Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Month in Review // June

Possibly my best Photoshop job ever!!
And I can't make a cool face to save my life...
June, you've been awesome! Summer has finally started to become productive and fun! (Yes, I'm that person who has to something productive or I have a breakdown and think I'm good for nothing....) Oh June, have you been awesome! In fact, only a few bad things have happened, and they didn't really turn out bad in the long run (well, this cold hasn't decided if it's a cold or something worse...)! Let's just go week by week, k?

WEEK ONE: 5/31 - 6/6
My Mamaw stayed with us this week while my parents were on vacation. We had a blast. Well, at least during the times that I wasn't doing SAT practice tests.... My parents had fun and brought us a lot of cool stuff! We each got a snorkel from the boat! (Actually, that week my sister had found our other snorkel and learned how to blow it like Susan in the Chronicles of Narnia.) We all got these cool woven backpacks. Saturday, June 6, I took my SAT. I felt really confident about it. Scores came out last Thursday, and I did great!! Yay!!

I'm the second from the right in the front row.
My brother is the blond kid with the white bandana tied around his head..
Also, Winchester is a type of rifle
WEEK TWO: 6/8-6/13
On Monday, we left for camp! I've only been to camp three times, but I think this was the best time, or tied with the first year! Everybody from my church was in the same brother/sister cabin combo, so that was fun! My counselor was awesome! We both loved languages, and because she was a Spanish major, my friends and I would talk to her in Spanish!! We had a verse competition with our brother cabin. Guys, I memorized an insane amount of verses because there was a guy in my brother cabin was a just-as-good-if-not-better memorizer than me. We finally decided to tie and let the competition rest on other people's shoulders... The girls lost but it was a lot of fun. My team (RED) lost the week, but we won verses. We said we were more spiritual because we won verses and had more Pastor's Kids..... NOT. I had so much fun! I learned how to play Dutch Blitz and Pygmy Pit. I played lots of Nine Square as usual. I finally did decentish at archery. Most importantly, I got a lot closer to God. He really spoke to me about pursuing Him more and having a closer fellowship with Him.

Cuz Steve McQueen jumping over the fence is just cool!
WEEK THREE: 6/14-6/20
Vacation Bible School! Yay! Sort of! Let's just say there weren't enough adults on my team's side, so the teens had to do some babysitting for some, shall we say strong-willed, children... We won though! Also, it was ridiculously hot out during game time, so the water games were a blast! We also had a flight simulator! (we made it) It was awesome! One time we took six of us teens into the four seater flight simulator and broke it... Another awesome thing I did that week was watching The Great Escape, and thus having an absolute favorite movie for the first time in forever! (hahahah you have that song playing in your head now :D ) And the Warriors won the NBA Finals!!! #BandwagonWarriorsFanForLyfe

I should have bought this!
WEEK FOUR: 6/21-6/30
On Wednesday, I left for a vacation in KY/TN. I was flying by myself, and had a layover in Denver. I was okay with that, BUT there were storms in Denver so the plane kept getting delayed. I was supposed to get into Louisville at 10:55. I got in at 2:30ish (A.M.) Yeah. But I walked around the airport and learned that McDonalds doesn't have ice cream or snack wraps in the Denver airport... I found an outlet and just camped out. I had a lot of fun in Kentucky with my dad's side of the family. I got ten hours of sleep in two days cuz I was helping MadZach move (My aunt and uncle's awesome ship name I made up). I stayed at four different houses in five nights and I don't think I lost anything except for ponytails. I walked around downtown Bardstown and met this awesomely hilarious man who runs a shop . I also watched The Magnificent Seven cuz my grandma had it! Yesterday, I drove (well, my grandmothers team drove) to Tennessee to see my mom's family! On Friday, I go back to Phoenix and the heat! Let's just say I'm not handling the "cold" very well. (Like 70 degrees cold)

Anywho, I've had a great June and watched great movies and read great books! It's amazing how many good books I've read this month!

Looking forward to:
Writing movie reviews
Going to Dollywood tomorrow!!!
Watching USA win the World Cup (Hopefully!)
Going home!
Practicing piano for music camp
Possibly attending Coding Camp at the library!
Doing more volunteer shifts at the library! (I basically just hand out stickers to little kids!)
Visiting my cousins on their vacation in California
Going on a family vacation


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous June! Wow! You went to Kentucky and Tennessee?! That must have been crazy but cool. I love church camps! It's been years since I've been to one, but this makes me miss it. (-: Hehe, and I used to always loose my hair bands when I had long hair. That's one thing I don't miss about long hair. XD

  2. It's taken you this long to play Dutch Blitz?!?!?!?! ;)

  3. Mmmm, The Great Escape. It's just marvelous. Ditto, of course, with The Magnificent Seven.

    I would buy that rock sign and put it by my front door.

    Also, I've awarded you the Liebster Award. Details here :-)

  4. LOVE Dutch blitz! Now I have to check out those other games you mentioned.

    Hope y'all had fun at Dollywood! Grandfather's mansion and Thunder Road are two of my favorites!!! I don't remember the roller coasters, though, it's been a LONG time, so the last time we went I didn't actually like roller coasters yet. *dodges a tomato*

    I haven't seen The Great Escape in a long time, but remember thinking it was such an awesome movie.

    Love the pics! Especially the one with 'Murica shirts!!!

    I love your ship name for Zach and Madison! :) Wow, it took me a minute when I realized Zach's your uncle--I'm feeling so old right now. I remember hearing his testimony in a service. When he was FIVE. Of course, I was a kid, too, but I still feel old, HAHA

    Sounds like you've had a super June! Hope July is awesome as well!

  5. Elizabeth: Yup! I just got back today! Awww you should go back to camp! It's so annoying to lose ponytails! I carry one or two on my wrist at all times now!

    Lois: Okay, in my defense, the Internet does a horrible job of explaining cuz it says you need to stack the cards underneath, and I couldn't figure it out well enough to do it fast. I tried to teach it to my brother that way, and it was horrible! But the counselor who taught me at camp said you don't need to stack, so now it's awesome!! But it did take me too long :(

    Hamlette: Movies with Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and Yul Brynner seem to be magnificent :D Haha I wanted to buy it, but I didn't have my wallet and I probably couldn't bring a rock back :( Thanks!

    Natalie: It's so much fun! Dollywood was awesome, as usual! Hey, I didn't like roller coasters until I was in seventh grade! 'Murica shirts for the win! Haha, it took me a minute to remember that you knew Zach and Madison. That was sort of creepy for a second :D He was so cute as a little kid!! Thanks!


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