Friday, October 23, 2015

Why I Love Being a PK

So it's Pastors' Appreciation Month, and Baptist Memes declared this week Pastors' Kids' Appreciation Week. {That was fun to apostrophosize... (And it was fun to make up that word!)} Anywho, I though I'd write a post about why I love being a PK and some of it's perks and downsides and stuff like that!
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Quick church summary: We moved to Phoenix eleven years ago and started Vision Baptist Church. We started in a hotel, moved to a Lutheran church for midweeks, a high school, an elementary school, a Southern Baptist Church, a community church, and the Lord blessed us with our own building about 3 years ago!

So, let me just start out by saying that I have the best church family ever! They love my family and they support us and pray for us and give us free food!

Cuz this sort of has to do with the next paragraph
I've heard stories about how pastor's kids are viewed misbehavers (apparently that's a word..) and get blamed for everything, and I've heard stories about how they feel like they're living in a bubble where everything they do is under scrutiny. Praise the Lord, I've never felt that way, at least for the majority of the time. In fact, the first time I went to a PK meeting, I was surprised by how much they talked about stress! (They gave us a stress ball on a bungee cord, and that was like the best youth conference gift I've ever been given. EVER.)

Sure, there's been extremely hard things that I never want to live through again. (Nope, nope, nope, nope) And sometimes, it's hard to have your dad always on call (he's always sure to make time for us and to put his family first though!) And as I get older, it's hard to see the struggles my parents and the church go through, but hey, this is what God has called us to do and he's always walked us through it!

It's also hard with my friends. Mary Elizabeth wrote a post about this, but I'll just give you a short version. As a pastor's kid, you occasionally grow up differently than your friends, and it's sometimes hard to find common ground besides school and stuff. Sometimes, you don't feel like you fit in at your own church! And because Phoenix is a ridiculously transitive area, people move. A LOT. So it's weird and sort of sad having had so many friends but only being in contact with like 5 of them. (Not counting the ones I have near me right now!) But God has given me so many long distance friendships, that I never really feel lonely! (And you guys are amazing!)

Anywho, enough of the struggles and ridiculous tangents, let's get into the awesomeness that comes with being a PK and more importantly a Perham PK!

Pastor Appreciation Month - Your family gets lots of nice cards and gift cards and A STINKIN' AMOUNT OF FREE FOOD! Last year, a family gave my dad a HUGE thing of peanut butter because he loves peanut butter and celery! And just yeah, it's pretty cool!

Free food - If there's any food left over from the Sunday School snacks, we get to take it home most of the time! For example, my brother and I are teaching the midweek kids' class right now, and my youth pastor/kids' class coordinator brought us Krispy Kreme donuts and let us take the extras home!!! (And there weren't that many kids :D ) And especially in summer, there's always popsicles in the freezer that we eat whenever we're at church late or just cleaning!

Kids class - Well, this isn't only because we're the PKs, but I teach Jr. Church, and my brother and I teach the midweek kids class together. Sometimes, they make you want to throw yourself into a wall, but other times they say hilarious things. For example, this wasn't in kids class, but a little kid at school said the meaning of the verse "Keep the tongue from evil" is to not stick your tongue out... I was like:

Having the run of the church building - Basically, I know where everything is. And if I don't, I know where to check or who to ask. (This is extremely useful, until someone asks you where salt is so you go look for it and realize it's in the teen room at the back of the property so you just avoid that person...)

You know the best hide-and-go-seek spots - Like 1) that modular with the door that leads to the outside or 2) the extremely hot attic with that closet that locks from the inside or 3) the baptistry or 4) in the vending machine cage left over from the previous owner. And you know where not to hide! Don't go up the east stairs to the baptistry because they're about to fall or into the old church trailer because it locks from the outside. Also, we know how to get in if we get locked out! And we've actually used that skill at least once...

