Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

So today's my birthday. (Ya don't say?) Anyway, Cait at Paper Fury did 21 facts about her for her 22nd birthday, so I decided to do 17 facts about me for my 17th birthday. Some of these you may or may not know.

1. I love Wooton Bassett and Eugene Meltsner from Adventures in Odyssey. Lucy and Grady are my two favorite kids. I'm currently listening to the Novacom saga, and let me tell you, don't listen to it at night! I'm having nightmares about it...

2. I just got back from a Youth Conference and I'm exhausted!!! It was really encouraging though! And Six Flags Magic Mountain was awesome as usual!
From Sink Me!

3. Rejected wedding proposals make me laugh... Yes, even at John Chivery even though he's awesome!

4. I have over 160 books on my shelf :D I need to get rid of some...

5. I teach junior church at my church. It's fun, but some kids....

6. I was about six songs away from finishing my whole piano curriculum when my teacher switched me to more church music stuff! I can play the songs though, so it doesn't matter.

7. My recently-painted room colors are yellow, white, gray, and light blue.

8. I have a ridiculous amount of Gaither Vocal Band songs on my phone. Like seriously 5 full albums and I'm hoping for another one! (There's Wes Hampton for you Natalie!)

9. I love ASU, and I might even go to their journalism school. I'm headed to ASU for a Junior Day (11th year) next Tuesday.
He just looks like a nice guy!
10. I think David Cameron is awesome, and I wish America did Prime Minister's questions. However, I do think the whole royal family thing is a little much.

11. I love to watch and occasionally "do" gymnastics. I'm sorta working on my round off back handspring combo. I don't think it's gonna happen :(

12. Wes Hampton is my favorite southern gospel tenor; Mark Lowry is my favorite southern gospel lead. Doug Anderson is my favorite southern gospel baritone, and George Younce is my favorite SG bass. Lynda Randle is my favorite female southern gospel singer. And Kim Collingsworth is my favorite southern gospel pianist. And most of you probably don't know who those people are...

13. The last high score I got on the game 2048 happened around midnight on my sixteenth birthday...

14. I love when it rains! I love when it dust storms too! I also love the heat! Therefore, I love Phoenix!

15. I'm going to be the only one in my graduating class, as of right now. The last time I had somebody in the same grade as me was in seventh grade.
A photo posted by Ashley (@ashleymperham) on
A bunch of my friends with their capes.

16. I love Twitter for networking, and basically the only reason I have an Instagram is because my friends do... And for the youth conference hashtag #wcbcyc. Look it up and see if you find me :D

17. I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate, and I only really like crunchy chocolate, such as Crunch and Kit-Kat. I also love Skittles. Reeses are okay too! But good buttermilk bar donuts rule over all!!!

So there are seventeen completely random facts about me! Now off to do chemistry lab homework :/ Happy Un-birthday to you!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday to you, Ashley! These are some very fun and interesting facts about yourself. I hope your day is fantastic! :)

  2. A REDICULOUSLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASHLEY!!! Have a lovely day! :-D
    And 17... I feel so young. :-)

    I loved this post - it was cool because I didn't know any of these. :-) And it was funny because I was thinking of doing a facts-about-me post several days ago (in fact, I still might. There you have a fact.)

    HAHA that Sink Me picture is hilarious. Although I'm breaking my heart over poor John Chivery. That guy is SO sweet he needs to find someone who loves him baaaack. *sniffle* John is SO awwww-poor-guy-like.

    Heehee, rejected proposals ARE funny, but I can't laugh over Chivery's one?!!! I CRY!

    I personally love the Royal Family-business. I don't know much about politics, but I'm happy with the way it is now. Ha.
    I love rain, too. Everyone when it rains: Oh no. Me when it rains: YAYYYY!!!
    Your newly-painted room sounds lovely. :-)
    I LOVE CRUNCHY CHOCOLATE. Ahhh, I want some right now!

    ~ Naomi

  3. Love it! Happy Birthday!
    Poor John Chivery! But yes, rejected wedding proposals make me laugh too... but none more than Mr. Collins's. :)

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I love Phoenix too! I don't think rain has feels so good anywhere else in the U.S, except for New Mexico. I guess that is why I live in Phoenix. :)

  5. Hannah: Thanks so much!!

    Naomi: Thanks!! Hahahah! John Chivery's is so sad, but still sorta funny in a pathetic way. Rain is so awesome!!! Thanks! And yes, crunchy chocolate is the best!!

    Lois: Thanks! Mr. Collins. Oh. My. Goodness. It's soooooo hilariously bad :D

    Ekaterina: Thanks! Rain feels sooooo good here! You live in Phoenix!! Yay!! We should get together sometime :D

  6. Happy belated birthday, Ashley! Hope you had a wonderful one!

    This is such a fun post! That's what I love about your blog. There's so much FUN here!

    Okay, so #1. Most of my memories of Adventures in Odyssey are in the cartoon form. I loved Eugene and and that boy that fed his pancakes to his dog. :) I randomly heard part of the radio program this year, and Eugene had an evil twin or something. I was so interested to see how that turned out, but I didn't have time for the whole program.

    Oh, did you know that Paul McCusker, who wrote AIO for over 25 yrs, wrote the screenplay for a new Christian action-adventure movie called Beyond the Mask? I went to a screening and it was AMAZING.

    #3. I laugh at those rejected proposals, too! My mom, sister, and I just finished North & South together. I hadn't remembered there were THREE rejected proposals in that film! As if honorable men are waiting on every corner to hand out their heart in proposals to preachers' daughters. LOL.

    #8. "HAAAA!" Love it, love it, love it! :D

    #12. YAY I know who all those ppl are! :) Except Doug Anderson. I'm going to have to search Youtube to hear him.

    Forgive me for writing a novel in your comment box, as always!

  7. Happy Birthday to you!!! Is it scary being just a year away from 18? I've got to agree with everyone else, Mr. Collin's rejected proposal is the BEST! And that's so cool that you do gymnastics. Ive always wanted to learn how , but I'm literally the most awkward and gawky person in my family, so that's not likely. XD Have a great year(-:

  8. Happy birthday, Ashley! I love your friends' capes :-D

    Seventeen was one of my favorite ages to be. I hope your year rocks!

  9. Natalie: Thanks!!! Eugene is awesome, to borrow the colloquialism! Yes, I heard that! The movie looks amazing! That comment about preacher's daughters tho.... LOL Doug Anderson is amazing! He sings with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. Your comments make me happy :D

    Elizabeth: No, it's not scary being 361 days away from being an adult.... NOT!!! Mr. Collins proposal is sooooo awkward :D Thanks!

    Hamlette: Thanks! I'm liking it already :D


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