Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 Month in Review \\ Let me try these cool slash things

So I didn't journal too much this month, but hey, I was busy, stressed, and tired. Also, this post is gonna be short! And, here's an Adventure of GW cuz y'all love those :D

So Celia Garth is a free ebook through my library!!!! YESSSS!!! WIN!!!! *attempts to do happy dance but can't dance* Cuz everybody is reading this now! But I read it first! Well 3/4 of it anyway...

The last two weeks of school were the slowest two weeks of school! UGH!!! But they're done, and I still have a 4.0! That means I could get into the college/university I want to go to right now!

Happy People, a new CD by my favorite group came out!!!

Duolingo released Esperanto, which has been my dream to learn!! (I could have learned it some other place, but I knew they were coming out with it and I like them so I waited) so if you have a Duolingo account, add me!! (ashleymperham)

My grandma is staying with us right now because my parents are on an anniversary cruise :D

I'm going to be volunteering at the library some this summer!

Annnnd I celebrated a one-year blogaversary!! Yay!! You can read that post HERE Thanks for all your questions!

Looking forward:
My SAT is on Saturday! Yay for practice tests!
Camp is next week!
Music camp is in two months!
Annnd the big book giveaway bonanza in two weeks! I should probably go see what books I have to give away :D

How was your May? Are you out of school? (Yes, I know you Australians/New Zealanders aren't...)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Birthday Book Club: May

From Amazon
 The copy I want to buy
I read this book reallllly fast, like really fast for me. It was so good that I need to go back through it slowly, but wow! It's like gulping down beautiful writing. (That started as a great simile and then...)

Let's just start with the writing. Laura Hillenbrand is amazing! She can tell a story too! She adds lots of detail, but it's never too boring. In fact, I loved it so much, that I'm going to read Seabiscuit, her other book. It's about a racehorse, something that doesn't really interest me, but I love her writing sooooo much!

And the characters! You can't really criticize real life people like you would fictional characters, but here's my favorites: Louie, duh! he's amazing!, Phil, cuz he's nice, and the Scottish dudes, cuz they were so smart. I also like that guy who knew a lot of languages and Pete, Louie's brother. The Bird was creepy and just weird! What was wrong with him?!

And the end of this book! This is kind of spoilery, but if you already know the main story of Zamperini, read on. Louie's conversion was awesome! I loved how he turned his life around! It really shows what Christ can do through a person!

I also felt bad for Phil. Everybody was so interested in Louie because he was famous before the War, that they sorta forgot about Phil :( I enjoyed the little story about him being so happy to share his war experiences!

I already love WWII, but this book helped me to get a glimpse of what prison camps in the Pacific were like. (Come to think of it, I don't really know a lot about European prison camps, just the concentration camps.) I'm curious to see how Axis powers were treated in American prison camps.

So obviously, I loved this book! I remember it as a whole, like diving into a swimming pool and being immersed for 72 hours. I need to read it again soon!

As a YouTube title said, Louis Zamperini: Unbroken by man, Humbled by God. I think that's the whole message of the book: People, trials, and the world can't break you if you've already been broken by God. It's a beautiful message, but a hard one to live out!

Friday, May 22, 2015

And I want the bouncy castle over there/I have answered your questions!!

Because I want a bouncy castle at this party
One year ago today, I pressed publish on a blog post for the first time. Four days later, I received my first comment! A few weeks later, I got my first follower! I now have 14 loverly followers (including Bloglovin), and I still haven't figured out how to get my friend gadget to work!! Thanks guys! You're the best!! Although I expected to make new friends, I never expected them to live so far, or so close. I know people in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. I know a person who lives in the town I was born in, and someone who knows my Grandma! I also know people in my own state and city!! I've also learned many things I've learned not to pretend to be somebody I'm not just to fit in. I've learned that my blog spans many niches. I'm also trying to expand those niches ;) I've learned what a lovely tool Goodreads is!  I've learned how to network and polite blogging etiquette! I'm still working on writing good posts all the time :) And, are you supposed to put pictures above or below the things they apply to!!?? And why does Blogger hate ampersands!! Anyway, enough with the sort of sappy stuff, let's get to the real reason you're reading this post! The answers!!
Because these make me happy