Learning how to lock up - This goes along with the last one, but since I was ten or eleven, I've known how to lock up buildings. We used to meet in a school, and I would go around and lock/unlock all the classroom doors we needed. That was fun until the bathroom door lock started sticking and needing more strength than my eleven-year-old arms... That's a skill that will probably come in handy someday!

Your dad's office - If you get sick, need to change, or need to dump stuff, your dad's office is always available!

The run of the piano - Well, because I'm the secondary piano player for my church, I get to use the baby grand in the auditorium and the keyboard in my mom's office basically whenever I want to! Which is soooo nice! Speak of the piano, I uploaded Unclouded Day last week, as you can see above. It's not an original arrangement this time. And that's my church piano which is bae!

When you borrow an ATV for VBS, you can ride it after church on Sunday! - I speak from experience.

The WiFi - You see, we have like four WiFi routers and they all have the same password. And I know it... And you probably don't. Hehehehe. We also have a dead spot smack dab in the middle of the property and the teen building says there's WiFi, but there's not...

Me meeting fellow PK/MKs
The other PKs - You know all the MKs and PKs in the area, and you look forward to youth conferences because that's when you get to see them! MKs are hard though because maybe you've only met them once, but they spent the night at your house or you hung out together and then you don't see them for like forever! (That's where those long-distance, long-time friendships come in!)

The website - Ya see, there's only like 3 people in my church who know how to run the website, so I sort of get that job. It's cool because I can put school forms on, edit pictures, pages and other stuff. (Yes, Ross I know you know how to run it. Remind me to give you the password!)

And finally, knowing everything in advance - This is also a bad thing, but most of the time it's fun to ask your dad what he's going to be preaching on or if we're doing this event or whatever.

In conclusion, being a PK is hard sometimes (especially as a teen), but overall, it's a lot of fun! You get to have a great church family who love and support you and free food and free piano and hide-and-go-seek privileges and so much more! I thank God for all the opportunities He's given me as a PK!

And I thank you guys for being my long distance buddies :D And for reading this post because it was probably stinkin' long!

Are any of you PKs? Do you have anything to add to my list?


  1. I'm not a pastors kid, but my goodness, I just LOVED this post. :-)

  2. Hello, Ashley! I feel like I should introduce myself before I go on and on about this great post. :)
    I've been following your blog by email for...months? But I've never left a comment, said how much I enjoyed it, etc. Sorry! I should've. As a new blogger I know how much it means when some appreciates you. ;D Anyway....
    When I found this post in my inbox, my jaw dropped...literally. "Wait, she's a PK?! Too cool!! How did I NOT know this before?!"
    I, too, am a PK. Yep, Baptist preachers daughter. :) My dad previously pastored two churches in like fifteen years of ministry. Now he is serving as an interim at a third church and we had a pastor's (and family) appreciation dinner last week. Those people are so sweet!
    This is getting pretty lengthy... So, instead of you having to endure (or skim over...LOL) my senseless rambling any longer, I'll just say that I enjoyed every last bit of this post. So true!! They only thing I can't relate to is the part about Dad's office...because we've always been at small country churches and they don't have such things. LOL. ;)

    Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed it. :)

    (I just saw your words right above the comment box. LOVE!!! <3 Who cares about correct grammar? ;) And I'm currently not wearing shoes...)

  3. I'm a PK, and I'm married to a PK/MK, and yup, so much of what you listed here is true. I generally enjoyed being a PK, except the way that people always went into the hospital or died right when we were about to go on a family outing or vacation. Why do so many people die the day before the pastor goes on vacation???

    Anyway, got a kick out of this post :-) You'll discover when you grow up and go out into the world and join a church as an adult that you will have a slightly different relationship with your pastor and his family because... you get it. And they will appreciate that :-)

  4. Naomi: Awww thanks!!

    Faith: Hi Faith! It's okay! That's is sooooo cool!! PKs unite!! Hahahahah that last part made me laugh! Thanks so much for your comment!

    Hamlette: That's cool! Oh, I've felt that before!! Sometimes it has happened while we were on vacation! Thanks!


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