Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Classics Club/Readalong: Little Women

Well, I've finally read it! What! You thought everybody had read this! Well, not me! You see, I started it numerous times, but always got bogged down in the love story and the phrase about being tied to apron strings. (I seriously remember that phrase striking me as sort of cool and that's when the story got boring...)I knew the story, but I had never read about Laurie's rejected proposal and his and Amy's love story. It was beautiful!

Anywho, now on to the real review! I started this book right after finishing Little Dorrit. Let me tell you, going from Dickens' verbosity to Alcott's straight-forward no-nonsensity was a shock! (Yes, I made up a word) I eventually got over that shock and enjoyed the rest of the book. It wasn't as preachy as I remember, although some of the ending chapters had sermons on stuff I don't even remember now. It definitely wasn't as preachy as Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out! Man alive! That's my least favorite book of the trilogy.

Also, was the end of Little Women the same ending as Little Men. I know it wasn't written the same, but was it the same occasion?

I sort of sympathize with Meg. After all, we're both the oldest sister, but I've never wanted to have the nicest clothes or anything like that, plus her childrearing methods.... Guys, I can't stand consistently misbehaved children.... I just came off a week of Vacation Bible School and yeah....

Oh Jo! You remind me of myself, especially of my bad traits. My impulsiveness at times, my annoyingness (which apparently isn't a word), and my tendency to push younger siblings out of important stuff. But I still like you because you grew out of those traits! There is hope!

I've never really liked Beth (And the whole blogsosphere collectively gasps, glowers, and glares) I never really liked her perfectness. And her shyness gets on my nerves. But this time around though, I appreciated her attitude about death. She knows it's inevitable so she focuses on Heaven and how great it's gonna be there! That attitude is how I want to approach my life!

I never really liked Amy either, but I love the woman she grows into! Yet, I can't really get over Amy's decision to give up her art because she would never be the best. Can't you just enjoy art for art's sake. I'm never going to be the best piano player or writer, but should that stop me from trying? For Pete's sake, you can always find someone better than you or different from you at some aspect of your art/work! Anyway, rant over. I think she took it back up, so all's well that ends well!

A word on Laurie: He's awesome! I probably would never be romantically interested in a guy like him, but he would be a great friend! Actually, he reminds me of a guy who used to go to my school! Except that guy wasn't moody and didn't consider running away and stuff. He was a great friend and basically the only reason I made it through my eighth grade year! Let's just say the other guy was a little bit annoying at that time. (Seventh grade boys. UGH)

I've never heard the word Marmee EVER used anywhere except in Alcott's writings. Did she make it up, or was it a legit (LAWFUL) thing?

Finally, the theme that just stuck out to me about this book is growing up. Meg is practically grown up, Jo doesn't want to grow up, Beth never grows up, and Amy longs to grow up. The girls grow out of most of their flaws and become better people! I liked that theme because it seems to be true. If we have Christ and let Him make little adjustments in our growing-up years, we will turn out awesome!

Speaking of Jesus, I got a pretty big whiff of salvation by works from this book. Everybody tries hard, but nobody asks God for help. (Except for Jo's prayer which was actually pretty cool and genuine) It's like Alcott was saying you can get through life and to Heaven by yourself if you just try. But the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. Once you have Him, you don't have to try hard because He is in you living the Christian life for you! As the song I'm listening to right now says, "Greater is the one living inside of you than he who is living in the world.

All in all, I enjoyed Litlle Women! It really whet my appetite for Little Men though! Thanks Hamlette for hosting an awesome readalong! And for the cool gifts I won :D I especially loved the different covers you featured! Also, this is the reading for an essay contest I plan to enter! Yay for killing lots of birds with one stone! And thanks Hamlette for introducing me to the '78 miniseries! I haven't watched all of it, but it seems awesome so far!

On a different note, I'm flying out tomorrow to go to Kentucky and Tennessee for about ten days! Yay for two hour layovers when you're flying by yourself.... Anyway, so if my blogging presence isn't that strong, (not that it's strong now) that's why.

Who is your favorite March sister? Least favorite? Favorite movie adaptation?


  1. Yes, this whole book was VERY heavy on works-righteousness. SO much so that I got tired of commenting on it during the read-along! She seemed to view Jesus as a helper and guide, not the only means of salvation. So sad!

    Jo is my favorite, and I'm afraid Meg is my least. I think the 1994 is still my favorite movie adaptation, but I'm determined to see the 1933 and 1949 soon! The 1978 is great fun too, though.

    Thanks for participating in the read-along! I'm glad you like your prizes :-D

  2. Great review!
    Yes, Little Men and Jo's Boys are PREACHY. Wow. xD

    My favorite Mach girl is Jo, and my least favorite is Meg. I liked her, I just liked the other girls better. :P

    My favorite movie adaptation is the 1978 one. I know Susan Dey from The Partridge Family, Eve Plumb from The Brady Bunch, Mr. March from Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Mysteries, and...*drumroll please* WILLIAM SHATNER AS PROFESSOR BHEAR! I love him as Kirk in Star Trek! So naturally it's my favorite adaptation. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

  3. I am the second in a family of four sisters, and we very much equate ourselves to the Marches. The eldest is super practical and responsible. I am the dreamy hopeless romantic who loves to write. My second to youngest sister is a sweet and generous musician. And our youngest sister is a beauty obsessed artist. It is creepy actually.

    I love these books. My favorite sister is Jo. And the 1996 adaptation is (IMHO) one of the best film adaptions of any book ever.

  4. Here's a secret: I haven't read through the whole book of Little Women. I know, I should seriously read it, but I don't really see a point right now. I was in the play and I love the movie, so I already know the story very well.
    Anyway great review! I promise I will pick it up someday :)

  5. Hamlette: Ughhhh! It is sad! The 1994 one is Little Women to me! Thanks for hosting this!

    Lydia: So preachy!! The 1978 version looks really good! I need to finish watching it!

    Susanna: That's awesome! The 1990's version is a great adaptation! I felt like I knew the whole second half of the book already because I had seen that movie!

    Hannah: Wow! I wasn't the only one :D I already knew the story too, but I enjoyed reading it in Alcott's writing style! Thanks! Also, I love your new profile pic!!!!


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