Saturday, September 12, 2015

I Finally Started a YouTube Channel!

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Google+/read the title, you will know that I finally started a YouTube channel. But, if you don't, I did :D It's sort of to show my friends/family my pieces and also for networking and portfolio stuff. So you should subscribe :D Here's my first video, Goodbye World Goodbye (BTW, today's supposed to be the end of the world sooo... Goodbye World Goodbye!)

Every Southern Gospel pianist has an arrangement of this song. And they all sort of play it the same way: first verse and chorus regular, improvising over the second verse and chorus. But it's a great way to play it, so I went mainstream and played it sort of that way :D

I love this arrangement. (Which I arranged myself...) It's currently my "showy" arrangement. At least in person. You see, I never play songs perfectly. I've only played one song perfectly in my life. (I was like 10) But I can cover mistakes well. That's the fun of performing live, you never know what it will sound like this time. But you can't cover mistakes on recordings... And everyone else never seems to mess up on YouTube. (I'm insecure, I know..) But I finally got a good take after school yesterday!

Also, I made sheet music for this guys! FREE SHEET MUSIC! That's almost as compelling as free food or free t-shirts or free WiFi. So HERE it is. It's a little advanced, I think. But you could probably find a way to simplify it. If you need help or anything, feel free to contact me!

Cuz why not!
And since we're discussing music anyway, let's just give a quick rundown of my piano history:

-Because my mom was a piano teacher when I was little, I've been around piano all of my life. The first "official" lessons I remember were in first grade.

-From second grade to ninth grade I took from a lady in my church. Guys, she was amazing! She could play anything by ear, sightread like nobody's business, and she accompanied a quartet of her husband and brother-in-laws! I still want to be like her! Anywho, she taught me most of what I know about church music. I use stuff she taught me every single stinkin' day!

-In tenth grade, I started taking from Mr. Greg Howlett. He lives in Atlanta (across the country), but he had a music school that you could livestream. I took from him for the past two years. I use stuff from him almost every day too!

-Right now, I don't really have a piano teacher. My flute teacher is helping me with some classical music, but other than that I'm on my own. So I'm trying to get better at everything right now (look, I know I can't master everything but I can try!), so I have a pretty diverse practice schedule. It keeps me on my toes!

-I have so many pianists I look up to (hmm that would make a good blog post!) I would love to be a Southern Gospel pianist when I grow up (along with a journalist/referee/blogger) So that's my piano story!

Do you play any instruments? What arrangements would you be interested in? Even if you don't play piano, would you like blog posts about my piano heroes/arrangements/other stuff? (That's an awkward question, I know. But seriously if you don't really care, just say "I'm sure other people would!" or "I like your book/movie/whatever posts best!" or go fill out my Improvement Questionnaire (link in sidebar) :)


  1. Oh my goodness Ash I love this and you are so AMAZING at the piano!!! Seriously! I loved it so much! You play flute too!? Do please do tell us more about your music, as you know I play Viola (have done for 11 years) and Percussion (Drum Kit too) and basic conducting. I'm an Alto in choir xD Music is my passion you see. xD
    I've subscribed!

  2. Yay! I'm following now. You're a amazing pianist! I really appreciate that you're sharing the sheet music. I'm learning to play jazz/blues now, and this will be really fun to learn.

  3. Wowza! you is so talented! If I had any ounce of musical ability I would give the sheet music a go. But I don't, so I'll just have to watch this video about a million more times. :)
    And that George Washington meme made my day. (George Washington memes are the best kind of memes)

  4. I play piano, and oooh, sheet music! Very nice. I also used to play flute, and I can play the trumpet a little because it's fun.

  5. Evie: Thanks! And thanks for the post ideas!

    Elizabeth: Thanks! JAZZ AND BLUES ARE AMAZING! You have to learn the pentatonic scale!!

    Hannah: Aww thanks! GW memes are the best!

    Hamlette: Yay! Piano and flute for the win! Trumpet does sound fun!


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