Monday, February 2, 2015

I Reckon I'll Leave My Brain at Home Then!

Some of you asked, and here it is! My review of North and South!

When I started this post, I had literally just finished North and South at 11:30 at night. North and South has now become my favorite non-musical period drama I've ever seen

(Wives and Daughters, Emma '96, Mansfield Park '??, P and P '80 are the ones I have seen. Wives and Daughters is my second favorite. I'm currently watching Little Dorrit and P and P '95. #TooLongParenthese)

I guess I liked it because there was a lot more tension than in other period dramas I've seen that seem to be sort of fluffy, with no real issues other than marriage and stuff (not that marriage isn't a real issue...)

So most of you probably know what North and South is about, but if you don't here's a short conversation to help you out. BTW, this is not the American TV show North and South, nor is it about the Civil War, as Richard Armitage originally thought...

Margaret: Mr. Thornton is cruel.
Mr. Thornton: Margaret is proud.
Mr. Thornton: Margaret, will you marry me?
Margaret: NO
Mr. Thornton: Margaret, will get on this train with me?
Margaret: YES!

 (That's not really a spoiler, cuz if you didn't figure out that was going to happen, then you haven't seen a lot of movies...)

Because there are so many reviews of this in my corner of the blogosphere, I'm just going to randomly list the things I like. Because I do random and lists.

Awesome stuff!
Weird slouch hat that I'm pretty sure nobody else can pull off
- Higgins was wonderful!! When SPOILER PERSON and Higgins become friends it was so wonderful!

That awkward moment when you search for Mrs. Thornton and get pictures of Mr. Thornton...
- Mrs. Thornton was epic. I liked more than I thought I was going to. She was so strong and wanted the best for her son!

I think Naomi said she wanted Fanny to have triplets.
I agree.
- Fanny Thornton was almost annoying, but funny still! "John, you're such a stick in the mud!"

Is she shaking with two hands?
- Margret and Thornton shaking hands

- The North English accents!! (And my horrible attempts at them...)

- Boucher, until he died and his face turned purple and his shoe fell off and stuff...

- The tension throughout the whole movie was awesome! There was tension between the mill workers and Thornton, tension between Margaret and Thornton, tension between Frederick and the government, tension between Lennox and Margaret, tension between Mrs. Hale and everybody, and just tension over all! Tension makes for a good movie!

Cuz when you search "north and south first proposal scene" pictures of Koreans come up?
- The first proposal scene. Because I have this thing with rejected proposals. (Enter John Chivery and Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy and Clenham and Gilbert Blythe and the-rich-dude-who-proposed-to-Anne and didn't Jo turn down Laurie?) Yeah, I think they're funny (I'm weird, I know!)
Originally from Pinterest

- The "Look back" scene

His hat is a cross between Margaret's and Clenham's
- Mr. Hale. He was so sweet and smart. He was courageous man in that he didn't compromise his beliefs. He should have told his wife and Margaret (I know he does in the book), but he was still a good father.

- Frederick and Margaret's sweet relationship.

- Thornton helping Boucher's boy! And Boucher's whole family I think!

Awkward/Annoying/Ashley-doesn't-like (Alliteration is important!)

- Henry Lennox... He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time at the end... (Come to think of it, didn't he get rejected too :P) He was also awkward, but not in a funny way. More like in a "everybody cringe because Lennox is here" way.

- Boucher's purple face

-Edith was a bit annoying, and she didn't have anything funny to say to make up for it!

-Mrs. Hale! She was so annoying! I only felt bad for her at the end because I thought I was supposed too!
Somebody stick a cravat over his collar now!!!
By now you must be thinking, why isn't she talking about THE scene? Well, it needs it's own paragraph! First, the bad stuff: the kiss was waaaay too long. You could have looked at her, talked with her, hugged her, danced with her, and then gave a short 3-second kiss, but no you give an entirely too long kiss that made me look away... And the shirt collar. I didn't think it was going to bother me because 1) I'm not an accuracy stickler, and 2) it's just a neck, but yeah, it looked unnatural. Cravats for the win!

And yeah, whenever mentions "the look" I might go into silent ecstasies!

And the things I liked! The look was amazing when she starts talking about business stuff. Their sitting by each other in the train was sweet too! And then there's me imagining them living in Milton with Mrs. Hale-Thornton starting schools and their doing other philanthropic endeavors together. Forever. The end.

So yeah, I liked this movie. A LOT! What about you? 


  1. Good thoughts. :)
    Mr. Henry Lennox came off far better in the book than he did in the movie. He really was a great character in the book and I always wondered why Margaret refused him. However, of course if she didn't feel that way towards him I don't blame her it's just I'm not sure why she doesn't. In the movie though I think they make him more awkward and all so you don't root for him as much.
    Overall though, they make Margaret look ten times better in the movie than she does in the book. She too is a character with faults and in the movie they tend to heap them up on poor Mr. Thornton instead of evenly distributing them as they are in the book.
    Just my random thoughts. :)

  2. Ahh! North and South is my favorite period drama! I love how it deals with all kinds of political and business issues as well as matters of the heart. And speaking of 'matters of the heart' Margret and Mr. Thornton were perfect together!!! I'm so glad Richard Armitage was Thornton, because he's one of my favorite actors. And The Look... I think we should seriously reserve that term for this specific scene in this specific movie. XD
    Loved this post, and I'm so glad you're a North and South fan too. (-:

  3. Love love love! Why are all the bloggers posting about North and South!? I want to watch it again so badly, but I'm far too busy for it right now. Grrr...
    Great review!

  4. I don't like North and South, I'd have to say I love it! :)

  5. Lois: Thanks! I got through the first few chapters of the book, and come to think of it, Lennox did seem okay! Interesting! I'll have to read the book soon!

    Elizabeth: All kinds of issues!! Yesss! The Look! Yay! Thanks!

    Naomi: You said it yourself :D

    Hannah: Thanks! I know! I hope you get to watch it soon!

    Ekaterina; Yay!! Haha :)

  6. I just watched N&S for the first time ever last week! Such perfect timing for this post :-) And then I got my own copy in the mail this very day. I don't say this often, or lightly, but... squeee!

    Okay, calming slightly down. I love Higgins. And when SPOILER ALERT he and Thornton started having long discussions and really understanding each other... I could have watched an entire, hour-long episode of just them talking. Wow. So good.

    But... you can't be serious that you don't like the open-collared shirt at the end? It's so metaphorically important! Mr. Thornton has come unbuttoned at last, is letting himself breathe, is no longer closed-up and unbending and stiff! I thought it was a great touch. (Not to mention swoon-inducing, but we won't go there... except we kind of did. Oops.)

  7. Hamlette: You have your own copy!! Lucky! Higgins is awesome! I DIDN'T NOTICE THE METAPHOR!! That's amazing!! I never thought about it before! Hahaha!

    1. Yes, there are a few advantages to being an adult :-) And always watch clothing for clues about characters' arcs -- good filmmakers leave nothing to chance.

  8. Great review!!!

    My favorite line from the movie, besides, "Look back at me," is, "You don't need Henry to explain."

    And the look. Yes, indeed. Powerful romantic moment conveyed without a word or touch. Amazing.

    I didn't like Mrs. Thornton at first. Too controlling. Then I started sympathizing with her and liked her in the end.

    I' really needing to watch this now. :)

  9. Natalie: Thanks! Ahh yes! The Henry line is epic!! Sometimes I don't know how Thornton deals with his mom! You need to!


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