Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are Chestnuts Roasting O'er an Open Fire Any Good?

Sorry for the title of this post Christmas is the time when memories are made, lots of memories! My dad asks us every Christmas, "What is your best Christmas ever?" I can never think of one, so here are lots =D

It was seeing these two in a parade that started raising questions in my young mind about their relationship
Are they married? Dating? How old are they?
One Christmas (2007) we went to San Diego to visit my cousins and go to Disneyland!! It was lots of fun, and I still remember some of it! But by the end of the day I was exhausted, sooo I had a breakdown. There were no fireworks because it was so windy. Instead of that, they floated fake snow down. I think it was bubbles? Well to my exhausted 9 year old mind, that was the last straw. First no fireworks and then no real snow. Yeah, I broke down. I must have been realllly tired =)

Last Christmas, my grandparents flew in. It was special for them to see us open our presents, and we had lots of fun!!

I got the first generation because I didn't want an ipad.
I wanted a nook to read on!

A few years ago, I asked for a Nook for Christmas. I had been asking around to see if I would get one, and by some channel I found out that no, I wasn't. On Christmas, I opened a box and there was a Nook cover in it!! That was exciting!!

~Blender box
My mom likes to package gifts in different packages so we won't guess what they are. We aren't even allowed to touch our own gifts until we open them!! One year I got a blender box. I was confused and though that my mom had really bought me a blender and was trying to teach me how to cook... I almost set it aside when I heard something banging  around in there. I opened the box and it was filled with books!!

~Balance beam
It resides in our garage now :D
Yes, that's a snowboard.
Yes, we live in Phoenix.
No, I don't know why we have it.
Another Christmas I was on a gymnastics kick. I had got some mats and a leotard already. My dad, brother, and sister went outside, and my mom told me to close my eyes. She warned me "You might not like this..." My family came back in and they were carrying a balance beam!! It was a ground one, and it kind of bent sometimes, but it was sooo cool!! It's still in the garage!

~This Christmas

This Christmas we are going back East to visit family!! I might even have a White Christmas!!! AHHHHHHH!! People, that's exciting for this Phoenix girl. The closest thing to snow on Christmas in cotton here! BTW, if any of you live in Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Louisville, or a place close to those cities, let me know!! Maybe we can meet up!! Yay :D (Cuz I'm not home, blogging might be a little slack ;)

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?


  1. These are some really awesome Christmas memories!!!!

    I remember one year we got bikes. That was fun!

    Last year I remember saying it was the best Christmas ever, but I don't really remember anything significant about it, other than I had such a good time just hanging out with my family!

    I remember the year I got my Kindle touch. Like you, I didn't want a mini computer, just a reading device. I LOVE being able to tote around my GINORMOUS library in such a small gadget!!! :) The only downer is I hardly go to the public library any more, because of all the book deals and free downloads!

  2. Natalie: Hanging out with awesome people makes everything great!! It's so cool to get sooo many books on one device!! I need to use mine more!


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