Hannah D. asked

Favorite color? It used to be green, but now it's gray and yellow. (Because yes, that's one color)

If you could have any superpower what would it be? Invisibility would be fun! I used to sit in the corner of my parent's bathroom and try to make myself invisible by thinking hard. I think I would pick flying though! Who wouldn't love to fly to places!!!

Why did you start blogging? I had been thinking about the idea for a few months, but then somehow I stumbled on Hayden's blog and Amy's blog. I was fascinated!! This blogging thing looked like more fun than I could imagine!! But then I found the Classics Club! I think that really kickstarted me into blogging! I started out with the idea to post once a week about a letter of the alphabet with a corresponding topic. That didn't happen. I'm pretty happy with what happened instead though! (Also, I wanted to improve my writing skills. I'm not sure how that's gone...)
This is for Naomi
It's the second most awkward Kate picture I could find

Naomi asked

Do you have siblings? How many? Girls/Boys? Younger or Older? I have 2 younger siblings. A fourteen-year old brother and an eleven-year old sister. 

Are you messy or organized? It depends on what we're talking about. I can be both. In theory I'm organized, in practice I'm messy.

Who's your favourite character in Pride and Prejudice? Elizabeth Bennett! Hands down! She seems to be the only one, besides Mr. Bennett who has any sense at all! She's smart and quick with wit, and she always looks out for her family, even though they're pretty much jerks. (Except for Jane. Jane's just in love. Which I guess can make you a jerk sometimes?)

What's your favourite Jane Austen novel? I've read four of the six. Emma is great, but Emma herself is annoying. Northanger Abbey was fun, and Tilney is awesome, but Catherine needed to get some common sense and a life. Pride and Prejudice is the quintessential Jane Austen novel, and it's awesome! BUT my favorite is probably Persuasion. Anne is kinda like me (maybe, I haven't read it in a while). And I love how she waits for Wentworth. And the letter!!! Yessss!! Ahhhhh!!

*jazz hands*
What's your favourite Gene Kelly role? I've actually only seen Gene Kelly in two movies and lots of YouTube videos. My favorite would have to be Singin in the Rain. He's happy-go-lucky, sings a lot, dances a lot, and gets the best girl in the end! (I personally think Arthur Dorrit should marry Lena. Have you noticed that I ship him with anybody but Amy?)  I really want to see Gene Kelly in Brigadoon, On the Town, and Anchors Aweigh! And Summer Stock. I MUST WATCH SUMMER STOCK!!

Do you read many books at the same time, or just one at a time? I made a goal this year to only read three books at a time. It's gone pretty well actually!

Are you an early-bird or a night-owl? I would love to be an early bird, and I get up at six every school day, but my teenage body won't let me fall asleep until 10:30 or 11. Praise the Lord for podcasts I can listen to at night!
How does this actually stay upright?

Lois asked
Naomi really finds the best GIFS
Absolute favorite musical? If you can choose.  Really? Really? You're gonna ask me this!!! Probably Sound of Music. It's sweet, long, has great songs, and Julie Andrews! Also, because my sister's class in school is watching it for an end-of-the-year party, I realllly want to watch it again!

Cats or dogs? Dogs! Kittens are cute, but cats are just ugh!!! Also, one of my Grandma's cats scratched me when I was little. I'm pretty sure that experience scarred me for life... My family has had two dogs. Both of them were mini schnauzers. Their names were Sir Reginald and Lady Emily (We didn't name them.), but we called them Reggie and Emmy. We had to give Reggie away because he had diabetes, but Emily is still with us! She's as old as my brother though (which is apparently really old for a dog). My dad says it's like living with a crank old woman because she barks all the time and no one can figure out why she's barking. She's also gotten extremely stubborn in her old age...

