Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Bookshelf Tag

The Bookshelf Tag has been floating around for a few week now. I meant to do it sooner, but because my room was being repainted, I waited. Thanks Nathalie for making this tag!

Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books-it doesn't actually have to be a shelf!) and where you got it from: 

I used to have a 4-shelf book shelf that didn't really hold all of my books (Read: stacks of books in the closet and in drawers.) Recently, I (well not me, but my parents) bought 2 nine shelf bookcases (from Walmart or Target?). They are dark brown wood and square. I have 13 out of 18 shelves filled up with books. The other five are my junk drawer, my craft drawer, a magazine drawer, my library book box, and my Bible shelf (for my Bible/journal/devotions). The box for my library books used to be say "May Contain Awesome" Now, I put that sign on my room door :D

Do you have any special or different way of organizing your books? 

My way :) Let's see, I have all my series in the same column, I have my mysteries together. I have my nonfiction together (sorta). I mostly keep the same authors together. And I have around 3 shelves of mixed stuff.

What's the thickest (most amount of pages) book on your shelf?

 Gone with the Wind has 1448 pages; that's more than my Bible has! Ummm yeah, I opted for the more awkward and cheaper cover rather than the more expensive cover with no kissing people on it...

What's the thinnest (least amount of pages) book on your shelf? 

The Biggest, Littlest Snowman is a picture book written by my aunt. She and her family used to be missionaries to Russia, and the pictures are illustrated by a Russian artist! In fact, she even uses Russian words in some of her other books. She also wrote a novel based on her family's experiences in Russia! It's really good!

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift? 

Hahahaha. I think most of them were from birthday gifts/birthday gift gift cards. I believe I got America's Doll House as a birthday gift. I'm fascinated by doll houses! America's Doll House is about the doll house in the Smithsonian Museum of U.S. History. I've seen it, and it's amazing!

What's the smallest (height and width wise) book on your shelf? 
What's the biggest (height and width wise) book on your shelf? 

I combined these questions because I though it was funny that both of the answers were Sherlock Holmes! (I do have a book of pictures of America that is taller and wider, but not thicker. Plus, the two Sherlocks is more fun!)

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf? 

Yes. My friend's brother gave me a book because he had two of the same. In fact my copy says "From Great-Gram" but not my great-gram... Haunted Waters Also, another friend once bought me a beautiful full-color illustrated copy of the Magician's Nephew! Annnd, another friend got me Jo's Boys and How They Turned out for my birthday. That present was awesome because that friend didn't really read and didn't really know anything about the book, but she still got it for me!

Most expensive book? 

I'm going to go with the Original Illustrated Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, though that might have been a present?

The last book you read on your shelf?

King Solomon's Mines (thanks Hamlette!) I'm in the middle of My Antonia and Little Women right now. 

Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read? 

These books were not on my shelf, but I had to get a picture of them. I remember getting these as a present for my fifth or sixth birthday. They came with a Samantha art set that I vaguely remember. I loved these books! Molly was my favorite American Girl for a while. But then I read Kirsten. Now, Kit is my favorite because she is a reporter! (And don't get me started on the new American Girl books! How dare you do that to my childhood! Two books instead of six! No!) Sorry, rant over!

Do you have more than one copy of a book? 

Yes! I have two Pride and Prejudices because I thought I didn't have it so I bought it again. None of my friends want it so I gave it to my sister. (She likes to read it aloud, especially Mrs. Bennet's parts. "Ashley, you vex me!") And I put a picture of my whole Jane Austen collection because I knew some of you would want to see it ;)

Do you have the complete series of any book series? 

Yes! The Anne series, Little House (Laura), Narnia, The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder (about Laura's later life. Not Little House related, but I highly recommend them!), and the LOTR trilogy. And I guess the whole Little Women trilogy.

What's the newest addition to your shelf? 

The Covered Deep. Thanks Natalie! That cover is gorgeous!

What book has been on your shelf FOREVER?

Caddie Woodlawn. I believe I've read this, but I'm not sure. I may have skimmed it more than I read it... That's my sister in the picture. She was starting to read it when I was taking pictures. Annnd she left it on my floor...

What's the most recently published book on your shelf?

