Monday, July 27, 2015

Birthday Club: June // Violins of Autumn

This cover is pretty good!
This is a really late post for Lois's birthday challenge. Because I definitely do not have a propensity for putting out these posts late. Definitely not! Anywho, I was supposed to read 1984 by George Orwell for this (last) month (June), but I decided not to. I still want to read that book, but apparently I didn't want to right then. So I looked up Amy McAuley's birthday because I wanted to read this book, and it was in June!!! Yay!!

So I got to read the most amazing fantabulous wonderful awesome epic book called Violins of Autumn!!! (Apparently fantabulous is a word. Apparently BRIAN! I hope you got that sort of reference to a current comedian)  It's a modern YA historical fiction about a young American girl who's a spy in France near the beginning of the end of WWII. 

Guys! It was amazing! Things got a little hazy at the end, but overall it was great! I loved the themes of friendship, and I either need a sequel or a great fanfic. So because I can't remember that many details, here is my edited Goodreads review!

Um wow!!!! This was...amazing, thought-provoking, and deliciously educational! I learned so much about the SOE and being a spy in Paris during WW2. 

Because Adele is the same age as I (Oh am I not grammatically proper today?), it was weird placing myself in those situations! I appreciated the spies being presented as real people who had emotional breakdowns just like us!! And I loved that the author showed thoughts of Adele, such as when she almost killed the date dude.

The love triangle was ummm interesting, to say the least. (Actually, it may not have been. I don't read too many books with them so I thought it was sort of interesting in a novel way.) I'm still wondering who Adele would have picked had it not been for unfortunate happenings. Because of course we want her to go with Dude A but would she have gone with Dude B?!! (Actually, if you've read the book, you know Dude B actually came first) 

Although one reviewer said they would rather not know that Adele lived through the war from the prologue, I think it added suspense to the story: " When is she going to get captured? Oh snap, she's about to get captured! Oh wait, she's still free!" (Literal thoughts I have) 

And the story of friendship between Denise, Robby, and Adele!!! Ahhhh!! It was so amazingly cute!

I also appreciated that the author didn't go into too much detail with the torture. You can say it happened without going into detail! Overall, wow this book was amazing! I will soo be reading it again!

So yeah, I loved this book soooo much. I can't wait to read it again. And I just watched The Longest Day, and they used the poem!!! (Of course they did cuz it's historical, but it's still cool to see) So I highly recommend this book. Highly. There's a few bad words (probably more if you're British), but not too many that I had to put it down (ahemthebookthiefahem) and you could probably go through with a Sharpie real fast. But this book is awesome. The end goes a little fast, or I got a leetle bored, but it's still worth it! So please, go read this book now!


  1. Me wants to read it! I <<<<<<33333333 WWII fiction. And is it part of a series?

  2. You read it!!! I'm glad you liked it. :)

    The love triangle was interesting because when she was with Dude A, I wanted her to be with Dude A. Then wen she was with Dude B, I wanted her to be with Dude B. In the end, I was glad with the person she ended up with, but I still kind of missed the other guy.

    I was really nice that the torture scenes weren't too descriptive. There is another book, Code Name Vertiy, that gets descriptive during the torture scenes. I didn't like how gruesome the torture scenes were described, but yet I couldn't dislike them because they built up the suspense. Then I had to keep on reading to find out why a girl writing down information for the Germans. I don't know if you would ever want to read CNV, but there is bad language in it, more than this book.

    What is the Longest Day about?

  3. This is SUCH a good book. I just finished it two days ago and I'm STILL not over it. *screams*

  4. This book looks amaaaaaaazing! =D


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