Superhero fan? If so who's your favorite? I'm sort of a superhero fan in that I can tell you all about the Avengers because of everything I see on Pinterest. I have yet to see the movies, but Captain America is my favorite. Because #MURICA.

This is the first most awkward Kate picture
Yes, I know that's incorrect grammar, but it adds emphasis!

Elizabeth asked

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Milk chocolate definitely!

Would you rather have a dragon or a unicorn as a pet? A dragon because they can fly. And Toothless is awesome!

What is your opinion of makeup? Personally, I don't really like it. I hate having stuff on my skin, so yeah. I wear powder to church and places like that cuz I have acne... So I guess I like it when it covers my acne! However, I don't have a problem with other people wearing it!

What is your opinion of asparagus? I don't know. I haven't tried it, and I don't plan to either! 

This guy looks western. Hamlette likes western stuff.
Maybe she'll put this in a book...
Hamlette asked
via The Atlantic
Favorite Pixar movie? Great questions! I watched A Bug's Life like once a day when I was in the hospital when I was eight. So I guess I'll always have a connection to that. However, I think Ratatouille is my favorite! For some reason, I've always like it. I don't know, maybe it makes me feel like I can cook (I can't). Also the shorts are awesome!

Have you ever broken a bone? Thank the Lord no! I've sprained an ankle, landed on my head/neck more times than I can tell, and have really bad wrists, but I've yet to break a bone!

What's your least favorite color? Hot pink. Pink by itself is okay, but whenever people use hot pink, they usually use too much....

Do you like hearts or stars better? I'm definitely a star type of girl (And no Elizabeth, I've yet to read Stargirl!) I remember when my first grade teacher taught me how to draw a star. I went home and drew them all over an envelope!

Whose recommendations for books and movies do you trust the most? Mostly bloggers who I know have the same tastes as me. My mom recommends good books too! And I find new old movies from you guys! 
Never fails to make me laugh
Natalie Monk asked

Are you a Princess Bride fan? YESSSS!!!! I've read the book too! It was kinda confusing, but I liked the extra amusing content! 

What's the boring-est fiction book you've ever read? Wow! I don't know! Maybe Mansfield Park? (*laughs at Naomi's reaction*) Actually, I haven't finished it yet... Or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm! (That book is sooooo slow!)

What's the fastest-paced book you've ever read? It would probably be a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book! It's literally all go from the first page!! (Sometimes that's a bad thing, but they make it work somehow!) (Also, is the phrase "all go" British?) Or the Bryce and Ashley mysteries!! (HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND)

Do you have a favorite cup/mug? Well, I have my school water bottle? I use that for basically every time I need water, except for a family dinner. It has apple stickers all over it because yeah, I sorta collect apple stickers. DEAL WITH IT.

What's your favorite Gary Cooper movie?  *Looks up who Gary Cooper is* *Scrolls through movies* *Hasn't seen any* *Finds Sergeant York* So yeah, it'll have to be Sergeant York.... I barely remember it actually. There was an inspiring Daniel Boone/Bible sequence right? And some guns?

Scenario: you are transported into the book of your choice on one condition--you're poor as Amy Dorrit's dad and running from debt collectors. Which book would you choose and how would you try to support yourself? Which characters would you try to become friends with? Oh. My. Word. This is probably the most entertaining one I've got so far! Thanks Natalie! I would try for The Mysterious Benedict Society cuz those kids are all poor and sorta running from people? I would support myself by saving the world. And I would probably become friends with Kate and Reynie. Or I would pick a Little House book because those people are poor too! I would support myself by homesteading, and become friends with the Ingalls and Mr. Edwards.

Thanks everyone for the questions!! And thanks for sticking around for a year :D

What! You guys thought I forgot! Of course I didn't! (Well, I did, but then I remembered, so there) Here's a video of me playing an old song "I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart" Here's the link because it's too big to put on the blog :( (Yes, I'm wearing an ASU shirt and a skirt! It was a school spirit day!! No, I don't wear skirts all the time!

