Saturday, October 10, 2015

Birthday Club September: The ABC Murders

These are the covers I wish I had...
Just to warn you, I say "and" a lot in this review. But this book sort of lends itself to that... I promise I write better than this for school!

Guys, Agatha Christie will make you throw her books across the room.

{I actually did that, but only cuz I had to get the book of my bed onto my pillow so that it didn't make a noise when it landed on the floor because it was at night. If that makes sense.}

 Because oh my stinking word! Really! Really! Really! The ending!!! What even!!!

The ABC Murders took me longer to read than I though it would. Actually, any Christie with Poirot takes me longer to read than I think it will. Which is weird but true. I buzzed through The Secret Adversary and And Then There Were None in like an hour, but the Poirot mysteries take me longer. I feel bad because everyone sings the praises of Poirot, but I actually like Hastings better. Poirot is conceited like Holmes, yet different. Not as intense I guess. And apparently I connect more to intense....

I guess this one was slow for me because it seemed like she was giving the whole thing away through the book; therefore, I wasn't too excited to get to the end. And there was a lot of French that I was too lazy to look up... (sorry Hannah D.) And Poirot was getting on my nerves because he's sort of cocky and could he just tell us what he's doing and it was a little slow moving and blah blah blah (I warned you)

But the ending made it all worth it! And there were ridiculously evil people and random people you wish you knew more about because you were kind of emotionally invested and explain the socks again and I still think the lady from Asgard (see what I did there you Marvel fans) was lying! And why did that girl make that phone call?

Anyway, this book is pretty great, seen in light of the ending! If you're struggling through this book, keep on until the end! It won't disappoint! That's a promise from Russell Ashley (Sorry not sorry for the Studio C reference) I probably won't read it again for a while, but the ending was amazing! As I saw somewhere, Agatha Christie will make you believe your own mother committed the crime!


  1. Never be sorry for a Studio C reference! ;)
    I love the ABC murders. :)

  2. This was one of my first Christie novels, so I will never forget it. Really, it is quite a bit different from her other novels so if you are getting bored with her more typical model (if that is even possible), it is a great one to try.

  3. Lois: Hahaha YESSS!!

    Susanna: It is way different! I think that's part of the problem I had coming into it.


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