Saturday, October 3, 2015

Month in Review: September 2015

My pictures from this month consist mostly of screenshots of funny stuff and horrible blood moon pics. So let's go on an Internet safari, shall we?

Well, September is done which means fall is supposed to be here, but it doesn't feel like fall because it was a stinkin' 106 outside this Thursday.... (I'm not joking. Go look up the weather in Phoenix, Arizona, right now!) And PSA: it's not gonna feel like fall until November. (Seriously, it's a proven fact!) So at least I get another month of wearing summer clothes and sandals! Annnnd another month of sweating like a dog as I practice piano in the church auditorium which is not air conditioned during the week... (I walk out and feel like I've been running!)

But September was fun. I think. I actually don't remember a lot XD Not a lot of BIG things happened, but a lot of usual, fun, little things happened!

This is a machine gun-wielding Ronald Reagan on a velociraptor.
You know you needed this
I help with the preschoolers for the last half hour of the day at school which is interesting... Basically, I make sure the three-year-olds wake up and don't run wild and do go to the bathroom. I've also rescued a child from the jungle gym, tied shoes, and helped fix puzzles. I've had food made for me out of wood chips, and yesterday, a third grader told me he was Pope Francis! (I seriously don't know!) I've also gotten two popsicles out of the deal, earning me the title Popsicle Lady, given to me by my fellow classmates. (I also got a cookie yesterday because I helped to grade sixth grade math!)

On a musical note (I'm so funny, I know!), I emailed a teacher from music camp and asked him if he had the music to a certain arrangement of his. He replied that sorry, he didn't have that one, but here's FOUR MORE!!! Guys, I got four free arrangements from Daniel Hopkins!! I'm already 2/3 through the hardest one! (The one in the video with the horrible audio) It's so painful! Just watch it and imagine my small arms and hands crying! But seriously, that music was a blessing! I had just asked the Lord for wisdom on whether to spend $10 and buy a book of music for an event, and after school I get an email with four high quality pieces! For free!

The guy arm wrestling on the left is from our church.
He's called the Wristless Wonder cuz he bent his wrist amazingly far back!
He won third. 
I went to a youth rally and saw so many friends I hadn't seen in forever! And our church won third place in games, thanks to our mad arm-wrestling, texting, and foosball skills! The highlight for me though was seeing so many people! Let's see, there was a friend from music camp, two people who used to go to my school, PKs, and friends of friends! But it was my last one!

I went to an ASU game. We won, but it was ugly...
Our youth group played hide-and-go-seek during one of our classes. Guys, we take hide-and-seek SERIOUSLY. Like we climbed through windows. And then jumped out of them. And they were like 6 feet of the ground. (And I wondered why I was sore the next day!) But best of all that night a girl got saved!

Also, I started a YouTube channel and put up some free sheet music! (I entered it into a contest too, so we'll see how that goes!) But you probably already figured that out :P

Reading this month was, ummm, interesting. I didn't read that much. I actually only read four books... Oh well. I'm reading four right now, so that issue will get fixed!

The Rose books are on hold (literally at my library) because someone else has them checked out. And it looks like I get to use two library districts! Lucky me! (I was being sarcastic...) I might finish this series later than planned.
Yes, library system, yes....

Also, it's not looking like I'm going to finish all of my reading challenges. For instance, I don't see myself reading Ivanhoe this year, and Ben-Hur is very sketchy. But I'm reading Macbeth for school so that's cool! "Is that a dagger I see before me?" "When the hurly burly's done/When the battle's lost and won/That will be ere set of sun" All of a sudden I have a great desire to devour Shakespeare!

Pretty sure this is from a Shakespeare play...

Looking forward:
It's sort of looking backward, but I went to a Gaither concert on October 1, and it was amazing!
No school next Thursday and Friday. (PTL for Netflix and sleep)
Being done with this Economics paper.

This is me at school!
Have you ever tried to tie your shoe in a knee-length skirt?!?!
P.S. If you're a baptist and aren't following Baptist Memes on social media, you're missing out!
P.S.S. I'm not commenting as much as usual, but I am still reading all of your blogs and laughing/wishing I could write like y'all! So I totally understand if you don't comment on this ;D
Stay cool and don't forget to be awesome! (I may or may not be watching Crash Course Economics...)


  1. Great month in review Ash! :-D OH OH you went to a ASU football game?!
    We saw one on tv it was SF vs A or somthing like that?
    Daddy said it was at a phoenix uni and I immediately thought of you. so Did you go?! =D
    Hope all is good!
    PS: need to email soonish mmmmkay?

  2. Lovely post, Ashley!!! My September was quite rainy and chilly, actually - not much sweating over here!

    Haha, Pope Frances. "I seriously don't know!" HAHA. :) That made me grin somewhat. :-)

    I won't forget to be awesome. :-P

    ~ Naomi

  3. September was a weird mix of hot and cold for us -- we had to switch clothes in the middle of the day sometimes, which was annoying.

    BTW, I tagged you here. Play if you want to :-)

  4. I can't believe how fast time is getting by. For me, it seems like the past three months didn't even happen yet!

    Hopefully things will start to slack off soon.

    I love the Hiddleston meme! Apparently I should find out more about that series. And the Baptist Memes! That is hilarious! :) I always find new fun and cool things when I visit your blog!

  5. Evie: YES!!! However, I went to a college/university level game. The one on your TV was professional, but the stadium is called University of Phoenix even though it's a pro stadium.... (It's confusing..) That's so cool that you saw us beat SF!!! :D

    Naomi: I often wonder what it's like to be cold in September! Hahah it made me laugh too :D

    Hamlette: I hate when you have to change clothes in the middle of the day!!! Thanks!

    Natalie: Hahaha things are just starting to pick up for us! Thanks! Baptist Memes is amazing!! Awww thanks!


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