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Fiddle-Dee-Dee (Or Why I Have a Sudden Urge to Use that Phrase All The Time)

Because the scope of this scene amazed me!!
Wow! Going into this I wasn't sure what to think. I had started the book, but because I got bogged down in life and stuff, I put it aside. A few years ago, when I told a teacher what I was reading, she said that after seeing the movie she read the whole book in a week!!! I was like "Woah!!!" And I suddenly wanted to watch the movie!! I was a little daunted by the whole 4 hours thing because I have issues sitting down and doing nothing, but I finished it in 2 days!!! (It was split into 2, 2 hour disks) I guess that's what Christmas break does to you!

I'm actually crocheting a purse that kinda looks like this dress!
I was a little disappointed when this movie started. I had heard everybody rave about the opening music, but to me, it was lackluster. BUT I just listened to it, and oh my stars! What was I thinking!! It's epic, just like this movie! (My opinions change, a lot!)

Because who wouldn't want to be named India!
Reminds me of Asia in Little Men.
However, this movie was not flat and dull! It kept me interested the whole time!! Even though it was sad, most of the movie was so vibrant, so full of life!!

I'm not going to pass too much judgment on the story or characters because I haven't yet read the book! (I did start it again though!) So here we go!

Because this was the only outfit I liked that I could find a picture of!!!
Melanie Wilkes was my favorite character! She was so unlike Scarlett, yet she seemed to have a strength inside her that allowed her to remain calm in stressful situations. She was also kind even to people who were unloveable. Enter Belle Watling. I think I would like to be a mixture of Scarlett's determination and Melanie's character. However, even though Melanie saw the good in everybody, sometimes it's necessary to see the bad in order stop yourself from getting hurt.

Scarlett was, well, what everyone knows Scarlett to be. Conniving, manipulative, selfish, strong, and determined. Vivien Leigh did an excellent job! (And she was British, a fact that I don't know how to take...)
I actually found this from Emma's blog on Google images!
And he's wearing a cravat!!
Clark Gable was wonderful as Rhett!! You never know whether to like him or hate him, but somehow you end up liking him even though he hasn't really done anything to make you like him... And that smirk though...

"My dear, would you care to dance"
He doesn't say that, but he looks like he's about to :)
Ashley Wilkes was okay, I guess. He didn't have any determination or moral character it seemed! He should have known to watch out for Scarlett and to avoid her!! He should have stood up to her!! Arghhhh! (I said I wasn't going to judge characters, I know...)

Miz Scarlett, you get back here right now!
Now on to secondary characters! Mammy was my second favorite character out of them all! She was awesome!! She was soooo funny! I'm having fun imitating her voice while I read the book!

Pink doesn't go with red hair!! - things I learned from Anne Shirley
Belle Watling was an interesting character. She was a bad person, but she showed an important lesson: When you're kind to someone who is unlovable, they begin to change.

She looks cute in this picture. But that's how they always look at first!
Bonny was cute, and not cute because she was spoiled and disobedient. Disobedient kids are not cute!

My sister: "Ew! He is hideous!"
He kinda looks like Willy Wonka?
Charles and Frank Kennedy were both dweebs. Charles was just ugh!!! Mr. Kennedy showed that he would never have been a good husband to Suellen/Careen because he so quickly took to Scarlett!

Oh my hands! My hands! I will never get married because I can't wear gloves!
Out of Suellen and Careen, I like Carreen better. She seemed to be really trying to help Scarlett with the farm.
"I says it's quittin' time!"
Tara's slaves seemed to be treated well. They were loyal to Scarlett and helped her. Prissy was annoying, very annoying. However, she plays a great Southern gospel pianist in the Disney movie Polly! Which I highly, highly recommend!

Mr. O'Hara looks like a very tall dwarf/elf thing!
Mr. and Mrs. O'Hara! Their endings were some of the saddest parts of the movie! Why! Why!

My favorite picture of this scene even though its blurry!
Now on to favorite scenes! I think my favorite scene was the bazaar when Rhett asks Scarlett to dance! I don't know, but I like how she broke the social stigma to do what she wanted to do. After all, it's better than being a hypocrite, I guess!

My other favorite scene was when the men came home from the raid "drunk"! I was thinking they weren't drunk, but as the scene went on, I wasn't so sure!! Then the end of that scene, both sad and funny somehow!

She also kinda creeped me out in this scene!
Another scene I liked was the one of Scarlett farming at Tara. Having recently read Do Hard Things, it was cool to see Scarlett working hard for once in her life!

Also the scene when Scarlett flirts with Mr. Kennedy is hilarious!!! Mammy's face is priceless!!

The ending of this movie is very depressing! I think I knew in the back of my head that it ended like that, but I totally forgot!! I was expecting it to go on!! I guess that's a sign of how good the movie was!

The main reason I like this movie was it's vivacity and liveliness! It seemed liked everything was fully done and in bright colors! The costumes were gorgeous, the acting was superb, and the story seemed well done! I've started the book, and the writing has the same life as the movie! It's going to be good!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a coincidence! I'm reading the book now too!!! It's SO EPIC.

    I personally prefer the book to the movie, but I adore the movie too. Especially the costumes, and Melanie, and dear old Mammy, who always says what I want to say.
    "It jus' ain't fittin'!"

    So in short: I loved your review, and I love Gone with the Wind (despite the annoying protagonist and the ending.)

  2. Haha! I also like GWTW despite the annoying protagonist and the ending :-D Who can resist that Clark Gable charm, right? Sigh. And Melanie -- such an angel.

    When I was a teen, all my friends looooooooooooved this movie, and I thought it was boring. Then, when I got to be in my twenties, I looooooooooooooved it and my friends thought it was dull. The same friends! Aren't we silly.

  3. I love watching the movie, but I have never read the book. Is the book as good as the movie?

  4. Naomi: The book is epic! Thanks so much!

    Hamlette: Gone with the Wind seems to be the movie that everyone likes, even though they don't like the characters and ending! Wow! Opinions change! :D

    Ekaterina: Well, I've never gotten very far in the book, but it is absobloominglutley awesome! The writing style is gorgeous and so descriptive!


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