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Tomorrow is Another Day!

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Well, I finished Gone With The Wind like a month ago, but I just had to let this review simmer for a while in order to get into the depth of the true meaning!

Just Kidding. I sort of forgot and was busy with other stuff (like sheet music and college applications) Anywho, I skipped into my drafts and prepare my mind to write this whole thing when lo and behold it's half done!!! PTL!!

I FINISHED IT!!! Finally, the behemoth that I have tried three times to conquer has been vanquished!!! Yes, I'm talking about Gone With The Wind. And I have mixed feelings about it like everyone else who has ever read it!!! I will definitely read it again!!! It was amazing, tear-jerking (I didn't cry, but it was tear-jerking), scary, joyful, frustrating, amazing, and EPIC!!! All in one, I might add. It was thought-provoking, which means I liked it more!! Cuz I can't say that enough even though it sound cliche :D

Look, everybody knows the plot, and this is more of a character-driven novel, so here's my thoughts on said characters.

Scarlett: I know everybody hates Scarlett. I even hate her sometimes. She's conniving and deceptive and selfish and so on. BUT, guess what, she survives. I know that the end doesn't justify the means and so on, but she was able to survive and thrive (at least economically) in a society that was set against her. And yes, most of the other people survived too (which is actually an interesting point...), but did they single-handedly run a farm and provide for 10 other people? (It's probably not exactly 10, but close enough) I just admire her for her determination, go-get-it attitude, and no excuses. No, she didn't make right choices like ever, and she couldn't master herself, but she was interesting to read about, and Margaret Mitchell actually made me root for her! I hated her parenting, and she was horrid to Suellen and so on, but at the end, I felt bad for her. She discovers both who she really loves and sort of what life is about, and both come crashing down! :( The book could have ended at the end of the second-to-last chapter and been A-OK with me. I mean both endings would have you imagining the future! So why not imagine a happy one!

Rhett: And like the majority of the population, I alternated between loving Rhett and hating him. He was a jerk, but at least he was polite and non-hypocritical. Which is something I like about him, he never pretended. One could argue that he pretended near the end for Bonnie's sake, but he did really want to go to church and donate, even if his motives were wrong. And I loved the bazaar scene near the beginning!! He was a better parent than Scarlett, but he spoiled Bonnie dreadfully. I also felt sorry for him at the end. He was just empty of love, life, and vitality.

Melanie: When I first started the book, I wasn't sure how I would like Melanie. I didn't like her that much in the movie, and I thought she would come across as a goody-two-shoes, but she didn't. I don't know how or why, but she didn't! She was kind and gave everybody the benefit of the doubt. However, I don't know if that's always a good thing. As I'm discovering, you can only make excuses for people for so long.... The end was sad, but I liked how Scarlett realized what Melanie did for Scarlett! Melanie was the true survivor in this book!

Will: I LOVE WILL SO MUCH!! And Carreen! I didn't particularly like her, but she should have gotten Will...  He was so capable and always where he needed to be and so helpful and the best thing to probably ever happen to Scarlett and I almost ship them. But I don't. Will is far too good of a person for Scarlett!

Winner of most unexpected cover
Ashley: Spineless, slithering fool. Get a hold of yourself!!! I didn't like him especially, but I did enjoy his talks on the Gotterdammerung. And I liked that he taught me that new word "Gotterdammerung." I will now try to throw it into a sentence daily: It is the Gotterdammerung of pre-Internet society. (Does that even make sense? I would love to hear your sentences with Gotterdammerung!) (Like don't even spell check this blogger! I know what I'm talking about!)

And the end!!! Maybe it would have worked out!!! I just feel so bad for both of them!! Just try it again!! Please!! Please!!! Please!! Ahhhhhh!!

I loved the overarching themes and the multitude of issues that were explored. Cuz that's what makes good literature! I'm a sucker for extra stuff that a story teaches you about life, psychology, society, and history. That's probably why I enjoy Ballantyne, when I read him (which is like rarely ever) I enjoyed the parts about survival, even though I don't agree with all of MM's ideas. I enjoyed the challenging of gender stereotypes. (I'm not a feminist, I'm just saying it was interesting to read!!!) I loved the comparison/contrast between Rhett and Ashley. And the commentary on slavery and the Confederate mindset was amazing! And the history of the Reconstruction! I never knew it was like that!!! (Of course, she's probably biased, but still!!!)

Guys, this book was amazing! And I'm so glad I read it! And go for the more expensive version cuz then you won't be embarrassed to take it in public cuz the cover is Rhett and Scarlett kissing...

I sort of feel the need to read this again, like right now, but sadly, it probably won't happen again for a while! I guess I should re-watch the movie, but it doesn't even come close to the book! So that's my very unconclusiony conclusion to Gone With The Wind. Tomorrow is another day!
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