Friday, March 27, 2015

Why I Love This Video: March 27 2015

The song is sooo cute!
Donald O'Connor's facial expressions
When she falls down "Wowie!"
(Just because it's probably fake and basically goes with the song and it's cute)
Their dance together
The spin!
The swing around the posts move
The tap dance
How the music changes
The stairs
The end is awesome!

Probably most of these videos will be tap dancing because I basically watch three things on YouTube: Studio C, Southern Gospel music videos, and random vintage songs/dances... Yeah, that's my life.... Also, if you have any suggestions, please give them!


  1. OH I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. It's 'I love Melvin' right?

    I know! Donald O'Connar's FACIALS. I love him so much. ;-) I actually love him more than Gene Kelly. :-) I know, says a lot, right?!

  2. What is this movie?! It's so adorable, and the ending was especially hilarious. XD The tap dancing in roller skates amazes me.

  3. Naomi: YESSS! I know!! It is I Love Melvin! I don't know about liking him more than Gene Kelly, but he is pretty awesome!

    Elizabeth: The movie is I Love Melvin, I believe, starring Donald O'Connor and Debby Reynolds. The tap dancing is amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness! That's so adorable! And funny! Now I HAVE to watch this movie. :)

  5. Very cute! Have you ever seen It's Always Fair Weather? One of my favorite Gene Kelly musicals, but kind of obscure (tho it's out on DVD). Gene also dances on roller skates in one song -- you can watch it on YouTube here.

  6. Natalie: I HAVE to watch it too!!

    Hamlette: I haven't seen It's Always Fair Weather. It sounds awesome though! I have seen Gene Kelly dance on roller skates! It's awesome! I might have to use that for a Friday post!

  7. Considering I can barely skate forward reliably on roller skates, I am in awe of anyone who can do these sorts of things!

  8. I know I"m commenting on this post late so don't mind me. ;)
    This is a fun video! I think I've seen it before but I know I haven't seen the movie so I guess I must have watched it on You Tube sometime.
    You like Studio C???? Yes! I am obsessed with them! OBSESSED!!! It's bad.... but good. ;)


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