Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Internet Best Friends Day!!!

Today is Internet Best Friends Day! And what a coincidence, a sisterhood of the world tag! Yay! Thanks Bethany and Becca for this awesome tag! It's gonna be fun! BTW, you guys should check out their blog! It talks about of a lot of cool stuff like repurposing furniture and their experiences at college!

1.  If you were stranded on an island with a box, what would you want to be in that box?
Oh boy, this might be long. 
1) a satellite phone (one that doesn't need service)
2). a gun
3). a solar-paneled wifi hookup
4). a laptop
5.) solar paneled electricity hookup
6). some food to keep me fed until I can shoot and cook
7). a book on how to shoot and cook
8). matches
9). some cooking stuff
10). a knife and machete
11). some water to keep me hydrated until I find water
12). my Bible
13). some books (long ones)
14). a hammock tent
15). clothes
Yup, it would be a big box :D

2. Do you like to go camping, and if so, where do you prefer to sleep? (ie. tent, camper, cabin, under the stars.)
Not really. You see, my childhood camping memories consist of going camping too early in the year and freezing and therefore going home at 4 A.M. to watch Cyberchase. Or the ground is ridiculously hard and as a side sleeper I can't sleep. And there was that one time that we learned just before going to bed that the sprinklers would be going off in a few minutes so we had to move the tent... I'd rather sleep in a cabin.

3. What's the craziest thing you've ever cooked/baked?
I don't usually cook, but if I do it's pizza, ramen, waffles, burritos, or corn dogs. I just "cooked" play dough? But that was just mixing and kneading...

4. What's the last movie you saw in theaters?

How to Train Your Dragon 2 as an end-of-summer treat last summer. Before that, I saw Rio 2 with my cousins. Before that I saw Frozen as a Christmas present. Before that I saw the Kit American Girl movie.

5. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you chose?

It used to be mice or a hedgehog, but my siblings have rodents and they stink a lot. Probably a frog or a dog.

6. Favorite flavor to combine with chocolate? (ie. coffee, rspberry, coconut, carmel...)

Peanut butter!!!

7.  If you were zapped back in time, where would you hope to end up and what one thing would you want with you? 

I would hope to end up in the 1940s and I would want a history book with me!

8. Do you sing along to the radio? 

Sometimes? We listen to the music on our phones more than the radio. 

9. Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they? 

Oh boy. So a few people call me Ash (actually my old youth pastor and my current youth pastor...). But when I was in grade school, some boys called me, get ready, "Ashley Smashley Potato Chips Baked In An Oven Put In a Pringle Can And Sold For Twenty Five Cents". I'm not lying! One time a little boy called me that but messed it up and said "sold for one dollar" and all the older boys said that he had raised my value...

10. You are all alone in your house and you hear a strange noise, what do you do next? 

Grab my phone and open the phone app. Assume and pray it's my dog/the refrigerator. Get ready to call 911. Thankfully that hasn't happened! However, my sibling used to be really paranoid when we were at home alone and he would get me paranoid and yeah, it wasn't good!

You get a tag, and you get a tag, and you...
Thanks again for the tag Bethany and Becca! And I tag all of my blog followers: Lydia, Hamlette, Evie, Hannah, Natalie, Elizabeth, Danielle, J, and Kelsey, Ruth, and Lois! (Yeah, I know that's kind of lazy, but it's Internet Best Friends Day so I want to show my appreciation to all of my blog followers! And if I missed anybody, I'm so so sorry! Just let me know in the comments, and I'll edit it! I didn't tag Naomi because she was already tagged ;) Feel free to answer in the comments!

Here are my 10 questions:
1. Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
2. What is your current favorite song?
3. Have you ever travelled out of your country?
4. What is your dream job?
5. Pen or pencil?
6. What is your dream college?
7. Do you like burritos?
8. What is your opinion of Taco Bell?
9. Do you have a swimming pool?
10. What is your favorite Little House book (Laura)?

This week, I'm going to camp and won't have access to any of you until Saturday, just so you know. So if you don't get a reply to an email/a comment published, that's why! I'll see you all on Monday June 15 for the Great Big Book Giveaway Bonanza!


  1. Cool tag! Happy Internet Friends Day Internet Friend! :D
    Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
    Evie, Ev, Viola, Fredrick, Siegfried... don't ask about the last two

    What is your current favorite song?
    All the Hobbit music because We are going to NZ! :D

    Have you ever travelled out of your country?
    See question above and yes to Japan, England, Ireland, Scotland and Denmark

    4. What is your dream job?

    Being a teacher who plays in orchestras or musicals. Or helping my teacher friend teach primary music.

