Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 in Review

Me: 2015 is going to be awesome because odd numbers are better than even!

So 2015 has been good, but hard so far. I actually don't see it getting easier until the summer, but hey, I need hardness in my life. Anyway, I've decided to change from Awkward and Awesome to a sort of monthly wrap-up, including my favorite journal entries. By journal entries I mean two sentences that I randomly scribbled down. Cos that's how I journal. (In my new Han Solo Moleskine :D ) Anyway, here are some of my favorites/things that happened this month!

"I'm really enjoying North and South.""North and South ending makes me smile :D" I really, really enjoyed North and South! Also, cravats make you look like a clergyman, and lots of Korean pictures come up when you get too specific in your search for screencaps....

"I need to go to CES!!!" Yes people, I am sorta a closet tech nerd!

"I think I'm going to adopt an Andy Griffith saying as my life's motto: "There is time to do everything you want, except sleep"" Cuz seriously, I want to do so many things!!

"My sister read the whole first chapter of Pride and Prejudice out loud!" My sister and I started watching Pride and Prejudice 95 together. We're really enjoying it!

"Dear Mr. Clenham, Stop wearing your hat crooked..." I got bit hard by the period drama bug. Currently, I'm half an hour away from finishing Little Dorrit, and I'm starting the book tomorrow!

"I got 8 college emails today" Yup, and one day this week I got 4 letters in the mail.

"Got my first spam comment" I actually got two!
The small one! Via Hamlette :D
"Got the cutest Sherlock Holmes book from Hamlette" Yessss! It's soooo cute! And bright green! And I need all the other ones! Thanks Hamlette!

Other things that happened:
A very fun watch-along of My Fair Lady
A trip to Taco Bell with a visiting pastor's family that included the best bean and frito burrito, and multiple spill of Baja Blast! (Not me!!!)
Read a lot of books! 2144 pages so far :D
#SheReadsTruth has encouraging devotions! Highly recommend!
I rewatched the Five Pennies, and my family currently has every song stuck in our heads.

Things I'm looking forward to in February:
College gymnastics meet tonight! I get to watch Elizabeth Price vault IN PERSON!!!
College gymnastics meet in a few weeks! I get to see two former Olympians!
Southwest Gospel Music Convention! Hopefully I can go!
President's Day (Yes, currently, I'm that person!)
Reading my first Jeeves and Wooster

What's going on in your life? Do any of you like Southern Gospel? How many pages have you read this month?


  1. North and South <3 Excuse me while I swoon... JK
    That's so cool that you won one of the books in the Sherlock Holmes Giveaway! I got In the Company of Sherlock Holmes!
    And tell me how you like Little Dorrit. My sister recently pointed out that the Creepy French Villan guy is actually Andy Serkis a.k.a Gollum. Yep, mindblown. Like, why didn't I notice that before?
    Anywho, I'm done ranting now. XD
    Have an awesome time at the college gymnastics meets. (-:

  2. This post reminds me why I love your blog. :)
    Pride and Prejudice
    Little Dorrit
    Five Little Pennies
    Andy Griffith Show
    Jeeves and Wooster
    My Fair Lady
    Sherlock Holmes
    North and South
    Han Solo
    And the list goes on!
    Plus, I love your "Darcy Out" gif. That's hilarious! :)

  3. Wow! You are really busy!
    That will be so exciting to meet two former Olympians.
    It's nice to know that I'm not the only person that gets Korean pictures when your search gets specific.
    I love the Darcy out giff!

  4. Bahahahaha that gif of Mr. Darcy, though! *wipes tears of laughter*

    Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the blogger recognition award over on my blog!:D

  5. So much awesome in this post!!!
    Period dramas <3 you're a girl after my own heart. North and South is amazing, and so is Pride and Prejudice! I am absolutely dying to see Little Dorrit, can I come and watch it with you? Pretty please?
    I do hope 2015 gets easier for you. Let's make it the best period-drama-filled year yet! :)

  6. Elizabeth: Little Dorrit was amazing! I have to get a review up soon, like in the next month :D Thanks!

    Lois: Awww, thanks! You've seen Five Pennies?!? Yay!! Han Solo for the win!

    Ekaterina: Yup, maybe too busy sometimes :D The Korean pictures.... Thanks!

    Arwen: Thanks! I'll check it out!

    Hannah: Thanks! Period dramas are slowly growing on me! Yes! Come watch it with me!

  7. North and South! I am so in love. <3 your January sounds like a month after my own heart!

  8. Love this post, Ashley! :D Too fun!

    I don't know who Wooves and Jeester is, er--I mean Jeeves and Wooster, but seems I must find out.

    The Five Pennies also sounds like one I can't afford to miss!

    I half died at the Darcy GIF. I laughed so loud, I almost gave my mom and sister apoplexy. I did explain to them and they are fine, now. :)

    Speaking of Han Solo (I so need to start saying that at random moments), I found the old Star Wars VHSs at a thrift store a while back and have been wanting to watch them so bad!!! I think maybe I only found the first two. :s But it's enough to get me started. :)

    I've only read around 1500 pgs this year, but I'm trying to get a novel revised and polished and ready for submission to a literary agent by March! I declare, I always took for granted the work that goes into a novel until I tried writing them! Haha!

    Thanks for a fun post! Sounds like you had an exciting January! Hope February and all the rest of the months bring you blessings! :)

  9. Natalie: Thanks! Jeeves and Wooster is a book and later TV series by P. G. Wodehouse, who I'm told is a very funny writer :D Five Pennies is sooooo good! Speaking of Han Solo, you should watch them! Good luck with your novel! Thanks! You too!

  10. Haha, I wanted to do this too, but I ended up not having enough time. :-)

    I'm SO glad you enjoyed P&p and N&S and Little Dorrit!!! Are you planning on reviewing any? Cos I'd like that. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  11. Naomi: You should totally do one this month! Haha! I have a review ready for N&S. Hopefully, I can get some for the other two :D

  12. So glad the book got there okay! Isn't it cute?

    I just watched North & South for the first time last week, and I now understand what all the fangirling is about :-)

  13. Also, I've nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award -- details are here :-)

  14. Hamlette: Thanks again for the book! It is adorable! It's so fun watching stuff and being like "So that's what they're talking about!" Thanks! I'll check it out!


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