 Living the Secret by a lady in my church! I edited this book, and I'm currently editing the third book too! HERE's her website! Her books are mostly middle-grade, but they're great for YA or adults too!

The oldest book on your shelf (as in, the actual copy is old)? 

I have lots of books from my grandparents' childhood. So probably those. Also, that Portable Irish Reader from Hamlette says it was published in the 40s! Wut!!! Yes, that book is called How to Star in Football. No, I don't play football. 

A book you won? 

The Covered Deep, The Mini Sherlock Holmes, The Portable Irish Reader, and King Solomon's Mines. Thanks Hamlette and Natalie!

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you never let someone borrow)? 

I don't know if there's one specifically. My friends don't like to read as much as I do, so that's usually not a problem. Probably my Adventures in Odyssey official guide? Speaking of AIO, I recently started listening again. I'm knee-deep in the Novacom series and currently having dreams that I'm dying because Andromeda did to me what they did to Mr. Shanks and Mr. Dent... Yeah, don't listen to this stuff at night in bed....

Most beat up book? 

My copy of Hans Brinker. It was my moms, and she apparently loved it as much as I do... or Little Men, which was also my mom's.. Apparently we have the same favorite books...

Most pristine book? 
Most of them

A book from your childhood?

The Phantom Tollbooth. This actually could have gone in the beat-up book category! I've read this one probably 4 times. I have a very vivid memory of reading this in my front yard. (That was random, I know)

A book that's not actually your book? 

Well, some books, such as my Little Men copy and most of my Green Gables series were down on the family bookshelf, but I "borrowed" them...

A book with a special/different cover (e.g. leather bound, soft fuzzy cover etc.)? 

I never put the dust jacket on my Sherlock Holmes (big) book because I hate dust jackets! And books usually look way cooler without them. My Bible has a leather cover.

A book that is your favorite color?

I like bright green a lot. Currently, I'm more into gray and yellow, but that bright green looks great on a book! Yes, that is a cookie held up for scale!

Book that's been on your shelf the longest that you STILL haven't read? 

Little Women has been in my life in one form or another since I was around 10.. And somehow, I lost the copy that we owned when I was ten. It was really old too :(

Any signed books?

 Yes, the books the lady in our church wrote and my aunt's book!

Thanks so much Nathalie for making this tag! It's awesome!!


  1. Great answers! I haven't heard of The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder series but now I'll have to go look them up!

  2. Yay! Thanks for doing the tag. :)
    I loved how you combined the two questions so you could use both Sherlock books-they are so cool!
    And your Jane Austen collection is lovely-thank you for including a picture of it! I love that most of them all match. :)
    The Molly books! I haven't read the American Girl books in so long, but they were such a big part of my childhood and I love them so much. I think it's sad how much they've changed the line lately. :( The old stuff was so much better!

  3. My favorite American Girl is Samantha, but Molly was a really close second. And my 7-year-old son LOVES Molly -- she might kind of be his first crush, almost. He's read her books probably ten times each. In fact, "Molly Saves the Day" was his favorite book for months, until I got him an abridged version of Ivanhoe...

    You, my friend, have made out like a BANDIT at my giveaways! And hey, guess what? I'm totally doing another one this summer, a big one with more than a dozen books. More info on that coming soonish.

    Your shelves are awesome!

  4. Lois: Thanks! The series is amazing! Especially the parts about the Younguns...

    Natalie: I think I misspelled your name :( Sorry! I know, the Sherlock books were sooo cool! Yay for matching books! Yessss! The old stuff was awesome!!!

    Hamlette: Samantha is pretty cool! I remember that I got her art set at the same time as the Molly books! That's awesome that your son loves Molly! Molly saves the day was so cool. I loved the boat bridge and the whole Capture the Flag thing! I know! Thanks so much for hosting them! You're inspiring me to host one myself :D I can't wait for yours! Thanks!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is such a fun tag for book-lovers!

    I love looking at other people's bookshelves when I'm in their home. What more convenient way to see all the books than in a blog post! Way too fun!

  6. Ashley,
    Oh haha, it'a all right, don't worry about it. :)

  7. Natalie M: I know! You should do this tag!

    Natalie: :)


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