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Peter Pan: LIVE

BE WARNED This is a kinda long post. If you don't care about Peter Pan or anything, just scroll down and watch "I Won't Grow Up". Then leave a happier person :D (When are you ever forced to read stuff on here anyway??)

DISCLAIMER: Before I start this, I know that there are parts of this that had to be muted or skipped in my family. Therefore when I say I loved it, I am talking about the parts that did not have to be skipped/muted. Mkay?

Oh yeah, and this musical thing was a live musical on television for those of you out of the country :D

Anyway, when I learned that NBC was doing Peter Pan LIVE, I was thrilled!! Peter Pan is one of my favorite "childhood" classics!!! The Sound of Music last year was really good!! (You can hate on it all you want, but for the first time they did something like that, it was good!) So, the excitement hit in my house this week! My whole family could literally not wait for Thursday (well my siblings and I...). In fact, I was counting down the hours Thursday! Hey, sometimes anticipation is half the fun! Anyway, this musical only disappointed slightly... But, over all!! It was amazing!!!

BTW, I know you can be all sarcastic and stuff, but this review is positive (unless there is something for real negative) I plan on sarcastically live tweeting a re-watch, so don't worry!

So yeah, because my first draft of this post was incoherent what-so-ever, I've outlined this post to make it understandable.
The publicity photos weren't all that great...

First off the actors/tresses and their respective characters!
My second favorite Broadway actress
Audra McDonald being #1
Julie Andrews obviously being queen :D
Kelli O'Hara as Mrs. Darling was wonderful!! I knew she was good because we watch her on a Capital Fourth a lot of years. (America's independence day show :D) She sang good and was basically all around awesome! Mrs. Darling was a wonderful mom who really cared about her kids.
I'm pretty sure the guy in front didn't have purple hair.
Also, Wendy's eyes creep me out!!
Allison Williams as Peter Pan was also wonderful. It was a little hard to picture her as a boy, but as one article said, about halfway through I Won't Grow Up, everyone forgot! Plus, Peter Pan is almost always played by a woman (look it up, it's interesting!) Well, Allison can sing great! And she was awesome in her role. Peter Pan was of course that lovable, cocky, mischievous guy :D
Look at my coat! It's almost too small!!
It wasn't :)
Christian Borle played Uncle Max in last year's Sound of Music LIVE, so I was familiar with him. But he climbed way up on my actor awareness totem pole this year!! He was hilarious as both Smee and Mr. Darling (a little creepy as Smee, but still awesome :D) Mr. Darling was funny "A little less noise there, a little less noise!"
Yes, that's a rose in Smee's mouth...
Notice the guy playing the fiddle...
Christopher Walken, who apparently is famous..., played Hook. Hook was creepy, but he danced. Or almost danced. At first I wasn't very impressed, but then I learned that Walken is 71!! I hope I can dance at 71!! Hook was creepy, but a different version than I've seen :D
Cookie is the African-American one in the purple shirt!
The pirates were creepy, cuz pirates... I did have a few favorites though! The shorter haired one who painted the X's and Cookie. Cookie was awesome!!!
Guy-on-the-slide's name is Slightly Soiled...

The Lost Boys were played by Newsies, or so I heard. I've never seen the Broadway musical, but newsies have a special place in my heart. The Lost Boys were also a little weird because they were all grown up, but they were still cool (and they did acrobatic stuff)!

The Indians, umm, I didn't like them at all. Actually we mostly skipped the parts featuring them...
I love that nightgown!!

Wendy was wonderful!!! She sang good and was the best Wendy I've seen. That's not really saying much because the only other one I've seen is the Disney one... But Taylor Louderman will always be Wendy to me now!
I constantly confuse their names!!
John and Michael were good. The guy who plays John knows Russian!!! Yeah, he was cool :D

Moving on to the plot. This is the plot of the musical, which is close to the plot of the book, which is not close to the plot of the Disney movie...
Mr. and Mrs. Darling go to a party, basically only leaving their "dead" maid at home...  (She's supposed to be sleeping..) Then Peter comes, they go to Neverland, dance some, fight some pirates who dance, and come back home! With 12 random boys!!! To which Mr. Darling says "What's 12 more?" Really??? Anyway, I said I would be nice.
Because Peter...

{Oh yeah, and this musical (at least the beginning) quotes almost exactly from the book!!!!!!!! Yeah, that was amazing (and was a perfectly good reason to use an excessive amount of exclamation points)!!! }

The ending was sweet, probably worth crying over if you're that kind of person...
This isn't the ending, just a nice pic!

Also, Peter Pan said there was no winter in Neverland!! What!! My Neverland has snow!!!

Now, my favorite songs :D Umm yeah, most of them were my favorite... I can't wait till the soundtrack comes out!!

Tender Shepherd was a sweet song with KELLI O'HARA and the Darling children singing rounds! It's really a nice little song :D

I Gotta Crow is a rather pride-filled song sung by Peter Pan. It's catchy though. I may or may not crow at random times now...
Obviously designed by Derek McLane

Neverland is sung by Peter as he describes Neverland. My sister and I have been singing this all the time!!!
She's flying!!
I'm Flying is not as catchy as "You Can Fly" but I still like its Broadway feel!
Look for Cookie!!

Vengeance is a tap-dancing song sung by the pirates! The tap-dancing is actually pretty good (not up to Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire by any means...). Especially if you consider that Christopher Walken (HOOK) is actually 71!!!
Wendy all grown up...
Wendy is also a nice "musical" song. It just has that musical feel!
He doesn't play the tambourine very well...
Hook's Tarentella is kind of weird but cool! Tra la la la Tra la la la

I Won't Grow Up is MY FAVORITE!!! I've listened to it at least three times a day in the past few days. Not to mention my piano arrangements of it :D It's so catchy and loud and fun and musical!! And there's acrobatics!!!

Only Pretend is a sweet song by Wendy. I don't listen to it much, but I remember that it was really nice :D

The Duel is not really a song, per se (?), but kinda a rhyming back-and-forth that sounds really cool?

To the random technical stuff about the movie I liked :D
Slightly is falling off the slide :D
The Lost Boys hideout was amazing!!!! It had a slide!!! The beds were a little too small (aka Michael almost fell out of the bed...). There was also a random bathtub in there?? Also, the swordfight wasn't that great, but Peter's spin moves when he flew were awesome!!! And the flying was amazing!! Sure, you could see the wires at times, but as another article said, "Use your imagination!"

The guy who played the creepy gator!!

All in all, I think my siblings and I liked this musical better than last year's Sound of Music. New cool songs, dancing, and lots of action! I can't wait until next year!!!

"Who art thou, Pan?" "I am youth, and joy, and FREEDOM!!!" (No, I'm not going around yelling that, why do you ask?)
I couldn't leave you without a gator pic!!

Did you watch this? What were your thoughts? Do you have a favorite version of Peter Pan?
Oh yeah, and these pics are obviously not mine. Most of them belong to NBC. Other belong to random news sites.

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