Saturday, August 1, 2015

Month in Review: July 2015

That's right! You're amazing!
Well, the last day of July sneaked (I like snuck better, but as my tenth grade English teacher told me, you should never sneak, but if you have to, you sneaked, not snuck. Snuck is a funny word.).

Ahem as I was saying, the last day of July sneaked up on me. I was on vacation and was writing a completely different blog post. I went to bed on July 30 and thought "Oh snap, I need to do a month in review!" But we left on July 31, so I started this yesterday and am finishing it today!

A word of housekeeping before I go on: I will be at a music camp all next week. I will try to schedule a post, but if it doesn't work/I don't get around to it, I'll be back next Saturday. I probably won't be on my blog until the next Sunday.

In case you don't know, that's Ronald Reagan, one of America's greatest presidents.
In my opinion at least.
I didn't say that to start a comment war, okay?

Onward! July was awesome! Not as awesome as June (maybe it was?). Actually, I didn't journal much during July, so I don't remember a lot.

That's rain. It rains every time I go to Dollywood.
But I love rain, so I don't mind!
I believe I mentioned in my last month in review that I was going to Dollywood. Well, I went and had a blast. Because what else do you do at Dollywood?

I flew home from Tennessee. Pretty uneventful. Except for the fact that my flight got in early so my parents weren't at the airport :D They were there by the time I got my bags though. I have to say, I like flying by myself. With one caveat: personal space. When you fly with your siblings, you can basically sprawl all over them and overflow your seat. Not so with strangers.... Also, I accidentally glance at people's phones sometimes. I'm not snoopy, my eyes just wander, kay?

My Nashville cousins were on vacation in California, so we went to visit them. (We used to be able to say California Cousins and Russia Cousins. Now we have to say Nashville cousins and Iowa Cousins...)
I have nothing against Japan tho
While we were there, Team USA won the World Cup in what was possibly the best soccer game I've ever watched. Not that I watch a lot of soccer. There was a lot of screaming and jumping on our part. Carli Lloyd people. I like Alex Morgan better, but Carli tho!

I counted my college mail. 63 colleges have contacted me, including the Marines. I've received more than 84 letters.
All of my college letters as of July 9

I practiced a lot of piano. A lot. In June and July, I practiced 25 hours. That's actually not that much but I was gone a lot. And that YouTube channel. Working on that. Sorta.

I started watching Leverage with my mom. I finished the first season last night. It's awesome guys, awesome. It's like a modern Mission Impossible, but funnier. And soooo quotable: "That's the only production of Sound of Music that has made me root for the Nazis" "I've got the pate d'escargot avec beurre d'Argentine and what looks like old duck, kind of greasy."
We went to California for the second time. (And I go again tomorrow. FYI Here's how the drive to California goes: desert, desert, broken bridge, desert, desert, WINDMILLS, desert, desert, desert., hills, hills, hills, beach. BTW windmills are awesome.) The beach was awesome. DUH. The waves were so fun, once I figured out how to dive into them. Getting flipped and washed up on the beach is NOT FUN.

I got the worst sunburn of my life. It was sooo bad. It's still peeling

We went to a lake waterpark. It was so much fun. It also made me really sore and probably wasn't good for my wrists, but it was fun!

We watched so much TCM (Turner Classic Movies) in California. We don't get that channel at home, so that was a big deal. There's always something awesome one! The sibs were introduced to Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart and David Niven. We watched our first two Alfred Hitchcock movies. And we discovered Doris Day. We watched three of her movies in less than 24 hours: The Man Who Knew Too Much, Please Don't Eat The Daisies, and Calamity Jane. That song is rather catchy!
Doris Day and David Niven
David Niven and Cary Grant are geniuses, for the record. Also Grace Kelly's wardrobe, ON POINT!

We also saw Inside Out! SO GOOD guys, SO GOOD!

I read a lot. Well kind of. I said I was going to only read three books at a time, and because two of those books took me the whole month/I'm still working on them, that only left one empty slot. But I've read a lot of good books lately! We also went to the Burton Barr library in downtown Phoenix. It's so big that it's overwhelming! They had so many books I can't get at my own library! Yay!

Looking forward:
Music camp - August 2-8
School starts - August 17
Sister's birthday - August 23

How was your July? Are your summers really busy? Thanks for reading!


  1. Great to hear from you!! Sounds like you have been super busy but fun busy! :D Oh that GIF at the end.. hehe it's good isn't it?
    Well done on your uni-er college applications did you get into what you wanted?
    I got into mine! =D

  2. Evie: Hahaha you recongnized it :D I haven't actually applied yet, but soon! Yay!!!! Good luck!


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