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The Charlotte Series

I don't really know why I didn't like this series when I tried it a LONG time ago? Maybe I started with the third book, which is by far the worst book in the series? I don't know. Anywho, I enjoyed this series. Not so much because of Charlotte, although she was okay, but because of Martha. Martha as a mom delighted me! She was so wonderful! And she married Lew!! Ahhhh!! Guys, remember when Martha was sick and Lew sent her stuff to make fairy dolls!!! FEELS!! Yeah, I basically spent this entire series obsessing over Martha! And that's probably what this review will be... But, a word on Charlotte. She was great! I obviously didn't like her as much as Martha, but I enjoyed her character development! She always like to personify stuff and she was very tender-hearted and compassionate. She was not perfect (can I get an amen), but she wasn't a brat. Also, the fact that like the Martha books, there was a LONG time between books 3 and 4 annoyed me. You feel like you miss so much!! Melissa Wiley's detail and historical tie-ins are amazing! There's more historical stuff than interesting detail, but it's still amazing! Also, Charlotte is verrry mature for a four year old. But I guess kids matured more quickly back then. (Like the line about Miss Heath being a grown woman of seventeen!! *snort*)

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Little House by Boston Bay (I love the Little House name theme): So, this book was a little hard to read because Charlotte was four! I mean, come on, the age you should read these at is probably seven, which is a long way from four... However, I relate well to people who hate change, and basically the whole series deals with how Charlotte faces change, so that was cool! Also, I wish Will was mentioned more. Even in the second book, he's not around a lot. I feel like I would enjoy him!

Side note about me: I struggle with change, but I also welcome it. Just because we've always done something a certain way doesn't mean we can't change how we do it if the new way's better. I seem to struggle with physical changes like people leaving or schedules getting changed. Yet I'm really flexible when I have to be... I guess I'm a paradox :D
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On Tide Mill Lane: According to Goodreads, I may have enjoyed this book more than the first one. I don't remember though... (It's been that type of month..) Lewis's finger was both interesting and gross. There's another paradox about me, I'm interested and grossed out by medical stuff... And when the war ended!! (Spoiler alert: The War of 1812's over!!) It must have been so exciting to witness that. Also, Lydia annoys me, probably because I can see some of myself in her...
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The Road from Roxbury: Not my favorite... Plus, the title and cover don't even go with the book... I did enjoy the theme of change coming up again. Charlotte's teacher was big on things that would change the world! In this book, it was gas lamps and the Eerie Canal. I felt like some stories could have been delved into deeper, and overall it wasn't very memorable. Charlotte never gets to see the gas lamps, and in fact at the end of book four, she still hasn't seen them? What? Really?
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Across the Puddingstone Dam: Possibly my favorite book in the series because of the emotion it almost drew out of me. If I was by myself when I read one part of this, I probably would have cried. (I must be realllly tired...) Martha is the star in this one for me. And MACK!!! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, ahhhhh, yessssss, just yessssss asfjlhgjlajfl;ajf!!! (Pardon the momentary fangirling, but that was an extremely well-written part. I'm thinking of emailing Melissa Wiley to tell her so!) And the sad part was amazingly well-written too. It raised Martha even more in my esteem! This was an amazing end to a great series!

Although I didn't like this series as much as the Martha series, I enjoyed seeing Martha as an adult. The thing I'm missing most in the Caroline series right now is her! Although, I guess I may relate to Caroline more :D


  1. I LOVE THE MARTHA SERIES! I know, I just completely FREAKED OUT when I found out LEW AND MARTHA MARRIED! I was just kind of like :OOOOO :DDDDD <33333333333
    The Charlotte series was good...I agree with you it wasn't as good as the Martha series, though. But it wasn't terrible, either. :) I should really re-read all the books. It would be fun to read them in order. You know, first the Martha books, then Charlotte, Caroline, Laura, and Rose. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Lydia: YESSSSSS!! LEW AND MARTHA ARE AWESOME!!! Yes, it is! Thanks for the comment :D


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