences!! Here is the Good Mornin song!

4. Step in Time from Mary Poppins

    What list would be complete without this number? This is another of my favorite movies for several reasons, but Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke are two large reasons.

5. Abraham from White Christmas

    White Christmas is probably the first dancing musical I saw. Most people probably don't think of this particular dance, but I think it is my favorite!!!

6. Toot Sweets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Because who doesn't like this song! (Or this movie :)

Well, that's all for right now!
What are some of your favorite musical dance numbers?


  1. Ooh! Dance scenes!

    I LOVE Goodmornin' and Barn Raising Dance the best from your list.

    You probably know my favourite dance scenes: the English Country Dances and romantic waltzes in BBC movies. :-) But favourite MUSICAL numbers however, this probably goes to 'Skip to my Lou' in Meet me at St Louis. :-) Love that one, even though I haven't seen the whole movie yet I have seen the dance MANY times. :-)

  2. Ooooh! I love all of these!!!

    The Barn Dance from 7 Brides has to be one of my favorite! I also love the Lonesome Polecat song where they're dancing with the axes.

    Cosmo's "Make 'Em Laugh" is also high on my list. Not sure if that's technically considered a dance, but it's pretty acrobatic. :)

    I also love the "Position and Positioning" song with all the maids and servants dancing from the Cinderella-inspired movie "The Slipper and the Rose."

    I'm sure I will think of some really great ones later after I've finished posting this comment. LOL. Always happens.

    Loved this post! :)

  3. Naomi: I just watched Skip to My Lou again. It was fabulous!!!! You really need to see Meet Me In St. Louis!! I think I like the trolley song from that movie best :D

    Natalie: The Lonesome Polecat song is interesting to watch because you see these buff men ballet dancing with axes!

    I looked up "The Slipper and the Rose." I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! There's dancing and the Sherman brothers composed the songs!!! Yay!!

    Thanks :D


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