Friday, March 20, 2015

Why I Love This Video: March 20 2015

Tommy Steele's accent
Gene Kelly's dancing ability
The fact that Gene Kelly was 54
The fact that Tommy Steele was 30
The fact that Gene Kelly can outdance Tommy Steele
The color scheme (currently my favorite)
The white trim on the suits
The hats
The dance
The song
Tap dancing!

Danielle from The Girl With The Books started a video Friday tradition a few months back! I think I'd like to start my own! What do you guys think? She had a goal for herself that she had to put up a regular post that week in order to put up a video post. I think I'm going to use that motivation too :D (Except probably not this week)


  1. I love it! And I love your idea, I can't wait for more video posts on Fridays. (-:

  2. Oh my word! That video! WOW! I'm going to share that on Facebook.

    A video-sharing series could be fun :-)

  3. Hamlette: I know, it's awesome! Thanks!


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