    5. Pen or pencil?

    Neat Pen... not messy pen. Hard to explain.

    6. What is your dream college?

    Oxford, Cambridge or St Andrews in Scotland. My college is pretty cool though..

    7. Do you like burritos?


    8. What is your opinion of Taco Bell?

    Taco Bell?

    9. Do you have a swimming pool?

    Used to... not now

    10. What is your favorite Little House book (Laura)?
    The first one :D

  2. Happy Internet Best Friends Day! (A little late XD) Thanks so much for tagging me, this will be lots of fun to do. (-:
    Wow, that is that is the longest weirdest nickname I've heard, and I've gotten some weird ones (-;
    I also get a bit paranoid when I'm home alone and I hear stuff. I tend to make up escape route senarios in my head. XD

  3. Aha! I've been tagged with this twice now :-D I'll answer both your and Emma's questions in one post... soon!

  4. Hi, if this comment goes through twice, feel free to delete this one. :)

    First of all, I must know where you find all these cool GIFs. That's one thing I majorly love about your blog!

    1. My great uncle always called me "Mosquito." I am also "Bunny," "Esther Burl," "Nat," "Nellie Sue," "Nellie Doran," "Niti," and "Nani." At one point I was "Mammaw Natalie," but I think those kids I babysat have outgrown calling me that now. LOL.

    2. Oooh! Hard to choose! My mother, sister, and I are learning Thou Oh Lord a capella by the group "Sisters." It's the one stuck in my head, at least.

    3. I've been to the Bahamas twice on a cruise. Templeton Tours has special deals for pastor's and their families! I will say, it was more an adventure trip than a relaxing vacation. Lots of stressful boarding and tourism stuff.

    4. Being a stay-at-home mom. Too bad I can't fill out an application for that one. :)

    5. Hmmm. Depends. Usually a pen. One of my favorites is the Le Pen artist's sketch pen in brown. :)

    6. I was always too scared to go to college. :) If I did take classes, I'd probably use the Liberty Online studies.

    7. Only the ones at the buffet at our local Mexican restaurant. They're not the same if you order the entree, either. Has to be on the buffet. :D

    8. I don't much care for Taco Bell. The only thing I relatively like there is the Chicken Gordita, but I always get hungry like 20 mins after eating there. I'm convinced their food is made of polyester or something.

    9. My granny does. Some of the funnest days of my childhood were spent "baptizing" my brothers and sisters in that pool.

    10. Confession time. *whispers* I only read one or two Little House books when I was little and thought they were only okay. I should probably give them another try. I do remember reading about the difference between a fiddle and a violin being that a violin was carried in a case and a fiddle in a tow sack--I think that was from a Little House book, but you can see I don't really remember. :s

    What did you think of How To Train Your Dragon 2? I watched it on a road trip with my brother in the back seat and at *that part* I gasped and slapped my hand over my mouth. I was like, no they just didn't... But they did. I love Toothless. He reminds me of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.

  5. Ashley, that pizza gif is just awesome. I've seen it twice on your blog now, and I just love it. :-)
    I would hope to end in 1940 too. Despite the 2ond World War, even. Or no, I would want to land in 1945 and join in with VE day in London, because it must've been amazing. :-)
    Great answers!

    ~ Naomi

  6. Your list of things on a desert island is far more comprehensive than mine! I think that I'll just visit a desert island with you to ensure my survival. ;)

  7. Evie: Siegfried? Hahahaha :D Cool colleges! Taco Bell is apparently an American only restaurant :D It's sorta Mexican, but not really. The first Laura book is amazing!

    Elizabeth: Hahaha! We'll totally use those escape scenarios someday!

    Hamlette: Cool! Thanks!

    Natalie: Thanks! I sorta collect GIFS from other people's blogs or I google them! That's a lot of nicknames! :D THERE'S A CRUISE FOR PASTORS AND FAMILIES WHAT!!!! I must look into this!!! I've been thinking about online college! Taco Bell's food probably is.... But the Baja Blast is amazing! Oh yes, baptizing people was my childhood! You have to read more Little House books! You'll love them!!

    Naomi: Thanks!! Oh VE day would have been spectacular! I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

    Lois: Hahaha! That would be awesome!

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