Sunday, August 9, 2015

Goodreads is amazing!!!

I just got back from music camp and am currently suffering withdrawals from both my camp friends and the awesome musical talent that I was surrounded by. I'm also sort of lacking motivation because school starts next week :( (But it's my last year!!!! Yaysies!!!) I will probably put up some music posts soon and Lord willing, some videos on my channel.

Their logo is pretty sweet!

But here's a post on why I think Goodreads is awesome! Not as awesome as you, but pretty awesome! Here are some reasons why! (Ya know, I tried to come up with 10, but I couldn't so I stuck with the number of completion: 7)

You should go watch The 90s Kids Guide to the Internet
It's so 90s it hurts!
1. The scanner thing - Oh yes! The scanner is a life saver! Instead of searching for a book only to find the wrong version and not being able to switch it because you're on a mobile device, you can simply scan the book, and WAM it's there! (Actually, it's more like DING, but WAM sound more fun) Also, I'm pretty sure this nifty device is only available on a mobile device app :( And it doesn't take really old ISBNs, but it does take a lot of them!
Me pointing out books to my friends

2. Social - It's like reading with friends! Like a book club! But you all don't have to read the same book! And if you get really excited and start flailing because someone is reading your favorite book or gave it five stars, you can like their status update! (Or give a really fangirly comment) Or if someone didn't like your favorite book, you can write a politely passive aggressive comment! (Apparently "aggressive" has two g's)

And you guys are on Goodreads! You see,  Instagram is for my friends that I've met in 3D (if that makes sense) and a few blogger friends! Twitter is to get information and to laugh. And Goodreads is to connect with you, my blogger friends. Until I started blogging, I had little use for Goodreads. None of my church/school friends like to read that much, but then I met all of you wonderful people on there, and BAM a whole new network of people I love and trust. (Like a friend love obviously, and yes, I trust you guys for recommendations!)

3. Books  - Ummmm it's a social network about books!! That automatically makes it amazing! amirite? (I just had to throw in that word) Not just classics or contemporary books, but all books!!! Yay!!!

4. Reviews - I may not write many reviews on Goodreads (at least promptly), but I lov reading them. Whether they're from you guys or from complete strangers! (For books that you all haven't read or reviewed) It's cool to see different people's opinions! It's also a great way to waste fill up some spare time! I just really like reading reviews, especially yours, mkay?

My Goodreads shelves be like
5. Shelves - Some people go overboard with this, with shelves with titles like good-for-my-brother-in-law, handsome-heroes, and well-I-think-it's-funny. (Did not make that last one up XD) Others just go with a different shelf for each genre. Me, I have a shelf for my favorites, my little house challenge, my birthday challenge, classics club, and my read/to-read shelves. Just ignore that readathon-day shelf, kay?

6. Groups - When I first started Goodreads, I thought I would be really into these groups and challenges, but I wasn't. However, if you are, there's something for everyone. Including fans of Henty and Ballantyne! There's role-play and chat groups, even about movies! (I sort of want a Goodreads for movies. IMDB is sort of, and I guess Rotten Tomatoes, but not really) So yeah, if I don't join your group, please don't be offended! I just am not into them that much...

I haven't read any of his books, nor do I agree with everything he says/does
BUT he is pretty awesome!

7. Ratings - These are kind of like reviews, but bite-sized. I also use them. For example, I was at the library and wanted to see what my friends thought of a book. Only Lois had read it, and though she didn't review it she rated it five stars! I like most of the same books as Lois, so it was an automatic pick-up!

So there you have it! My seven reasons the Goodreads is amazing and I hope all my friends get one!! DFTBA!

P.S. If you have a Goodreads, go to my sidebar and add me! kay?


  1. Yeah, Goodreads is pretty awesome. :D I love to use the "Currently-Reading" feature, it is so fun to say what I think of the book so far and update your status-thingy.

    I'm already friends with you on there. Yay! ;D

    ~Lydia~ <3


    Haha, I often want to come up with ten points, but then I only get seven or eight. Or six. Haha. It's this awkward moment with yourself. :-)

    I know, I looove the 1st one. It's so COOOL.

    Oh, you forgot a point which I just LOVE about Goodreads, Ashley! THE QUOTES! It's sooo stinking fun to 'like' all the quotes, I think. :-)

    I was thinking that too! THE SHOULD BE A MOVIE GOODREADS. A Goodwatch. Or whatever. :-)

    Loved this post. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  3. I love love love Goodreads!! =D We had to get it in yr 8 but since then all my friends stopped using it so sadly I had to remove them from my friends.. I still have my teacher though.. hahah.
    Yay we are friends on there too! =D

  4. There are plenty of amazing features that I have not yet taken advantage of. For some reason, it has been hard for me to get into it and learn how to use it properly. But you have certainly convinced me to get back on there and give Goodreads a second chance. I mostly want to learn how to connect with blogging friends on the site and continue our bookish discussions.

  5. Lydia: I know! If you haven't put a book on currently reading, are you really reading it?

    Naomi: IKR!!! I forgot the quotes! They aren't easy to use on the app :( I guess I'll just have to develop goodWatches or whatever :P

    Evie: That so cool that you got to use it for school!

    Susanna: Yes! Come back to the Goodreads fold!!!

    Lois: Thanks!

  6. I LOVE GOODREADS SO MUCH I CANNOT EVEN. Like I could think of a few ways to improve it...(mainly half stars, and sample chapters!) but it's still INCREDIBLE and I love interacting with my bookworm buddies. :') AND IT'S ALL ABOUT BOOKS. WAY better than facebook. hehe. OH OH AND YOUR GIF SKILLS ARE AMAZING HERE.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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