Saturday, October 31, 2015

Month in Review: October 2015

Let me express a very true but controversial statement: I don't feel the same about fall/October as the rest of you. I don't hate October, and I don't dislike it, but I'm a Heat Miser and fall just doesn't hold that much charm for me!
This is me, the Heat Miser
And October in Phoenix is not what it is for practically everyone else. You see, as I was remarking to my dad, 85% of the days in Phoenix look the same. You could be in a temperature-controlled room, look out the window and not know whether it was the Fourth of July, Christmas, or Halloween. (And if the leaves were falling off the trees it would be January) So I just sort of pass on the fall excitement that everyone else gets XD

Anywho, October was great! I went to two concerts, made some new friends, played a lot of music, did a little bit of writing and reading, and a lot of laughing.

I mean, it wasn't all fun and games. Sometimes, life sort of punches you multiple times in the face in one week and you just want to sleep until it blows over. But you can't. So you pray and cry and pick yourself up and keep going! Because although life isn't all sunshine, it's also definitely not all bad (I wanted to say rainclouds, but I like rain so those metaphors are lost on me)! Anywho, philosophical rant/discussion over! Moving on to the best of this month!

It's as good as it looks!

Netflix got a lot of new Gene Kelly/Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby musicals and I've seen most of them already! I watched High Society, which you HAVE to watch Naomi! It's confusing at times because there is like a love hexagon, but as a song says, "It's swellegant!" I'll probably be reviewing it soon! And there's jazz and Louis Armstrong which automatically makes it 5x better!

I cropped my sister out XD
Guys, I went to a Gaither concert! And it was amazing! And I met Wes Hampton!!! And got his signature! And they sang some awesome songs! And their piano player played Anthony Burger's arrangement of  Goodbye World Goodbye! I didn't get to meet him though :( I saw a friend from a previous concert, and generally had a swellimous time!

Oooh and I watched Casablanca which I got from Eva! (Thanks!) It was fabulous! I want to watch it again before I review it, but it was amazing! And he did the noble good gentlemanly thing and just yes!! Also, Ingrid Bergman is just perfect!

Some more little kid quotes
Me: This verse says "Keep thy tongue from evil"
Little girl: That means don't stick your tongue out.
Little boy: Don't say stupid.
Whole class: *gasps*
Suuuuure. I guess that works!

Yes, I wear the same shirt to every concert.
And I'm 5'3"  so he's like 6' with the longest hands I've ever seen
And finally, the highlight of this month was probably meeting Trevor Conkle! Guys, the dude is a 17 year old pianist for a MAJOR southern gospel group (The Hoppers)!! And HE PLAYED MY COMPETITION SONG!! THAT MY PIANO TEACHER WROTE!! Sorry, I just get really excited when I think about it even though it's not my song, it is in a way I guess! And I was able to ask him a bunch of questions! Anywho, that was realllly cool. I think the Lord gave me the opportunity to put my toe into this southern gospel door! Now off to send some more emails about playing prelude for some more SG concerts here soon! And no, I haven't been learning every Hoppers song, why do you ask?

So I read a book report book, 2 Rose books, and failed miserably at this Nancy Drew book. AGAIN. I might have to drop that one :( But I got the rest of the Rose books from the library, so I'll probably finish this month! Yay! It's happy and sort of sad because I've liked all the Little House girls so much! And maybe I'll get to read the second Hattie book this month because the first one was sooooo good!

Planning next year's reading. (Lois already put her challenges up!)
Getting answers to emails!
Finishing the Rose series

What are Octobers like where you live? If you plan your reading, when do you start?


  1. I actually have seen High Society! I love it ESPECIALLY THE DRESSES. :-)
    Ohhhh, Casablanca!!! :)

    Wow, that's so cool that you got to meet those people (although I have never heard of them.) I have yet to meet famous people in person and actually TALK to them. :-/

    Have a lovely day - great post!

    ~ Naomi

  2. The little kids quote! That is so funny!!

    Yeah. Phoenix is not the most fall city is it. It's definitely a summer city, though. :-) I am still waiting for the temperatures to go down. I don't really care if the leaves don't fall off till January and the leaves not turning colors, but I wouldn't mind if the temperature went down to at least 60.

    You watched High Society!! I should start looking at Netflix for more musicals. Most of the classic movies (or any movies that we watch) mostly come from the library.

  3. Falls where I live (Virginia) are really warm and summerlike until one day they go bi-polar and all the leaves fall off the trees and it rains all the time and then the whole world is grey and brown until spring. But I love Octobers -- I'm starting to feel it might be my favorite month.

    So glad you saw and liked High Society! I actually prefer it to The Philadelphia Story. And yes, it's a love hexagon or something.

  4. Naomi: YAYAYAYAY!! The clothes are amazing! Thanks!

    Ekaterina: Hahaha thx! I know!!!!! It's after Halloween so come on already!! Netflix got a lot of new musicals!! You should definitely check them out!

    Hamlette: Awww :( But I like the rain, so I'm not sure I'd mind :D I need to watch The Philadelphia Story because Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart!!

  5. I like rainy days too! What I don't like is children cooped up inside on rainy days. They get tiresome :-)

    Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart are lots of fun in The Philadelphia Story. I like High Society better mostly because I like Tracy Lord better in it -- Grace Kelly is sweeter than Katherine Hepburn, and I think that's a bit part of it.


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