Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Captain's Courageous or Captains Courageous

My Walmart cover that does not look inviting..
Really, how is this title phrased? Because neither way makes sense. But I guess it's like Spanish, when your adjective comes after your noun? So Courageous Captains? (My sister keeps calling it Kid Courageous)

I was inspired to read this book from a blogger who said that it taught her more about Do Hard Things than the Harris twins. I recently read Do Hard Things, and I'm inclined to agree. Do Hard Things is an awesome book, and I highly recommend it, but somehow a whole story about a guy who has to learn this is easier to relate to, sorta?

I picked up this book, when I was supposed to be reading something else, just to see what the first few pages were like, and I finished the whole first chapter!

Here's my very short synopsis: Harvey falls off a cruise and is picked up by a fishing boat, where he learns to do hard things!

Harvey and Dan are currently my favorite literary best friend relationship (with Jo and Laurie a close second!). They were awesome together, and I kinda pretend they're real. Sorta. Do you ever get that weird ache when you really want to be friends with someone? Yeah, well I get that thinking about these two. I think they would be really good friends!

This book also encourages you to "do hard things" in your education. Everybody knows you're supposed to work hard, but there's always that feeling that you could be doing so much more if you weren't loaded with school. Mr. Cheyne addresses this by sharing that he could be a much greater man if he had gotten an education. It's kinda a reminder that school is what I'm supposed to be doing right now, no matter how much I want to do other stuff.
A Cool Cover

I love Harvey's transformation from a stuck-up boy, to basically a man. I want to see that transformation in myself (to a woman obviously :D ) I need to push myself to do stuff (like write huge essays for scholarships I probably won't win :/)

Disko was awesome. However, with half of the people calling him Disko and the other half calling him Troop, I had look up and see if they were the same person. They are!

In conclusion, I have no idea why this book is named Captains Courageous, but I love it just the same. It's definitely a new favorite book! I keep thinking about the lessons I've learned from it and how I can apply them! Also, has no one read this book? Because there are only four quotes from it on Goodreads, one of which is not in English... Anyway, you should really read this book!

Small postscript: Other people who are reading this tell me that the accents throw them off. Personally, I didn't notice them after the first chapter, but it might be an issue for you.

Have any of you read Do Hard Things? What did you think of it? How do you encourage yourself to do hard things in your own life?


  1. Oooh! I like this book. We have a lovely big, (Dutch) copy of it at home with lovely pictures and Harvey is really handsome. :-P I haven't read it for aaages though - I should do it soon, and thanks for reminding me!

    ~ Naomi

  2. This book is so good! I read it two years ago after I watched the movie. (that feels like such a long time ago!)
    The movie was really sad, and there was a certain plot twist that was NOT in the book, and that made me really happy. Like unbelievably happy. (-: I agree with you! It is the perfect embodiment of Do Hard Things. Actually, I think it's mentioned in Do Hard Things! Yeah, and what does the title even mean?

  3. I have not read Do Hard Things, but I have read Captains Courageous. :)
    I think you described the plot line perfectly, and I also loved watching Harvey's transformation. I loved watching Harvey come back to his parents, and watch them react to him.
    Have you finished reading Gone With the Wind?

  4. It's such an awesome book!

    BTW, Wikipedia says the title is a reference to this poem.

  5. Naomi: You should totally read this book again! Alas, no pictures in my copy :(

    Elizabeth: I should check out the movie :D It is Do Hard Things before Do Hard Things!!!

    Ekaterina: I love watching Harvey's parents! Especially his dad! Have I finished GWTW? BAHAHAHAHA. No. It seems to be a book you have to swallow in one gulp, like a week, and right now, I don't have that time :( I get back to it in the summer, when I'm free!!! Sorta :)

    Hamlette: It is an awesome book! Ah, that's a great poetic line!

  6. I read Do Hard Things my Freshman year, and absolutely loved it. I should totally check this book out!

  7. Hannah: You should! It's a great one!


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