Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 In Review

Because everyone else starts out blog posts with random pictures...
Annnd I picked this one because Arthur looks funny and like he's gonna sneeze
I'm not entirely sure what happened this month... 2 Fine Arts competitions, spring break, and midterms are basically what I remember. That and the Gaither Vocal Band... That's what school does to you folks!

Going from Little Dorrit to Little Women is an uncomfortable shift. LMA isn't a bad writer, she's just not as good as Dickens. Or as wordy...

You guys need to check out Freegal!!! Basically you sign in with your library and get free music! There's so much stuff on there! (Except for Disney and anything put out by Gaither Gospel Series... Shame on you Bill Gaither...)

My mom has these mad hidden volleyball skills that obviously did not get transferred to me...

March Madness guys! I'm currently suffering from a mini-stroke from that ND KY game!! And because my bracket stinks I'm do the rotisserie cooker method. "Set it and let it go!"

Look up the Flying Nun on YouTube. Just do it. (No, I'm not Catholic....) Also, it's sorta cheesy, but not as cheesy as that picture...

I'm currently obsessing over Wes Hampton and Gaither Vocal Band songs!!! So much so that I could currently listen to Jesus Gave Me Water 50x in a row and still be all right...

Also, Oklahoma was awesome!!!

I finished the Charlotte series. MACK!! Aughhhh!!! The feels I have about Martha, Lew and Mack are unreal!
I also finished Little Dorrit, the Westing Game, Gifted Hands, and probably something else...

Coming Up:
Youth Conference at West Coast Baptist College (If you're going to be there, comment so we can meet!!!)
Umm Easter Break?
Summer starts for me on May 22!!
Annnnd I forgot my birthday..... Because that's what my life has been like..
Also, I will do that AWESOME bookshelf tag, but my room has been being redecorated and the bookshelves are not where they usually are.


  1. "You forgot your birthday?" Well, Happy Birthday then, Ashley! 17 years old!

    I like LMA, but she's not my favourite writer either. Dickens is more "amazing."
    Haha, once I realised my mum had juggling skills and I was just like Dan Stevens in the gif, too. Why should we be surprised, actually? MUM'S ARE AWESOME.

    Yeah. Mack. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that Gaither song!! Wes Hampton is probably my favorite southern gospel tenor.

    Fun Review of March!

  3. Naomi: Yeah... I was thinking of things I was looking forward too, and I completely blanked! Thanks!
    Dickens is totally more amazing the LMA!!! Although I do have a soft spot for Little Men! MUMS ARE AWESOME! Mack! That word makes me so excited and happy!!!

    Natalie; I know! It's amazing! Wes Hampton has slowly become my favorite tenor too! Thanks!


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