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Martha Morse Lived Near The Gorse. Her Dad Owned a Horse. This Title Fills Me With Remorse...

I'm reading through the ENTIRE Little House Series this year. (By entire, I mean Martha to Rose.) If I read 3 books a month, I should finish around October. This is not that hard because I can literally read one book a day. They all have around 300 pages, but the words are really big, and they're easy to read! Therefore here's my review of the Martha Series! (Sorry about the nonexistent transition. I have a problem with those in music, conversation, writing, and energy levels.....)

BTW, I'm reading the older "full" versions. I know there are new versions, but they're abridged, and we all know how I feel about that issue....

Overall, Martha might be my favorite Little House girl, but it's hard to say. I love Laura, cuz Laura. And I love Caroline for sentimental reasons (I pretended I was her when I was little.) But Martha just has spunk. And her stories take place in Scotland!!! And there's Scottish folklore!!! She also grows up and matures a lot through the series. It's fun to see her transition.

All book covers are from Goodreads!

Does the book ever say Martha's hair was red?
Cuz I found a cover where her hair was black?
Little House in the Highlands ~ Rereading this book really gave me an idea of how much it influenced me as a kid. (Child sounds formal) This book got me interested in Scotland, box beds, spinning, the Wee Folk, and probably other things too. Episodes from this series are ingrained in my memory. Sometimes I randomly think about them; it's weird! The Stone House is amazing!!! It might be my favorite fictional house! (Hmmmm, methinks there's a blog post brewing!) Also, I love the Morse family. They all have their faults, but they are all still wonderful people! (Except for Grisie, but sometimes I can relate to her...) I love how this book tells you all about Scottish culture and daily life! I love books like that! 

Maybe my favorite cover of the series?
On the Far Side of the Loch ~ Basically this book gave me the idea to get a hedgehog. I never did, but I won't be against the idea of my kids having one :) Martha's cousins come to live across the loch. They're kinds stuck up, except for Meg and Uncle Henry (and his dogs!!!). This is probably the "good point" book of the series. It gave me quite a few things to think about, such as when Cook compares Martha with Grisie because they both want to be someone they're not. Also, this nugget from Nannie's mother was great:
She says if ye're doin' something ye hate, but ye act like ye're havin' the time of your life, why, soon ye'll find ye're not pretendin' after all - ye really are enjoying yourself!
There wasn't as much description as in the first book, but I did love the waulking, weavers, and Robert Burns parts! 

That guy looks like a hedger...
Down to the Bonny Glen ~ This would probably be the "character development" book of the series. And it's done wonderfully! I love how Martha grows up and learns lessons. I especially enjoyed all the fathers woven into the book to make Martha appreciate her own dad! Miss Crow is kind of like the original Mary Poppins. Spit-spot, and no nonsense. (Sparkler, be quiet!) She even has an umbrella! And an American brother who could be Dick van Dyke!!! Grisie grows up a lot in this book too. She has suitors, a fact which slightly disturbs me since she's my age...) Also it was so cool to see Mr. Morse in action! Although this book didn't have as many culture descriptions, there was a wedding!! 

I love her wistful look!
Beyond the Heather Hills ~ I don't really think this book was necessary. It doesn't fit in, and it kind of seems like an afterthought. It takes place about a year after Down to the Bonny Glen, which would be okay except GRISIE IS MARRIED!!! WHA??? (It's not a spoiler cuz it's on the back of the book for pete's sake!!!) Grisie has gotten a lot sweeter, and her husband is cool! I didn't think I had read this before, but some scenes seemed vaguely familiar! The ending was sweet, but it's my least favorite book in the series :(

Have you ever read the Martha books? What did you think? Do you want to go to Scotland? Who's your favorite Little House girl?


  1. Ohhh, you're reading all through the Little House books! I personally didn't enjoy the Martha years and the Charlotte years that much, but the others... lovelovelove. So yeah, I didn't really enjoy the Martha years - I actually rather liked the last one the best, if I can remember well, because I like big-town-smart-dressing-up-stories. :-)
    I think what annoyed me about the Martha books, is all the fairy stories. I always skip 'em. :-P
    Looking forward to your other reviews!
    ~ Naomi

  2. I read a bunch of the pre-Laura books (I'm not sure if all) when I was young. I remember loving that Martha was in Scotland. I liked them all but I'm not sure how I'd feel about them going back now as an adult.
    Have fun with this project... it's a really cool idea.

  3. What a fun reading project! Although I have read the Laura & Mary books to ribbons, and most of the Rose books, I have never read the Martha books -- I need to try to find them!

  4. Naomi: Hahaha! Yes, the last one definitely is a big-town-smart-dressing-up story :D What! You don't like fairy stories! They're some of the best parts of the book! Thanks!

    Lois: Scotland makes any story better! Thanks!

    Hamlette: I have read most of the Laura books and the first Rose book. You should find them! They're pretty good!

  5. I remember reading the Martha books, but I don't remember much about them. I always found them randomly in the library and didn't read them in chronological order, so I got really confused about the information I was reading. Now I need to read them all over again, but this time in order. :)

  6. Reading through all the little house books sounds like such a great idea. I've only read a couple of the Laura ones and maybe some others, I don't really remember... but they are all great!


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