Sunday, August 23, 2015

Classics Club/Birthday Club: The Three Musketeers

The cover I wish I had....
Hahaha another review from a book I finished almost a month ago. AHAHAHAH. And I'm writing it the day before I'm scheduled to post! That's what a busy summer and school will do to you! 

Anywho, I read the Three Musketeers in July. I've wanted to read it for maybe 7 years. My brother got it for me for Christmas when I was like 10 and was disappointed because I didn't read it. Well, I tried. Twice. But do you know how hard this book is for a ten-year-old girl to read! (Actually, it probably wasn't. It just didn't hold my attention. And I probably shouldn't have read it as a ten-year-old anyway.) But, it was great the third time around! (The third time's the charm when it comes to books for me. For example, this is my third time trying Gone With the Wind and I'm 300 pages from the end!!!! Yay!!!)

The thing that struck me the most about this book was the camaraderie between the Musketeers! They were such great friends. They shared everything and helped each other out, even when they didn't know why!! Good friendship stories get me every time! (See: Captains Courageous) I guess because I don't have a lot of close friends my age,  reading about friendships makes me happy! And the valets were cool! I loved how they reflected their masters' personalities!

Speaking of personalities, I love how the musketeers were all so different! I loved how Dumas developed their characters! I liked them all (except for maybe Porthos), but I think I liked D'Artagnan best. Even though he had me swinging between "DUMMKOPF!"(Yes, I call people German insults), "JERK", and "Bravo! Huzzah! Carry on!". (Although his ideas about love and revenge were a little skewed....) I liked aspects of Athos's and Aramis's personality, although little things about them ticked me off. I guess that's realistic though!

I had a little trouble following the plot at first. (I used SparkNotes...) And the bad characters were a little confusing. Especially their motives and original badness. But once I got to then end, I understood. Mostly.

And the queen!!! I wish there was more to that plot! I felt so bad for her! 

Obviously, I did have a problem with the end, which if you've read the book, you realize was morally off. (Not inappropriate, but morally just so off) Also, there was a little love story that had me worried for a bit because the girl was already married, but that worked out okay in the end. (Can't tell you how cuz spoilers) There were also a few scenes I skipped.

All of that being said, I loved this book. I probably wouldn't pick it up again anytime soon, (it was hard to get through), but I will definitely be thinking about it for a long time to come! 

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  1. I really love the '90s movie version of this, with Chris O'Donnell as D'Artagnan. In fact, I like it better than the book because it fixes some of the moral issues I have with the story, like D'Artagnan falling in love with a married woman. It's great fun -- have you seen it?


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