Thursday, April 30, 2015

April in Review

Cuz it's supposed to rain in April
On Sunday, I thought I should probably start writing this post, but I was like "Naw! I'll have enough time throughout the week!" HAHAHAHAHAH. No. That's why I'm writing this at 7:15 in the morning before school and why you're probably reading this at 9 at night.... (Yes, I know that's incorrect pronoun reference. It's driving me crazy too. Just not crazy enough to edit it!!!)

Anywho, April was fun and went by fast! I had a fun youth conference in California, celebrated my birthday, and went to Junior Day at a local university in less than a week! For my birthday, I went to a used bookstore about an hour away and got some books (duh). All my friends and second-grade boys in Junior Church said I'm lame....

Six Flags and Youth Conference were awesome! I came away so encouraged. I also rode two new rides with my friend :D And we got selfies with the awesome mascot!!

April was ridiculously busy but fun. And by busy, I mean a family is coming over for dinner in ten minutes... And I have a keyboarding final tomorrow!

I did read this month! Lots of Little House! Technically, I'm supposed to start Gone with the Wind tomorrow, but that probably isn't going to happen!

Looking forward to:
Waterslide at school - May 1
School gets out! - May 22
Blog anniversary - May 22
Possibly working at the library
SAT - June 6



  1. You're doing the Gone With the Wind Read-a-long too?!?! How cool! I'm so excited. I'm glad I read this though because I totally forgot to check it out from the library yesterday!!! :( I'll need to run over there today. :)
    And the Star Wars trailer is so awesome! I love Han Solo and Chewy! I'm pretty excited about this movie! :)

  2. Lois: The Star Wars trailer tho!!!

    Corinne and Lois: Yes!! I'm doing it! But I'll probably be behind until school gets out :(


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