Friday, May 15, 2015

Why I Love This Video: May 15

So basically, this is a quick blog post to hold you over until next Friday's celebration/answer post... And until I get more motivation for the 47 posts in my drafts.. And until school is out... (Not that you're dying for a post or anything, but I need to put one up. For me.)

Two words: Newsies and A Capella
(Is Acapella one word or two?)
Also: vests and suspenders
And, this was shot all in one take!
The behind-the-scenes video is epic!

This group is from BYU (no, I'm not Mormon), and they're awesome! (Here's a word of advice/wisdom sort of: If it's from BYU, it's probably clean and well put together. I highly recommend BYUTV (not the Mormon preaching and stuff, obviously). It has awesome old Disney movies and Studio C! This ain't a blanket endorsement though folks!) I'll see you all next week! :D

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  1. This video proves I need to watch Newsies! Can't wait for your answers post! Fun!

  2. OH ME OH MY. That was incredible. Thanks for sharing. I can't process all the hard work and talent that went into that video.

  3. Natalie: YESSSSSS! You must!!

    Susanna: It is!!! It's amazing!


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