For reals now! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Why I Love This Video: May 15

So basically, this is a quick blog post to hold you over until next Friday's celebration/answer post... And until I get more motivation for the 47 posts in my drafts.. And until school is out... (Not that you're dying for a post or anything, but I need to put one up. For me.)

Two words: Newsies and A Capella
(Is Acapella one word or two?)
Also: vests and suspenders
And, this was shot all in one take!
The behind-the-scenes video is epic!

This group is from BYU (no, I'm not Mormon), and they're awesome! (Here's a word of advice/wisdom sort of: If it's from BYU, it's probably clean and well put together. I highly recommend BYUTV (not the Mormon preaching and stuff, obviously). It has awesome old Disney movies and Studio C! This ain't a blanket endorsement though folks!) I'll see you all next week! :D

Don't forget to ask your questions HERE

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Today I'm Playing: May 2015

Well, this was supposed to be a regular feature on my blog, but if you're a regular reader, you've probably realized that it's not :( Thanks Obama school and life! Because I'm working on many songs right now, I thought this would be a good time to do this post!

Kindergarten graduation: I've played for my school's kindergarten graduation for the past few years, and it's probably the funnest think I've ever done with the piano. I get to play the songs in a fun way and have fun watching little kids do their thing! And it's only a little bit stressful!

Down in my Heart: I'm working on this song for offertory for the K5 graduation! I found this video on YouTube and am sorta copying some of the styles, however, I'm not good enough for all of them yet!

Goodbye World, Goodbye: I'm trying to fit this into an offertory right now. It's in the beginning stages. I love this song though! And I love Kim Collingsworth!

This medley from Roger Bennet: The music starts at 1:30

Wonderful Grace of Jesus: I heard this guy play this song at a youth conference. My youth pastor said if I could play it he would take me to Lolo's Chicken and Waffles (which is the best thing ever!!!). I'm struggling with it, but I'll be able to see the guy at music camp and ask him about it. Also, I was watching another pianist play this song and what do you know! He played the chorus the same way!! That made me laugh!

Also, I know some of you want to hear me play, so for A to Z's birthday, I'll put up a video of my playing "I've Got That Old Time Religion". Also, if any of you have requests on songs you want me to learn and upload, please tell me!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Classics Club/Birthday Club: To Kill A Mockingbird

I've put off writing this post because I guess this book is controversial. (I can see why, but thankfully, the issue is more of a backdrop on which the real tensions of the book play. You could write the same book, but with a theft or murder as the "inciting" incident.)

The characters were believable and lovable, for the most part. Atticus was wonderful! He was smart and more importantly wise. He was patient and kind, and he knew how to deal with kids. Scout was awesome! I can't wait for the sequel to see how she grew up! Jem was cool too. I loved how he would include Scout in his games. I think their uncle was my favorite secondary character. I want to try his "perspective" thing next time I need to. (Hopefully not soon).

I loved this book! It was exciting, yet relaxing. It made you think. I loved the story of how one man could really make a town think!

And yes, I did finish this book in less than 24 hours. Praise the Lord for Easter break! Also, has anyone seen this movie? Cuz Gregory Peck (not Cary Grant. Sorry)

P.S. Don't forget to ask your questions HERE!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Drum Roll Please.....

Randomly awesome picture!!
Soooo, (why can I never start a post without an introductory word...) on May 22, A to Z will be celebrating its one year anniversary!!!! Yay!!! I'm planning the usual "Hey, look at how blogging has changed my life in the last year" post, but I also want to do a Question and Answer post!! I will answer all questions you give me (unless they're too personal or something). You can put as many questions as you want in the comments of this post! The weirder the better! Also, if you would like to fill out my improvement  questionnaire to help me make any changes for the coming year, that would be greatly appreciated :D Okay, go ask questions!!!