Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015 Month in Review \\ Let me try these cool slash things

So I didn't journal too much this month, but hey, I was busy, stressed, and tired. Also, this post is gonna be short! And, here's an Adventure of GW cuz y'all love those :D

So Celia Garth is a free ebook through my library!!!! YESSSS!!! WIN!!!! *attempts to do happy dance but can't dance* Cuz everybody is reading this now! But I read it first! Well 3/4 of it anyway...

The last two weeks of school were the slowest two weeks of school! UGH!!! But they're done, and I still have a 4.0! That means I could get into the college/university I want to go to right now!

Happy People, a new CD by my favorite group came out!!!

Duolingo released Esperanto, which has been my dream to learn!! (I could have learned it some other place, but I knew they were coming out with it and I like them so I waited) so if you have a Duolingo account, add me!! (ashleymperham)

My grandma is staying with us right now because my parents are on an anniversary cruise :D

I'm going to be volunteering at the library some this summer!

Annnnd I celebrated a one-year blogaversary!! Yay!! You can read that post HERE Thanks for all your questions!

Looking forward:
My SAT is on Saturday! Yay for practice tests!
Camp is next week!
Music camp is in two months!
Annnd the big book giveaway bonanza in two weeks! I should probably go see what books I have to give away :D

How was your May? Are you out of school? (Yes, I know you Australians/New Zealanders aren't...)


  1. Yay!!!! Well done Ash!! :D SO glad you received the grades you wanted/need!
    I find out in December... I am SO nervous..
    Hope your holidays go well! :-) Aww thanks for the mention.. yeah well I've entered final exams for the semester so am a bit stressed..
    Hope all is good! I need to email you about my new blog series

  2. Oh, my goodness gracious. THANK YOU for introducing me to Duolingo! I've been wishing for something like this forever! I need to brush up on my Spanish and would love to learn German and Gaelic (I think they have it on there as Irish?)

    Now I have to go look up what Esperanto is!

    I tried to look up the Happy People album, but it only brought up some R&B stuff. Haha! I'll have to search it again.

    Congrats on your grades! That's awesome!!!

  3. Have fun helping at the library! That's a fun job. :)
    Becca and I tagged you for an award!

  4. I'm getting so excited about the Great Book Giveaway Bonanza! How excited? I started writing my giveaway post last night and set up all the Rafflecopter widgets for it. Gonna be awesome!

    Best of luck on your SAT!

  5. Evie: Thanks! Oh I hope you get the grades you need! Good luck on your exams! I can't wait!
    Natalie: Duolingo is awesome isn't it! Oooh! You need to find Happy People! Thanks!
    Bethany: Thanks! Oooo yay! Thanks again :D
    Hamlette: Me too! I already set up my widget :D

  6. Nice post! The picture made me laugh! And it sounds like you have some great plans this summer. I would add you on Duolingo, but I don't use it much. :/ I wanted it to be awesome for me like it is for you, but I really wish they cared about all. It's mostly just word recognition, and language is more than semantics. But hey, lit major; I'm picky. This is probably why I have trouble learning other languages.

  7. Reading in the Dark: Thanks! I know Duolingo and Rosetta Stone both have that same issue. I figure that if I hear it spoken correctly through the whole course, plus pick up a little bit of extra stuff on different sites, I should be okay. But I know! I love learning exact stuff, so it's frustrating at times!


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